Invite you to read the stories of women's fan readers, team mates, and life coaches who have worked deep in diverse fields to see how they have come through the low ebb, how they embrace their whole self, how they have used their power to hold more people's hands, to work together to inspire others, to be themselves without fear.

Wen | Xiaohu

To yourself: I want to make more impact on the world

Thanks to the women fans of a period of time, thanks to their own harmony, I will be confused, while dreaming.

The ten-year story of the reader

18 years old, ten years story for me seems a bit long-term, but I want to thank the world to bring me a warm feeling, thanks to last year with the women's fans of a period of time, thank me and their own and good as the beginning of the joint exploration, witness the world like the sea to me, stretch, just know that the founder said "remember, there will be echoes" is such a scenery.

The so-called enthusiasm, warmth, persistence really have a lot of power, I will begin to hope to gently say some pain, some past, gentle, brave dream. Although there will be confusion, but I also thank these confusion to find me, let me think more bravely about the problems in life, gently question the world.

I'm constantly thinking about what I can do for the world, wanting to hear more from others, and wanting to share more with the world and have more influence.

There are a lot of questions about "young" in this world, but I won't stop there! In the next ten years, three decades, five decades, I will move forward with what I care about, dream firmly and with one heart, and dream one by one.

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Wen | Lingyu

Give yourself: the little girl who is afraid to try, has grown up

Thank you to the women fans, so that I can start countless times, with their own way, for all kinds of gender issues to fight!

The ten-year story of the reader

In my world, everything is made without distinction between countless and zero times.

Ten years ago, it was raining. Photo | Ling Yu

Last year, I became the youngest member of the first women's fan ambassador, a 19-year-old who had just entered college. Yes, yes, for other ambassadors, I might actually be a child - but I've never been framed by the word "only."

Ten years, I spent nearly a decade, from a little girl who was afraid of everything and afraid to try, to become a freshman at college who would try to do everything I thought was meaningful. Fortunately, women fans gave me the opportunity to practice the idea.

The right thing to do really should not wait until we are old, capable, and have time to do it;

Thank you to the women fans, so that I can start countless times, with their own way, for all kinds of gender issues to fight!

Now the rain. Photo | Ling Yu

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Wen | dishes

Give yourself: from girls to women gradually have self-confidence, but also know how to tell the true self

Picking up years, like the process of picking yourself up, is a good thing to believe that something will happen.

The ten-year story of the reader

Ten years, years, pick years.

Graduated from the qing-middle period, 109 kilometers, came to the life of the unfamiliar Kaohsiung. Still remember just left home both excited and timid mood, like the caged bird, imagine their wings flying high, less than a month in the dormitory and fellow villagers in the stairwell chatting on the hug together crying, as if it was only yesterday.

A dish from ten years ago. Photo | dishes available

The time has passed 10 years, Kaohsiung from the initial strange to familiar, it seems that a corner has a story engraved;

Years, from a girl gradually into a woman's time, from not self-confidence to accept themselves, from do not know how to express themselves to the truth to tell themselves;

Pick up the year, like the process of picking yourself up, I believe that what will happen is a good thing, there is stubborn, there is strong, there is impulsive, there is not brave enough, there is the courage to try, there have been, there have been lost, so will find something;

Now the dishes. Photo | dishes available

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| thousands of people

Give yourself: like to be closer to "expectation" and keep working hard

It is the tangles and setbacks of the moment that give their "decade" a chance to feel profound and beautiful.

The ten-year story of the reader

From the first decade of life to the second decade, more than three thousand long days have been experienced, and that "cannot be counted" also appears in the next decade.

From the first decade, I can not remember what kind of frustration and sadness, but I remember that decade is very simple and do not have to worry too much worry, you can always say out loud what you want to be, or for the next half-day class time is when and worry.

Ten years ago. Photo | Chien

In the coming decade now, look back at their own process from the first decade to the second decade, in order to find the reasons for like or dislike constantly aware;

Originally prepared to enter the second decade, in a blink of an eye is also about to pass, suddenly feel that time is no longer long, or want to stay, but also want to continue to move forward

Now the thousands of Yin. Photo | Chien

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