Pick up the year has the commitment, the female fan brand recognition remodeling story, the female fan mission to do everyone's life coach, invite you to become yourself, together with the becoming.

"It is more important than anything that one can make oneself. " -- Virginia Woolf

How a person can make themselves, need not only personal pursuit and courage, but also need to be able to embrace the diversity and integration of the growing community.

In 2011, the three founders of Women's Fans decided to launch asia's first "gender and women's consciousness as the core" initiative media community, supporting everyone to grow up in a diverse and integrated environment with a mission to make people fearless and true to themselves.

We are convinced that every word, every action, must have the power and views of pluralism and integration. On September 3, 2011, the "Women Fans" website was established, followed by three sub-stations, "Blush", "Gender Power" and "Go Home", to provide deeper support for women's sexuality, gender equality, and belonging. Over the past decade more than 700 million views, gathered 700 million eyeballs, different moments, reading together, the impact of the huge ripples continue to spread.

We are more committed to making a difference with action: in 2015, we created the first women's generational conversation among Taiwan's presidential candidates; in 2016 we launched Asia's first gender hacker, Code for Gender, shortlisted for one of the best global initiatives in the United Nations Citizen Science and Technology Program in Geneva; and in 2017 we created the first Global Gender Impact Awards and hosted the Global Women's Impact Forum. Women fans with this land of diversity and integration, the second time arrived at the international scene, so that Taiwan's name extended to a wider place.

Ten years on the road, we have acted to influence more than 130 million people, more courageous to become themselves, the impact of the world's top 100 enterprises and local enterprises, more awareness to create a diverse environment.

Pick up the years, accumulated ten years of experience and nutrients, women fans know more about each individual, become every human life coach, to deeply explore life, with breadth to connect experts and the community, invite you to develop their own unique nature, Becoming yourself, self-growth renovation, better live into the future.

The vision of diversity and growth of women fans, starting from seeing differences and embracing unique, is reflected in the new brand recognition of women fans, with full circle, representing the water droplets that hold Baichuan, and the colon symbol of frank dialogue, experience sharing, so that community growth is unfolding.

Seven Future Values: IMPROMPTU improvisation

In the new color recognition program, we turn the core values of women's fans, IMPROMPTU (improvisation), into seven color transfers, creating consistent communication experiences inside and outside.

"Same Orange" and "Professional Blue" are the main brand colors (Brand Color), symbolizing The Great Transformation of The Age of 10. Complemented by auxiliary colors such as blame, influence red, growth green, essential green, humor yellow, etc., tell us about the core values of the community, as well as each user's unique individuality. The rainbow hue also symbolizes the support of women fans for the integration of the LGBTQIA-plus community and diversity.

  • I: Initiateies when the blame
  • M:Make an impact, be the change affects red
  • PRO: Be the Pro and keep learning professional blue
  • M: Empathy with oranges
  • P: Never stop here grows green
  • T:Sensey, see the essence essence green
  • U: Humor Yellow

Linking multi-form, wide-ranging Baichuan, to create growth and forward dialogue

Womany's new recognition is to "embrace diversity" water, blend the colon of "growth dialogue" with visual rhythms to become a dynamic brand logo that echoes becoming "continuously in progress".

The changing shape of water, symbolizing flexible forces, elastic, able to accept, connect everything, support the blessing of all life growth, tell women the core spirit of the action of the fan, but also our self-expectation. The original brand logo complex identification totem lines, through the contour transformation of water droplets, simple round, full and generous, but also lovely.

Colons are positive dialogues that create growth. Pick up the years, do not forget the past, continue to content and action, the courage to multi-integration and gender voice, provide a unique perspective;

Brand type in the stable word weight on the basis of smooth serifs, symbolizing women fans to everyone's growth and awareness of germination, make an invitation. Over the next decade, we continue to support everyone's self-growth with a flexible, water-like, conversational pattern.

The new brand recognition, which will connect women fans for the next decade, provides a clearer visual look and experience base, and announces Womany's determination to move forward. We continue to self-renovation, gather the strength and wisdom of all people, promote the sense of growth, the construction of a pluralistic and integrated ecology.

Women are obsessed for ten years, and may we continue to becoming ourselves. Ten years of wishes, into concrete action, but also into brand recognition, invite you to work together fearless, create a diverse community environment, support everyone to become their own, but also the achievement of society.

Becoming yourself, together, a diverse and inclusive world there will be.