Invite you to read the stories of women's fan readers, team mates, and life coaches who have worked deep in diverse fields to see how they have come through the low ebb, how they embrace their whole self, how they have used their power to hold more people's hands, to work together to inspire others, to be themselves without fear.

Wen | Danxin

To yourself: Thank you, picked up the goodness that was forgotten

I used to be like a hedgehog, but now, like water, I feel every ups and downs along the changes in the environment, and then, like water, release the warmth.

The ten-year story of the reader

At the age of 18, I believed in the power of goodness, but in the years after that I began to understand and live in silence.

Later I, like a hedgehog-like long thorn, reminded "the living do not come near", but also selectively forgotten the good. I did not like their own for many years, only step by step slowly towards their dreams.

Ten years ago Dan Xin. Photo | Dan Xin

Before the age of 25, I was not lucky enough to know women fans, is one day to see the founder of the report, began to study in depth, only to open up their own world, also began to peel off every bulging part of the body, began to accept every moment, began to fall in love with themselves.

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I'm eight in my twenties this year, nine to five in the day, and I'm doing what I love and do well, creating a more "self-serving" work environment for girls in Malaysia, a diverse country.

At night, I'll write down every moment that needs to be reversed, and make a sound through different media. My strength is small for the time being, day or night, but I am not worried or afraid. These years to see women fans, I believe in the power of water drop stone wear.

I used to be like a hedgehog, but now, like water, I feel every ups and downs along the changes in the environment, and then, like water, release the warmth.

Now Dan Heart. Photo | Dan Xin

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| Amanda

Give yourself: Want to love yourself more

Want to say to yourself ten years ago: I'm sorry, has been to your wronged - want to love you in the future.

The ten-year story of the reader

Want to say to yourself ten years ago: I'm sorry.

Sorry, dear self, has not taken good care of you, has been let you wrong yourself, has always felt so good - and later found that this is not to love you, but indulge their own excuse.

I'm so bad, you're still with me; So I want to say to you: I'm sorry, I didn't live well, I'm sorry, I didn't love you hard, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry

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Wen | Jialing

To yourself: there is nothing wrong with confusion, that represents our life has infinite possibilities

When people are young, they are not lost, but now, I see the once lost for me to bring "nutrients".

The ten-year story of the reader

At the age of 18, I was like a small sailboat swaying in the sea. At that time there was nothing, the only thing I knew was that he wanted to go abroad to expand his horizons, so he tried desperately to save money after class.

At the age of 20, the first time I went abroad on my own, I went on a solo trip to Europe. As one of the few single Asian female backpackers, I realized what was special about me, but to be honest, going abroad for a whole year didn't make much of a breakthrough in my life.

At the age of 22, I left my firm to work in a stable and went to India alone, fulfilling my dream of volunteering abroad. Immediately after, I returned to Taiwan to engage in the social enterprises that I aspired to at the time, hoping that I would bring positive influence.

Ten years ago, JiaLing. Photo | Jialing

At the age of 25, after falling through the glasses again, I went to India to start a business, to do tourism that had nothing to do with the original, trying to strike a balance between ideals and interests. But because of the pressure of entrepreneurship, and lost their lives.

At the age of 28, when I returned to Taiwan because of the outbreak, facing career setbacks and family changes, I fell into an unprecedented low. But that's why I've started my more 365-day challenge.

Write an article every day, try to answer for myself, fade the identity of what I have left? What have I learned over the years?

(Same show:"Real Hand" to every day as a project to implement, don't let frustration become a habit)

At first, I didn't know what I was going to write, and I was worried about whether I'd give up halfway. However, just like life, all points are connected only when you look back.

For a full decade, from the day when the 18th year began to act for the life they longed for, the boat that once swayed at sea has become a sturdy yacht. Even if my future is still the same uncertain, but in the face of life, I am no longer confused, more is the inner calm and stability.

I want to say to myself ten years ago, and to readers who may be confused about life: "There is nothing wrong with confusion, to put it another way, it represents the infinite possibilities of our lives." Even if all people don't believe you, please believe in yourself.

Believe that you have enough to achieve everything you want.

Now Jialing. Photo | Jialing