"Sex is not just a process, it starts with a very sweet, desired sentence in the morning. " - Women's fan Sales Head Audrey

Want to experience more different ways to explore "sex"? Blush Deep Bed Card lets you incorporate sex into your daily routine and resonate more deeply with yourself and your partner's body.

Can you believe it? Eighty-five percent of women believe that "entry" in sex is not the most important part.

In 2021, Women's Obsessed launched Real Orgasm Month in August, a "High orgasm survey" of nearly 2,000 women found that 61% of female subjects had orgasms almost every time they masturbated;

Beyond that, when the survey asked, "What is the most important bridge segment of a perfect sex for you?" At the time, 68 per cent of respondents believed that "caressing" and "foreplay" were the most important links in sex with a partner, while less than 15 per cent thought "entry" was the most important.

When women's physical needs are different from most sexual experiences, it is easier for them to find a pleasing balance in their sexual interactions, and for sexual interactions to contain certain misunderstandings and white lies, leading to the survey asking, "Have you ever had a "false orgasm" experience when having sex with a partner?" Nearly 60% of women had experienced false orgasms.

sex, which can begin with a "look of desire" in the morning

In 2020, when women fans launched the first generation of "Red Bed Card", the main communication Slogan is "high tide is not a miracle, just need an opportunity", from close contact to explore each other's bodies, through the breakthrough of past inertia, to another person's body, in lust, to extend love, extend the understanding of the self, slowly, to find the opportunity to deepen the orgasm.

Audrey, the producer of "Red Bed Card" and a fan of Sales Head, mentioned that he still had a deep fear of the subject of "sex", fear that he was still resisting, from telling and even exploring, still hidden in the body of shame, as if there was a voice whispering, Hey, girl, is it really good to talk about sex?

"However, after the first generation of The Red Card was launched, the topic it raised, and the acceptance, was beyond my imagination, " Audrey said, noting that, according to sales records, the number of people who have purchased the second card has been close to 1:1, and it seems that our society has decided to understand sexual issues in a more mature and diverse way.

For Audrey, the evasive, oppressive, one-sided, single "sexual discourse" of the past has gradually liberated sequeer from the times, and the atmosphere of play, play, and transcendence that sex contains will also create more space for discussion through cards.

In this discussion space, it is necessary to put in elements that people are already familiar with: "The core of the first generation of cards is tell me, play me, with the "real adventure" of the game spirit, we chose this already familiar form of table games, but also to try the water temperature, did not expect to be more than 2,000 people in a month and a half to buy."

Sex has quite a lot of different orientations, the most basic there are two kinds: one to explore themselves, and the other is to get along with people. Either way, Audrey says, blushing starts with the first generation of cards, and expects not just to emphasize the "" aspects of sex, but to create an environment, an atmosphere, a series of experiences, a sense of life.

"Sex, it has a chance to start in the morning, from when you look at your partner and say, "Honey, you're really sexy today." From that moment on, you planted the seeds of a desire for him, and that moment will be your very, very good foreplay.

Masturbation and sex, they are actually complementary, complementary

Focusing on one's body from relationships with others is a linear journey for many Oriental girls to explore sex.

"When we think about sex, a lot of times you think, ah, sex is our relationship with others. However, the second generation of blush deep bed card, want to expand a new perspective, lead you to ask yourself: I and their own body, their own sex, what kind of relationship?

Xiao Wei, a sex lecturer who co-chaired the second generation of red card producers with Audrey in 2021, said redefining "sex" was one of the attempts of women fans to launch the second generation of red cards Expand the concept of sex to invite users to open up about the make love to myself (having sex with yourself), which is even sexier and more endless than your relationship with others, and explore the universe of your body inwards. You may find that sex begins when you know how to have sex with yourself.

Sex is not just a process, but a very sweet, desired sentence in the morning.

Women's fan Sales Head Audrey

Xiao Wei added that sex, if not just the behavior of two sexual organs touch, it can be more expansion, regardless of time, form can be opened again.

