Invite you to read the stories of women's fan readers, team mates, and life coaches who have worked deep in diverse fields to see how they have come through the low ebb, how they embrace their whole self, how they have used their power to hold more people's hands, to work together to inspire others, to be themselves without fear.

| Jenny

To the precious family: Without you, can I still live a good life?

That day I was in your room, sneaking around looking for, trying to save the old things that adults just want to throw away quickly, and you never give up throwing.

I took the pen you used to hang on your chest, took away the letter you wrote to pat your ass, I knew the word was bigger, you can see clearly. But I can't take your ink treasure, can't take away your beloved desk, I can't leave you after all.

Can I still live my life on my own? Can you have a good laugh? Can you take a big stip? Can I walk through those more, and walk with you? The answer is yes. It's just that you're so important, I feel like I'm just living, not living.

Life, can not bear the weight, can not bear the light;

Ten years ago Jenny with her precious family. Photo | Jenny

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| little blue

To a friend who cares: Ten years, do you remember?

Ten years ago, he confessed to me one day, when I flatly refused, because I was afraid that I was just a passer-by, only to be with him for a short time, so I refused to turn him into a lover, but to maintain the status of friends until ten years later.

Ten years ago, we had an agreement that if we hadn't married ten years later, we would get married together. Later I talked about a love, the result of heartbreak, all over the body, very regret not to promise him at the beginning, perhaps the original promise that he may not be the result is different and not necessarily , now we are still single, but do not know whether he remembers this agreement.

Looking at each other's growth in ten years, may not be very good, but also become nutrients, become each other very concerned about the friends ten years ago, you remember?

Photo|Photo by GrandJete on PIXTA

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Vivian |

Give a life full of possibilities: Life is like a play, who knows what will happen?

Whether it is poverty or ordinary happiness, there will be more adventures in life to enrich our wonderful life.

The ten-year story of the reader

My ten-year story began in 2011, when we married my ex-husband, but due to a variety of factors, we finally signed off on a divorce in 2015.

After the divorce I was in a state of unemployment, when the account has been few, can only rely on work, as well as my father's help to survive, fortunately quickly found a stable job, finally can rest assured of life.

At the end of 2017, when I happened to see an advertisement online for a Filipino company to recruit customer service staff, I almost didn't hesitate to put my resume on the job, because I wanted to know if I could survive if I left myself in a country where I didn't have acquaintances to rely on, and I passed the interview.

I told the family this news, because it is a Boao company, caused a strong backlash of several relatives, every day called my mother, asked her to discourage me from going - but perhaps I was born rebellious, the original decision to get married and divorce, the family are the last to know, this time I was also interviewed to inform the family, how can be so persuaded?

Ten years ago Vivian. Photo | Vivian

After arriving in the Philippines, first live in the company to provide a 2 months of free accommodation for overseas employees, the first half of the term is approaching I began to find rental accommodation, just when I thought everything was going well, only to find that I was cheated by the second landlord! However, the deposit and the first month's rent have been paid, but can no longer contact the other side. Seeing that the day to move out of the dormitory is coming, I had to stay temporarily in a hotel near the company and look for a house on the website every day.

I think the god of luck has not given up on me, because I met a good landlord, I told her how I was cheated, and no more money on me can pay a deposit and the first month's rent, so the landlord promised me to pay in installments, and the money is still to the new colleagues seven pieces of borrowed, in the first month of salary I also smoothly pay off the money, and after the second month of the tight, I can really start saving money.

However, after working in the Philippines for six months, the company intended to close its philippine stronghold, so I was laid off at the end of the year.

Back to Taiwan this time, before the university to me have a good feeling of the head of re-contact with me, learned that he has divorced with two sons, just at home free room can let me stay temporarily, at that time I am not sure where their next step to go, so first when his tenant.

It may be a long time, and eventually we got along, and for him to take care of two sons who are still in primary school, I was from the age of 20 to make up my mind not to have children, but as if to become the mother of two children, pay attention to their diet, urge their studies, coordinate their conflict with their father.

Now life although seemingly ordinary happiness, but the mind drifted the idea is still stupid, perhaps one day I impulse to run to work in the field is not known, who said life is not like a play?

Now Vivian. Photo | Vivian

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Wen | Lin Peixuan

To a long-lost partner: Meet you again, just as you were destined

We met unexpectedly on September 26th, 7 years ago at FB! Suddenly we childhood memories, in the form of running horse lights, in my mind, like a shrink animation, never thought of this day!

We grew up being classmates and opposite neighbors, but from our country transfer school on the missing, until the age of 20 had met again, but then we missed each other again, this miss actually after 27 years, only later learned that you had looked for me, only because I changed my name, how can you not search for me, if not that day rise want to play the search for friends function, otherwise we may be lost forever.

Originally in childhood, our emotional line has been involved, 7 years ago 20 years apart did not meet, but you have not seen me, but very firmly said to me to take care of me, cherish me so doomed!

Ten years ago and now Lin Peixuan. Photo | provided by Lin Peixuan

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