"Picking up the Year has the promise and the real anniversary" The second era lecture hall "Digital TrendIng" invites Google Taiwan's chief of staff Vanessa to share with us in a rapidly changing, unknown environment, how do we take advantage of our own advantages to move forward?

The second in the 10th anniversary series of Women's Fans Lecture Hall, "Time Lectures: Digital Trends Fostering", invites Vanessa, Google's director of talent, to share with us her own experiences of what we should maintain in this uncertain and changing era, and more importantly, to learn "who I am", to keep our anchors in mind, to face the rapidly changing environment.

Following the introduction of the host Merci, the lecturer Vanessa, in a cordial statement, clearly described the framework of "Time Lecture Hall: The Cultivation of Digital Trends", with the anticipated lecture taking place:

First, the future in generation: how is the future made up?

Second, she summed up from life experience the most important three soft power and hard power: courage, self-confidence, perception

Third, time to come: to give yourself the most important reminder

The future in the build

During the outbreak, many tech employees worked remotely, but when the outbreak slowed and companies asked employees to go back to work, surveys from abroad revealed that more than half of workers wanted to stay at home and work far away, even if they did not want to return to work.

Vanessa uses this example to show us that there are many reasons behind everything - what makes them want to work from home? What is the structure behind this?

Imagine an iceberg floating at sea level with a "Event Event" that is seen, a little bit below the surface of the sea with a recurring Pattern pattern, and the next two steps are to emphasize in this lecture, the "Underlying Structure" of the large iceberg body hidden deeper under the sea, and the "Mental Model Mental Model Mental Model" at the bottom.

Model of the future iceberg

  • Event event: Obvious, felt
  • Pattern mode: Whether there is a pattern that exists under the event
  • Underlying Structure implies structure: dig deep into the structure of the event itself to make people act
  • Mental Model Mental Model: Think and understand the most important parts of event architecture

Vanessa is unstinting in providing her own way of dissecting events, and immediately gives a photo, describes her scene, and practices thinking with the participants present;

Courage: dare to try, dare to fail, dare to come again

What is failure for you? Vanessa, after giving an example of life, throws a sentence to the student: "Failure is not failure, if I do more, what?"

The participants interacted in the side chat rooms and gave their own diverse answers: "Grow up, yearn for success, find out the problem, try again." Vanessa affirmed everyone's answer, because it was a lesson to be learned all her life, so there would be different answers at different stages. But she also wanted to make a special point of what she had heard

Failure is not failure, as long as you have to learn from it.

Vanessa, Google Taiwan's chief of resources

“Failure isn’t a failure if you learn.” - Vanessa, Google Taiwan's chief of resources

Failure is not really a failure, if we have the will to learn, whether it is small things or the spirit is to accumulate their own opportunities, and these learning may not be in the present, may be the past.

Keep such an attitude, even if fell, can stand up again, dare to come again.

Confidence: We are all unique beings

In leading companies, diverse talent composition can not only bring innovative ideas, but also bring profits.

Recognition of their own value is unique, it is not vanity, but when we hold the confidence to join the team, the team will be more complete, we do not have to force themselves to meet the needs of the team, but with their own unique value, so that the team to go further afield.

Photo|Photo by Denys Nevo on Unsplash

Perception: Exercise the muscle strength of learning

Before we talk about soft power, now let's talk about how to accumulate hard power, how to improve their ability? Vanessa shares that when you want to move from Area A to Area B, the first task is to understand the needs of Area B, amplify your perception, like radar, and absorb it through different channels, from articles, video, podcasts, from daily, weekly, to monthly.

The most important element in these trainings is "self-discipline"! Over time, your knowledge and perception will grow like muscles.

Dare to imagine digging deep events, dare to try to fail, dare to do it again.

Vanessa, Google Taiwan's chief of resources

Full of self-confidence, I believe I must be that unique puzzle.

Vanessa, Google Taiwan's chief of resources

See you've got the point here? Let's help you summarize:

  • Dare to imagine digging deep
  • Dare to try to fail again
  • Believe in yourself as unique
  • Perception is self-discipline learning

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Time to be mindful

At the end of the lecture, Vanessa shares her core idea of "time to time" with the participants.

What is a return? The so-called "middle", only in our hearts, I really "be myself", also know how to return to calm, also know what is their first heart. This concept can help us remind ourselves to return to your "center" when pursuing other things and occasionally messing around.

People say, "The faster the world, the slower the heart." And the return is: "The heart is quiet." Mind Beful is something we can do at any time.

Photo|Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

After this moving section, a panel chat with host Merci and warm questions from the participants were greeted. These questions are simply listed below:

  • Women are more often false syndrome scenarios, as women how to develop multi-leadership?
  • In an era of rapid change, how to seize, understand and act on our own essential strengths?
  • How do I enter the technology industry with a non-technological background?
  • Lost experience in job search?
  • When did you know it was time to transfer? What are the recommended actions to prepare for before transferring?
  • Is there any time management method available to us that can have both fish and bear's paws?

Vanessa, who has a wealth of life experience, is very lively in answering and sharing these questions, and if you want to learn more, watch the full video on Youtube.

Picking up the year has Cheng, the true anniversary of the "Time Lecture Hall: Digital Trend Cultivation":