Why is the concept of "expansion" so important? Xiao Wei mentioned: Orgasm is actually a concept of expansion. The so-called orgasm, that is, the process of sexual pleasure expanding and releasing in the body, when your pleasure gathers in certain parts of the body today, the pleasure will not penetrate the whole body, however, when you have a way to make pleasure expand in the body, heart, you can expand sexual pleasure, consciousness conversion will make your satisfaction greatly improved.

As for how to expand our imagination of "sex", Xiao Wei believes that in addition to the relationship with others, all people have to explore inward, to deepen and build a relationship with their own body.

In the 2021 Women's Orgasm Survey, the questionnaire asked, "Have you ever masturbated?" In one question, 53 per cent of female subjects said that although they had masturbating experience, they were only simply satisfied when they had physical needs, while another 39.5 per cent enjoyed having sex with themselves, and more than 7 per cent had no experience of masturbating and had little sex with them alone.

Thus, less than 40% of the women who actually enjoy sex with themselves, and in the midst of this, it is not clear and do not care about the appearance of the subjects, even as much as 42%.

How on earth do we understand the matter of "having sex with ourselves" from our personal experience? Xiao Wei mentioned that there are many people will think that the enjoyment of masturbation of women, whether they feel that men are not important, or for "masturbation" with a sense of shame, always feel that they are in great need of their own, even when a person also enjoy the desire of their own feelings.

"What a lot of people don't know is that masturbation and sex are actually complementary, complementary, and dilated processes, " Xiao Wei said, putting her hand close to her chest and trying to share some of the excitement of her experience, adding, "My own experience is that if you can be very close to your body and really know how to be with your body, you will feel all kinds of emotions, and you will build very close relationships with your body." When it's very close, it's also invited out to let your partner into the experience.

The two bodies share a deep sense of pleasure, not just the intersection of actions, which also contains a variety of love and emotions, at which point the two men in sex will really go from simply "doing" to "making love" level.

(You'll be like,"The way he touches me, not what I like" wants to have a good sexual experience, starting with having sex with yourself)

Sex shouldn't have a textbook, you should ask your body: What do you want?

Should we begin by "exploring our bodies" and understanding sex by "starting with our relationship with our partners"?

"Sex is a very natural, comfortable, part of life in an imaginary utopia, so in an ideal way, we would certainly expect to know our bodies first and then create further connections with others, but this is not usually the case," xiao said.

There are many people who go from feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable about "sex" to having a desire to explore it, or trying to establish a link with their bodies, all from interaction with the first person to explore.

"This encounter can be a very intoxicating sexual encounter, when you meet an object with a relatively large imagination space for the idea of "sex", conceptually, in the process of interacting with each other, you feel that there are many different possibilities and faces, and you feel encouraged to show pleasure in yourself, put aside that "service to others" secondary feeling, really enjoy yourself in the sexual head."

And this process of interweaving with others and exploring oneself inwards is interactive, and it's also the experience that the second generation of Blush Deep Bed Card wants to bring out: you can enjoy your relationship very much, you can incorporate your desire for sex into your relationship with your partner, sex can expand into the realm of life, from standing in front of a mirror to looking at yourself, or a morning hug, it's possible to start enjoying it.

"What we're trying to say is that sex shouldn't have a textbook, and we don't want to tell you that you have to learn to have sex with yourself before you have a good sex experience with someone else, and that's not the case at all," adds Audrey, who is red-faced The second generation of The Card talks about sexual expansion with yourself and with others, and is an opportunity to create guidance, that is, when your body is open, you can naturally encourage yourself to enjoy sex, to produce the will to play with yourself, then your body may be with another body, Or your own body resonates more.

In the past, you may have thought sex was A, B, or C, but it might not be like that at all, and you could actually make your own sex recipe.

Women's fan Sales Head Audrey

Why on earth are we trying to explore our needs? Audrey patted her chest as if to give himself a little encouragement, then smiled and said, "I once had a partner ask me, "Well, what am I going to do to make you more comfortable?" Hearing this question at the moment, Audrey first choked, and then she chewed the question endlessly, and found that at this moment this silly self, did not ask herself this question.

