This year, women are in their tenth year, and on the way, we're turning on 130 million people in action. Over the course of this decade, we value word-to-word, throw-to-earth sound, and accumulate more than 700 million article views, encouraging everyone to be themselves without fear.

This decade, we gently put hands together, gather the strength and wisdom of all people, to undertake ideas and stories. This time, in exchange for us to give you the pen, invite you to write down in words you and women fans of the decade, we hope that through your words, let us know what kind of female fans for you, is at low tide to accompany your friends, or happy to celebrate together partner?

You are welcome to write down the story of your love affair with women, and thank you for your ten years of companionship, let us work together to move forward to the next decade.

| Renee Renee

I've known women fans for exactly 10 years, and that year, when I was 14, I felt liked for the first time, I felt confused about myself for the first time, I felt for the first time that I was who I was.

I kept going online looking for information about "knowing myself" until I saw a female fan, who at that time looked very sunny, like a blog, just like in my country, or a place that had not yet been pondered.

The next serious understanding of women fans is already my 18 years old, the first time in the feelings of serious loss, by love hard left behind, is the woman fans once again picked up the broken me.

At that time get up every day the first thing, is to brush the article of women fans, there are a lot of articles about the little prince, in addition to reading, I will copy feel able to pick up their own gold sentence, so in the words of women fans, gradually out of the pain of lovelessness.

Women fans accompany me, from the country to now they are an entrepreneur, in the middle also continue to participate in the activities of women fans, the first time powder students will, the first time to see their idols, the first time as a brand ambassador and so on, is the woman fans to see me grow up in the space, with me to see the beauty of the text.

I am very grateful to myself in my youth has known women fans, in my time there is light to follow, in my suffering time there is a nest to go, but also because they are enough to be undertaken, and now become able to accommodate others.

"It's the youth that women's fans teach me."

Photo | by Renee Renee

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Wen | Jiangjiang

One thing to say to women fans: "On the way to being a woman, good to have you. "

Ten years and a half has become the person you want to be
Step by step, I finally dream of standing on my own stage

I'm Jiang Jiang, a little woman about to be 28 years old. Love to laugh, love records, keen to run their own community, share their happiness to give people strength.

"Because your warmth will be someone's sun." Two sentences written on a postcard bought at a souvenir shop one day.

What kind of person do you/you want to be? I want to be the one who "passes on the love". Some people have said these five words are very tacky, but I promised myself: not only to fill themselves with love, but also to let more people have love together! Like the power that women fans bring me, it exists like air, necessary and natural.

Over the years, I have been used to women's fans of the article full of in my life, in the face of affection, in the face of friendship, in the face of love, let me find the direction. No one is stronger, who is more vulnerable, and the authors, like themselves, simply translate the story into words to share with you.

"Think of all the journeys as God's best arrangement" is my motto. However, the road of life will not always be so smooth, the climax of human things in life, crying and laughing, and then sad still choose not to give up to spend

Photo | Jiangjiang

My mother is an iron rice bowl teacher for public teachers, my father is a senior executive of listed companies, education, experience excellent them, let themselves be constrained by the numbers on paper. From a young age just want to be their good daughter, to the big outside also mind to become others should have the look.

But I am not happy, I am not convinced why others are happy, and I am concerned about their own requirements, counting what character to change.

Once I, can not find the value of their own existence, born want to end their own life, but I also thank myself so much for their expectations, has been seeking good heart. All the past, as a stepping stone to the future, because this way, I have the power to grow, and now share with others, become their own influence.

"Burn yourself and light up others." And the female fan is the oxygen I need to fuel it.

I don't remember a few years ago, suddenly slipped over to see the article of women fans, let me fall in love with it deeply, do not know if anyone like me every day to open the first thing on the Internet, is to see women fans and what new articles.

I like to have an article with the head of your story has blood and tears, this is your pride, no one can take away.

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