The first marriage in Taiwan is introduced in the North Tienmu of the Japanese era.However, is it because there is a prettishism in the former?The truth is, let's take a look at it together!

the beginning of the opening of the spring, the hot springs were a topic, and there were two photographs of the newspaper, which were written in the newspapers.

In both showers and two years, the first marriage agency was introduced in Taiwan.

The first marriage agency in Taiwan has a relationship with the mother, and it's amazing.

The story begins with the person of the ruling bridegroom.The Japanese were in Taiwan in the 1900s and served as a small civil servant in the Post Office. In the 1920s, the top posts went to the Office of the Post Office and the Taipei Post Office. But he wrote and wrote a common piece of work, which was a popular kind of high-level contact between the people of Taiwan and the Taiwan authorities.

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the spring of 1925, Zhong Zhiang rented a house in the area of Dietsu (near Divini Street) in the second place of Yungleka (near Divini Street), creating a "tiddlea-dim religion", not either Western or Catholic, or a traditional denomination of Japan.In addition to returning Matsu to Fuzhou, the Cheng Huang-shu was invited to worship in Fuzhou. In addition, Kuan Kung was invited to worship in the temple, and the Japanese Emperor was invited to worship. The unification was all about promoting the integration of the Taiwan.The believers are really gradually getting up, and every day they come to worship at tea.There was a miracle, and soon the Mother Church also heard about the strange things that Matsu Hsien-hin possessed.

the church was moved to Yuanyuan in the second half of the day, the old site, the 110 of today's Chengdu Route 110, was already at the mouth of the Tanshui River.In the Japanese, the marriage rate was very low, and on November 3, 1927, the Japanese government organized the "Association Column", which opened the marriage agency, hoping to promote the integration of the United States through marriage.At the beginning of the fifth and sixth days, more women were found to be married than men, 40 % male, 60 % male, and 60 % male. The number of Taiwanese women and children was also from Taipei, and from Taipei to Kaohsiung.There were a lot of matchmakers at the time, but the marriage agencies, which were officially licensed, would be the first in the history of Taiwan to buy a post.

The Northern Tienmu Mother's Shihlin Triangle, because the godmother of Tienmu was created by the Lord of Heaven, was created to be the mother's hot spring, and then the mother

After a few years, the center of the center was trying to build the Tienmu Temple, and a look at the northern basin. It was said to have sensed divine guidance to come to the Shihlin Street triangle.In the early morning of October 1932, at four o'clock in the morning, the mother of the mother taught her to find five places in the hot springs, and they used the fence to call the five Shinto Shinto shrine, which they called the hot springs, and to apply for permission to develop.In the spring of November 4, 1935 opened its door to the outside world, and the hot springs became the hot springs of the hot springs of Taipei.In the following year, Tienmu Hot Springs was self-employed, running the train station at Shirlin Station to the Hot Springs Hotel.(Extended reading: [If you want] days cold soup, five recent suburban bubble recommendations )

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first reaction of many people in the name of the "heaven-master" story is that "listening to no" is a question of American questioning, and the farmer uses the words "listening to none," and nominates the "mother of the day".In fact, it was the Tienmu and the godmother who built the Mother Temple and the Tienmu Hot Springs Hotel in Taipei, where the mother's bus was the only place where the mother and mother were to be located.It can be said that, like the first marriage agency in Taiwan, the same is the product of Tienmu.