This article invites you to listen to the story of content producer Louise's growth in women's fans, an article, want to give readers the sincere feelings of women fans, full of feedback back!

Becoming Women's 10th Anniversary: Team Story | 10 years is a time to meet cute team mates and hear their stories about women fans.

Women fans use forms to invite partners and ask questions of them, because we're really curious - what do our team mates think of women fans? What's more, how do you see your changes?

How would Louise, the content producer who is invited to be a content-side partner and a front-line contact with readers, answer these questions?

Louise breaking the silence: There is light in the text, and you can find the solution here

Q: How long have you been a fan of women?


Q: My first encounter with a female fan took place.

In 2014, I took a course called "Multi-Gender Culture" at the Faculty of Education, and as I opened the door to gender issues, I was released from the framework of duality and began to see gender fluidity, as well as the details of life, which I had taken for granted.

19 years old first recognized the existence of gender, I do not know whether the enlightenment too late. But remember very well that in an age when Facebook had not been hijacked by thousands of messages and the media had not been so wild, it was not so easy to know one thing, and the moment I first met a female fan, when I typed "feminism" into Google Search, came from the search algorithm.

If I want to ask women fans what they bring to me as a girl, I will share three things: one is to see the truth, the other is to understand the differences, and the third is to create my discourse.

These three things are a step-by-step process, the true story with us to understand the original world and we know to see very different, the establishment of a multi-vision, the expansion of gender imagination, is to see the bloody truth, those real contain shock, perseverance, anger, sadness and other emotions.

These feelings come from the understanding, is a process that never goes back, because when you see, you can no longer turn a blind eye. What women fans bring to me is the gift of gender consciousness and feminism, with which I understand the existence of differences, thinking and differences coexist, showing strength, but also showing tenderness.

Then I can begin to have ideas, to build my own discourse, to defend those who want to guard the values.

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Q: What kind of change do you want to make when you join a women's fan?

This question, I would like to use a famous quote from Wulf to answer: "Once a person has a self-awareness, there is an independent personality, and once there is an independent personality, it is no longer all-energised, false years." In other words, he will have a moderate sense of fulfillment and happiness through through his life.

So, come to the women's fans, want to create, with their own gradual creation of independent soul at the same time, you can divide this force a little bit, so that those who are still in the dark listeners, you can know that there is light, you can lean over a little bit;

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Q: In women's fans, what do you see growing or changing?

Coming to the 10th month of women's fans, looking back on the past period of their own, it is amazing that growth occurs at any time, feedback always comes quickly and accurately.

"Developing a culture of honesty and boldness to make sure that everyone can accept and give a lot of feedback, and with an "honest" culture, the entire group can speak frankly about what is good for the company, what is harmful, and what is bad for the boss or supervisor, so that there is no need to shoulder the responsibility of oversight," said one reference to Netflix's Zero Rules book. Monitoring and feedback, on the other hand, occur in every day-to-day detail.

In women's fans, the end of the week, the completion of the project, the end of January, all the big things and small things from point to face, are filled with the belief that you can do better, and the compliments that you've done well, all of which have been turned into motivation for my rapid growth - knowing what's perfect, what's ok, knowing what can be thought over, starting, knowing what's not going to happen again, it's time to stop.

For me, all the learning in women's fans begins with seeing your own beauty, understanding your limitations, and changing these three things from now on.

Workplace occasional setbacks are constant practice, but how you find an anchor in these confused and glued states is the key to growth, the Never Stop Here spirit that comes out of the company culture, is the weak me and the strong I talk to each other, who dominate more can not, the most important thing is to find balance, and then with your comfortable feet, continue to move forward.

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Q: In addition to your own changes, have you ever seen a woman fan let positive change happen at the moment/event?

To do the content, the closest is the reader.

Therefore, women fans create positive change moments, lies in every flying piece of paper, there are many people said, thank you, you in which moments, helped me a lot;

I think all the changes from small to large, from the moment of the website line, on the gradual accumulation, you want to say it is small? It's really tiny, you want to say it's big? It's really huge. So for me, women fans let positive change happen - the answer is every moment.

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Q: What impressed or moved you in your experience with users?

"I love the words you write. " "That's really right." "Empathy"

Every reader's message is a great gift to me. The person who writes also does not ask for anything, is their own rambling language, someone saw, saw after all absorption and non-absorption, that is fate.

Do content is also, the core of the transmission is huge, but resort to a variety of methods and channels, to reach users, they receive different degrees, some people see some of them, some people see themselves from the part, that is always good for me, because the transmission has received, received after feedback, even if it is just a like, a message, or interviews of those "if the full score is 5 points, then I give 5 points."

It's all a gentle touch for the user, but for me, it's all a lot of anticipation.

People say that the sweet load is no more so, some of these sweet inside, some rely more than expected, some of the whipping is too motivating, some do not agree with self-evident, but that is the content of the learning, not so much "moved", but rather "profound".

Thank you for every little contact, it's all fate.

Q: The most fascinating and unique place for women fans is the dragonfly

The most unique thing about a woman's fans is that she embraces all the unique individuals, she has no end, look back and forth, her tolerance is amazing, so I can be here, you can, he can, and of course she can.

Q: Ten years, thank you users and we go so far, to women fans user / community of a word or a blessing!

Because of you, only we, look forward to the future of every co-creation.