Pick up the year has the commitment, women fans brand recognition remodeling, invite you together fearless, become their own! However, the design of the mind from where, let women obsessed with the designer to appear, chat about the design process.

Women fans of the birth of a new brand identification, full of circles, representing the water droplets to accommodate Baichuan cohesion, with a colon symbol of frank dialogue, experience sharing, so that the community growth is unfolding, coupled with visual rhythm, become a dynamic, echoing the "continuous" brand logo.

The new brand recognition, which will connect women fans for the next decade, provides a clearer visual look and experience base, and announces Womany's determination to move forward.

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And how exactly does a brilliant identification design come about?

We invite Xu Jialun, who is responsible for brand diagnosis, design setting and execution, and Liu Yingxuan, who is responsible for project management, design ideas and collaboration, to share the behind-the-scenes story of the design through the reader QA.

Q: What is the phased process of women's fan's new brand recognition from the thought of output?

Brand design is divided into eight stages, from diagnosis to online:

The first stage, brand visual diagnosis

First, we determine the magnitude of the change based on the current logo usefulness, whether it conveys its mission and vision, and the cost of new brand recognition printing, device readability, and so on.

1. Cut in with symbols: the original Logo conveys the spirit of "love-based, pluralistic freedom and openness" and the meaning of celebration and feasting with pyrotechnic elements.

But at this stage, the vision and mission of women fans combed out is "diverse integration, truth, fearless", although fireworks have reached the signal of diversity, bursts, but for women fans want to create a "fusion", has not yet been fully expressed.

2. Cut in color: The current color is used to show that diversity is quite consistent, its color and brightness can reflect such a description. But if we add TA to think about it, if we set the short-term 20-35 age group, or even long-term hope to take care of a wider range, we need to consider the corporate color quality adjustment.

Therefore, we recommend retaining colorful imagery, but can make some adjustments in the light, so that enterprises avoid plastic, plastic color, you can make the texture improved.

3. Cut in words: the current black skeleton with serif body, can reflect both elegance and modernity, is a choice to retain; In addition, in the design, you also need to grasp each word width to view, if the word width is different, will make the rhythm of the text confusing.

The second stage, brand core concept extraction

Next, through the mental map method, we extract elements from the mission and vision, import the design, this stage of the mental map will experience a divergence and convergence, to find out the concept that is suitable for the brand.

In the third stage, the sketch diverges and converges

After taking the concept from the mental map, we first use pencil and paper to sketch, then compare and delete the line, converge to the next stage of the sketch.

In the fourth stage, the sketch is refined

The step in refining a sketch is an important bridge before the sketch enters the computer, or it allows you to examine the scale and visual balance of the graphic.

The fifth stage, electronic file

In this step we will electronicize the icon we want to propose. At the same time, at this stage, the electronic file can be used for further graphic deletion and convergence.

The sixth stage, color and text with

In this step, we start with a black-and-white pattern, followed by color matching and matching text to confirm the overall vision.

In the seventh stage, the simulation is applied

After we've identified the overall vision, simulate new brand recognition into situations such as print or office perimeters to confirm that the scenario is matched and used.

The eighth stage, brand image on-line

Confirm the final version to be full of circles, representing the water droplets that hold Baichuan, and colon to symbolize frank dialogue, experience sharing, as a new brand identification.

We are ready to replace the material, with partners in size and phase, together with the collaborative renovation, online, presented to the reader.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of new brand recognition in the design design development process?

In the thought process of brand recognition, we think the biggest challenge is three parts:

First, the team's confidence in identifying updates.

In other companies we've worked with in the past, when designing new brand recognition, teams are uneasy about "unknown changes" and persuading and communicating is not just a challenge for brand refurbishment, it's even arguably the biggest challenge in design.

Therefore, many brands to visual renovation, it is easy to be in even if there is no renovation, short-term will not be much of a state, based on such habits and a sense of belonging, change the brand visual image of nature is a lot of time to build confidence. However, in this design and implementation process, we are very glad that the women's fan team can withstand this tension, so that the new image on the line.

Second, it is the sense of series of recognition.

In the design of new brand recognition, the identification of parent enterprises must take into account the difference and sense of series, and the sense of series should extend to other sub-brands.

Finally, recognition requires the elasticity of visual change.

Because women's products and business scope are diverse, new brand recognition (not just Logo, but also color, auxiliary graphics) needs to take care of every aspect of the business: online activities and online environment Logo should be clear and legible;

To overcome these challenges, we have repeatedly discussed with our team partners, organized spiritual definition workshops, visual convergence adjustments, and finally successfully reshaped the new brand recognition on the tenth anniversary of women's fans, with the spirit of "diversity, truth, fearlessness" to continue to accompany the growth of readers.