"The saddest thing is, I don't really know how to make myself more comfortable, and from that experience onwards, I began to think: Why is it so hard for me to answer that question now?" Is it the past time, as the master of the body, we have not looked back to ask it: Hey, my body, how do you think you are more comfortable?

The exploration of sex usually begins with a long process of waiting for discovery, being discovered, waiting to be awakened, being awakened, however, through the Blush Deep Bed Card, Audrey expects to be able to send these questions and opportunities to the user earlier, and ask yourself from today: Hey, my lovely body, what kind of treatment do you expect? How do you feel comfortable doing it?

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Having sex with your body is definitely not just about masturbating

Getting back the creativity about "sex" takes time, including taking back experiences that we thought we didn't need to hold in our own hands.

Whether or not you've mentioned it to others, starting as a girl, social prohibitions on sex have prevented you from discovering in a near-eared way that these frameworks impose limits on "sex", even if you already know that you have the power to have an autonomous body, and you should be able to make choices and take responsibility for your body, restrictions that still run out from time to time to create some of the more creative desires.

In fact, the body knows and the mind knows, it's two levels of knowing, says Xiao Wei, even if you know that you don't have to be shy about seeing yourself naked, that's part of you, female, doesn't mean, but you can still quickly skip the full-body mirror in front of the bathtub before taking a bath, and there's always a deep-down shyness that prevents you from facing your true self.

"I'm sure all of us know to tell ourselves: I'm beautiful, I'm sexy, but unless you can really experience it at some point, oh, I really feel beautiful, I really feel sexy, it's two different levels of state." Audrey says that in the process of making the cards, she seems to be once again expanding strong and profound links to her body, driven by those words, and starting to be able to stop in front of the full-length mirror in front of the bathtub to recognize her body, to recognize her body imprints, to find her favorite curves, to like her collarbone and waist flesh, which is a reminder to everyone that their body "sees" again and again.

Remind you: Honey, you don't have to be afraid to see your body, even if you still think she's not perfect, it's all you, it's enough to show your charm.

Sex itself is a very creative thing!

Sex coach Xiao Wei

Sex is actually very able to play human creativity, because sex itself is a very creative thing, it can create a sense of love resonance, but also to create life. And all the guidance, and finally back to the individual - what do you really like? What exactly do you want? What touches do you desire? How to do, you can be more loved and loved feelings?

And the first exercise, you can start from "gaze", talk to your body, rely on repeated observation, Xiao Wei shared: "You can take a few more deep breaths before taking a bath, start to observe what is happening to your body, for example, do you have a stomach?" Have you been forced to tighten your body for fear of a small abdominal protrusion, or are you very anxious when you look at yourself naked?

'If you're anxious, feel the anxiety, pay attention to the details and emotions of your body, take a deep breath, try to slow down, give yourself the opportunity to respond to your body without inertia, and don't cover up the parts you feel shy about,' Xiao wei said.

"If just "seeing" makes you feel very difficult, you can pick a small part you like, look at that part, choose one today, pick another part tomorrow, pay attention to those in your heart do not like or like the sound, even if the present time you still feel not beautiful enough, so, after trying for many days, you go to feel if your thoughts have changed." 'Being honest with your body means that you don't have to force yourself to love yourself, but listen to the real voice,' Xiao Wei said.

In the process of getting along with the body, nothing is absolutely good, and nothing has to be changed, you just have to do a very small thing: stand there, look at yourself, take a deep breath to identify what is happening. Because even then, you're already having sex with your body.

Day after day, one day when you open your eyes and fade your clothes ready to change into clothes, from your sleeping eyes, see the bright reflections in the mirror, you will suddenly find that, dear yourself, you are so beautiful, your body is worth all you want to kiss and touch.

And your sex, can be in that moment, morning, sunshine, no entry and no partner, but feel full of joy, has been orgasm.

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