"My first encounter with a woman fan was when I was separated from my own life and my life was at its lowest ebb" Becoming Together Women's Fan 10th Anniversary: Team Story | 10 years is a time to meet cute team mates and hear their partners tell stories about women fans.

Women fans use forms to invite partners and ask questions of them, because we're really curious - what do our team mates think of women fans? What's more, how do you see your changes?

This article invites you to look at the stories of two partners, how do they tap into their own power in the culture of women's fans?

Jenna: It turns out I can give positive energy, just like women gave me

"In the experience of life and death with the closest to the low tide of life, saw the women's fans in the FB article, was full of positive energy encouraged, it was my first encounter with women fans."

Q: How long have you been a fan of women?

Four and a half years.

Q: What kind of change do you want to make when you join a women's fan?

I want to position myself as "Catalyst", in the women's fans to contribute to their own, will be to share the power to more experience users and friends around, so that they also have my original encounter with the moved!

Q: In women's fans, what do you see growing or changing?

Before joining, because of the experience of life and death with the closest relatives, life was once very low tide. After joining the women's fans, and encountered the health of relatives lit up red light, need long-term treatment, so I have a long time, often in the hospital, home and company three places shuttle, the pressure of the heart did not have the opportunity to express well. But the company's warm organization and well-being allows me to spend time with my family and without affecting the progress of my partners' work.

Over the years, I am grateful for the support and trust of the company, so that I can deal with things, the courage to express their ideas, and put them into practice, and even let me from the sad mood, a little release.

Photo|Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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Because of the outbreak in the local area, in recent months we have all been working far away, in this situation, I hope to be able to allow partners to have some interaction online, so I proposed a "daily landscape" of full-team activities, each taking turns online with a small story to share their lives, one partner a day, and name the next.

Originally I thought the participation may not be high, but unexpectedly, partners are very active in sharing their rich life photos, but also with a vivid text to describe the story that occurred, let people have personal experience of the scene, every day wonderful sharing is moved, but also yearning.

Through the sharing of each partner, we know each other differently, I as the event promoter feel very happy and moved, feel that this is a very successful team activities, but also very happy with their original ideas or ideas, can also get so much resonance and influence. Originally, I can also produce full of positive energy, I can also be very powerful!

Q: In addition to your own changes, have you ever seen a woman fan let positive change happen at the moment/event?

I've been involved in the first Global Women's Impact Forum (GWIS) since last year, when it was the fourth. Every year, many users participate with us, and more and more well-known brands respond on our behalf, and it really affects many of the readers, users, and even mid-level executives who come to participate.

Every year GWIS invites speakers from different fields to share stories of their own experiences, with difficulties, uneasiness, and even many mishaps, but none of them stops us from moving forward - because without these processes, how can we be the best we are now?

GWIS has become an important event for women fans, and through the sharing of speakers, whether it's to listen to people on the site or to share stories that have been turned into text on the site, we can make users feel the focus and encouragement we want to convey.

Because of everyone's support, let women fans through these 10 years of time, full of laughter and tears, not only a brand growth process, but also a "creative change" moved!

4th Global Forum on Women's Power Impact (GWIS) 2020.

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Q: What impressed or moved you in your experience with users?

In an experience that helped users of the "fascinating experience", a caregiver was encountered who was unable to perform the product experience as originally planned because of the loss of immunity due to busy work. At the time, users were very concerned about not being able to deliver the experience on time, so it was up to us to talk to him or her about an alternative way to experience it.

In the process of communication, I still keep women fans from the perspective of empathy, to understand the user's feelings, so we take the caregiver's time and condition as a priority, and constantly explain what we expect to assist, the words between the lines still repeatedly sincerely thank the carer, because they, Taiwan's medical care can be so perfect and at ease.

Finally, we successfully assisted in the adjustment of the experience and were constantly grateful to the caregiver, who said, "That's why I'm a senior reader."

Because of the empathy and intimateness of women fans, so that users deeply feel the positive strength and support we give everyone!

Q: The most fascinating and unique place for women fans is the dragonfly

Over the course of 10 years, it has been iterative and growing, but what will not be forgotten is the original purpose of entrepreneurship.

Because women fans have a strong team, we agree with the company's philosophy and vision, and hope to follow in the footsteps of the founder to learn and grow. So we have setbacks every day, every day obstacles, but we also work together every day in a loving company, and constantly learn from the process to grow, just like the "women fan" name, we are accompanied by readers to grow up with the "female life coach."

I hope you can show your best potential without fear or fear, and continue to convey a lot of positive forces.

Q: Ten years, thank you users and we go so far, to women fans user / community of a word or a blessing!

Finally, it ends with the golden sentence that women fans are good at:

We believe that women's power is the power to roll up their sleeves and make the world a better place.

Women are obsessed with Womany

Women fans of classic gold sentence is not only this sentence, but it is let me have a special feeling of a sentence!

Ten years ago, the original intention of women fans is to change the public's thinking on gender, hope to be more yuan, is the original intention all the way to adhere to, 10 years later we still remain the same concept, continue to work tirelessly on the road of pluralism and integration.

As a member of the women's fan partners, this is a kind of move, but also a kind of pride - because can make the world a better force, not just a slogan, but we all roll up their sleeves together, together!

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"Believer" Bobo: Women fans let me know - I could have done more than I thought!

"Hopefully, through the strength of ourselves and our partners, more people will be able to bravely embrace their imperfect self, because no one in the world is perfect, because we are not perfect, we need each other;

Q: How long have you been a fan of women?

Just over a year old

Q: My first encounter with a female fan took place.

I remember once noting that many women were persecuted in the war abroad, and in order to learn more about the news, I looked online at a lot of relevant material and accidentally found a website for women's fans of "gender power", so after that, I would occasionally pay attention to articles about women's addiction and "gender".

A photo of World Tanning Day with a team partner.

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Q: What kind of change do you want to make when you join a women's fan?

We let readers know how touching it is to be able to accompany each other in this moment and for all means through words, communities, etc.

We are good at their own way, create a better world, this world can accommodate every you and me he!

Q: In women's fans, what do you see growing or changing?

Before joining I was just a recent college graduate, many things are still understood, need the guidance of partners, but after joining, my leader gave me a lot of room to play, let me know - I can do more than I imagined!

Learning is no longer a styunday, but in the face of challenges, can tell me that I can do it, although the results may not be as good as expected, but I still do my best to present the best.

Q: What impressed or moved you in your experience with users?

In my interactions with GWIS ambassadors, I can deeply appreciate how women fans have accompanied them to where they are now over the years, and for them, women fans have been able to accompany them through the low tides and joys, through the content on the station, community activities, so that they have what they like now.

Perhaps it is because of this group of readers that we have been persistent and hard-working to the present.

Q: The most fascinating and unique place for women fans is the dragonfly

Fascinating and unique place is to give everyone who wants to be their own, unlimited opportunities and possibilities!

Q: Ten years, thank you users and we go so far, to women fans user / community of a word or a blessing!

Along the way accompanied by women fans of you, the next ten years also please more advice.

Accompany you when sad, raise a glass when happy to celebrate, let us go further with each other, like a ripple to expand our influence, so that more people can bravely become their own!