Both partners through the "women's fans" in the work of the practice, with a faster rate of growth than imagined, have become more like themselves!

Becoming Women's 10th Anniversary: Team Story | 10 years is a time to meet cute team mates and hear their stories about women fans.

Women fans use forms to invite partners and ask questions of them, because we're really curious - what do our team mates think of women fans? What's more, how do you see your changes?

This article invites two partners, through the "women's fans" in the practice of work, in a faster rate of growth than imagined, have become the preferred self!

"Cheerleader" Mu hua Moira: It's because it's hard, so someone else has to do it

"If you find it difficult to ask me, I will give you courage and strength.

Q: How long have you been a fan of women?

2 years.

Q: My first encounter with a female fan took place.

The moment I met the women's fans was at my 18-19 years of age, and I've always been grateful to the women's fans for appearing at this critical stage of my personality shape, accompanying me through the years of exploring myself, and letting me see the discomforts of life.

Women fans like friends, I think of what she understands, women fans are like comrades-in-arms, in the difficult gender proposition, for me to open up the horizon, but also remind me to keep strong and gentle.

The same show | the flower Why Womany

I work at Apple in Shanghai in 2019, and on International Women's Day in March, Apple hosted the Greater China Women's Forum, where Xuan Xuan was one of the speakers invited to attend.

That day, Yan Xuan talk about science and technology, talk about the media, talk about gender, also talk about myself, at present, I from the conversation of Xuan Xuan, realize the height of women fans, can already represent Taiwan, among the ranks of the International Gender Initiative organizations.

At that time, I, at the crossroads of life, thinking about whether to stay in Shanghai, or to another city development, back to Taiwan is not the first choice, and because of this inter-factor meeting, so that there was a high degree of feeling about gender issues, the heart instantly has the answer.

In September of the same year, I returned to Taiwan to join the women's fan. Thank you for the presence of women fans, let me find a reason to go home.

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Q: What kind of change do you want to make when you join a women's fan?

Want to make the senseless no longer cold, so that this can be a little more lovely world a little more kind;

Women's difficult issues and theory have her ideas and mission, there are many places in the world, people are having a good time to shed tears, hear really will make people very depressed. There's a lot of clearly visible malice in everyday life, and I'm going to be miserable (directly born not near that), but women fans exist like they're trying to dispel those sharpness and make the world a little more gentle and kind.

The world will have differences, all because of different cognition, different cognition, because of the poor information, and the formation of social structure.

The deep-rooted nature of this structure is hard to change, but it shouldn't be done because it's hard, it's hard, so someone has to do it. Keep doing it, through technology, through the media, through this huge community, so that the world has a little more of the same, and everyone is finally becoming themselves.

Q: In women's fans, what do you see growing or changing?

My ability to cover the plate, is really whipped up! In my first year of joining, the company was writing weekly newspapers. Weekly newspaper is for the week of execution, write to find problems, write to deal with the solution, write learning observation, write the principle of settlement

At first really can not write, no experience, do not know how to look at the event, how to deal with failure and success. I wrote seven or eight, washed my face, and sought feedback from the supervisors, writing for more than a year before I began to have more complete cover skills.

Later, everything gradually got better, in addition to time experience, but also with the development of women's fan culture has a profound relationship. For example, the team continues to introduce methodologies, such as "GRRAET" as the basic concept for solving problems, such as always focusing on goals, purposes, consciously finding common points from experience, so that gradually from point A to see point B, from a variety of sounds to analyze the crux of the problem, and all nodes in series into a regular, so that the cover is light.

Also because of the improvement of the ability to cover the disk, so the level of view is no longer limited to a single point, but can be extended to risk management, communication expression, problem solving, cross-group coordination and other aspects, which are necessary as professionals skills.

In the two years of women's fans, I continue to move towards mature workers, can be alone, challenge what I can, in the team, I also have the ability to guide partners in troubleshooting. If you find it difficult to cover the plate, I give you courage and strength, will not come to ask me, I am very reliable Oh.

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Q: In addition to your own changes, have you ever seen a woman fan let positive change happen at the moment/event?

I think women fans are making positive change happen anytime, anywhere. Because the women's fan culture emphasizes updating iterations, all the present, is for a better forward, so live in time, always ahead of deployment, look to the future.

Q: The most fascinating and unique place for women fans is the dragonfly

"Work is the figurativeization of love", women fans make work lovely, because there is love, and freedom.

Q: Ten years, thank you users and we go so far, to women fans user / community of a word or a blessing!

"We are everywhere for the world to be lovely" Ten years ago we were here, ten years later, we will still be with you.

This time, please join us in moving on to the next decade:)

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"Knowledge Seeker" Carol: I've found something I want to defend for the rest of my life

"The most fascinating and unique thing about women's fans is that they are real, powerful, and wayward!"

Q: How long have you been a fan of women?

1 year and 1 month.

Q: My first encounter with a female fan took place.

The encounter with a woman's fan began in 2018, when she happened to see an article on the web.

At that time saw the "ZhangXuan Xuan line pen| Go teach me things, people can not only win, but to learn to lose",the general content is to write Xuan from the experience of primary school chess to look back on life, and our life will face many difficulties and failures, but when learn to lose, you can dig in the failure of growth.

This gives me a deep understanding and resonance!

Because from a young age my father likes to play Chess with me (also claimed to be a little genius of go club), we often play a few games after dinner or before bed, in retrospect every time I very much want to win, see the situation is not in my expectation, I will begin to feel lost sad (lose I will cry), and my father every time just hope that I can calm down to play chess, regardless of any win or loss.

"Only with a normal heart, can play good chess" do not be afraid of losing chess, has always wanted to win people, can not progress.

After reading the article, I found that playing chess can also be very similar to work and life!!!

"Losing is not the point, but how to lose, how to lose, and then the next time how not to lose", to maintain a normal heart, to face every setback and difficulties in life, but also do not forget to keep going forward, has been asking.

From this day on, women fans appear in my life, accompanied me for a long time until now the road.

Later, when I interviewed women fans for their jobs, after the interview, I attached an envelope containing black and white two go-toes - thank you for the presence of women fans.

Q: What kind of change do you want to make when you join a women's fan?

I want to find my own value and see the essence behind the job.

I've found something I want to defend for the rest of my life! Want to tell the world the meaning of female fans, through their own strength, on gender issues to create more influence, so that everyone "fearless to become their own"!

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Q: In women's fans, what do you see growing or changing?

I feel a particularly deep understanding of the mentality of work and ideas.

Remember just came into the company's first month, I was reminded by partners: computer typing speed can be enhanced, can increase efficiency and practice responsiveness. I never thought that the speed of typing would be something I should pay attention to at work.

I later observed other partners, who were really speeding up my oversized parts , so I decided to start a secret plan to practice typing too! So every day before going to bed, I would find an article about a woman fan and start my typing practice, a habit that lasted 19 days (and felt like a long hahaha).

Then one day, my partner said that I felt that I was typing faster, and I exclaimed, "Ah, I found myself being observed!"

My heart is suddenly full of happiness and satisfaction, the future also continue to use this mentality in the work: I do me, I can not I am willing to learn, willing to find a way! I am very grateful to the leader at that time every time to give feedback and advice, we believe in me - let me also continue to believe that I can do!

Q: Ten years, thank you users and we go so far, to women fans user / community of a word or a blessing!

Thank you for meeting you, thank you for accompanying us all the way.

Hope that the road to the future, can continue to work with you, to achieve the ideal of their own!