The third era lecture hall "Positive Psychology" invited chen Yumin Ming, founder of the Happier Lab, to share with you the secret of how to accept negative emotions and use psychological methods to transform them to bring happiness to your life!

Do you remember the last time you asked yourself when you were happy? Sometimes we don't want to fall into negative emotions and pretend we're happy, but maintaining a positive shouldn't be negative. "No unhappiness does not mean you are happy" happy life is traceable, happiness is not always to put themselves in a positive state, but to learn how to accept their emotions, improve the ability to have happiness.

In the third time lecture hall: forward psychology, women fans also invited Ming teacher to play "test your essential color" psychological test, the results of the teacher out of the analysis, really very consistent with the teacher's identity of the "influence red"! So under the influence of the teacher, opened today's lecture

Usually as a business coach, to help senior executives develop leadership, Ming teacher, in today's lecture will share with you how to accept their emotions, to help everyone live a happier, more meaningful blooming life!

The daily integration of life, first of all to know themselves

Instead of explaining the theory, Ms. Ming quickly cuts into a case study where she shares the story of a client who is more and more unhappy under the pressure of a step-by-step job and doesn't know how to balance his life with his work

The teacher demonstrated on the spot her approach to pointing out the core of the problem, and encouraged the customer to think deeply, dig into their inner voice, and finally the customer also came up with a perfect solution to the life problem, so as to restore the smile.

The teacher's case study tells us to try to think about their own needs, ideal living conditions, turn passive into active, pay attention to their own needs, and put them together with the needs of others to think, will use "strategic thinking" to macro-plan their own time and mental strength, rather than just soldiers to block the "tactical thinking."

Strategic thinking lets us know what resources are missing, start learning time management, such a change, let us jump out of the past work-life balance (work-life balance) thinking, began to enter the work-life integration (work-life integration), self-needs, creativity into the work of us, will not be limited by the original idea.

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Happiness is your choice

Many people ask teachers in advance, how to keep happy, what is happiness? And Mr. Ming answers that happiness is his choice;

The most important thing - "happiness" is not to feel good about yourself, but to "act" for yourself!

As long as people will have positive or negative emotions, think what will see what, so need to learn to focus on our "real" want to see things, when want to be happy, with awareness to capture positive, beautiful things, this is a mind, it is not easy, but only practice, can slowly progress.

Let's allow ourselves to be one! Because people have emotions, and any emotion is normal, fear, sadness, anxiety are part of human nature.

Accept these emotions and treat them as natural things. Allow yourself to lose and feel sad occasionally, and then ask yourself what you can do to make yourself feel better. Refusal to accept positive or negative emotions can lead to frustration and unhappiness.

Here are three things you'd recommend when you're visiting with negative emotions:

  1. accept
  2. Allow yourself to have emotions
  3. give yourself a while

When depression is low, give yourself a time frame, in that range of sad, allowing low mood, but the time has come to let go of the emotion.

For example, between busy meetings, set yourself five minutes to make changes in different topics and moods, such as returning home with work stress, and explaining to your family that you need half an hour to soothe your tightness, give yourself a break in the room, and then face interaction with your family.

When we can make emotional transitions for ourselves, we are not afraid of negative emotions.

Chen Yumin, founder of the Happier Lab

To have a good life, it is not enough to get rid of the bad things.

Mihali. Chekerson

Photo|photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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Start practicing happiness! Start by being your own mind coach

At the end of the activity, the teacher shares with us three key points of happiness:

  1. Do more things that make you feel good
  2. Take part in challenging tasks and create space to play
  3. Be a Day Maker

Find things that will make you happy, and the courage to step out of the comfort zone to do challenging tasks, only to try, experience will have feelings, do their own and others' happy people, because we carry out actions, can make society better.

In the inspiring words, the teacher brought out is to let people want to quickly and practically do some action, make themselves happy momentum, but also let the students prepare psychologically to accept a variety of negative emotions, in this endless after-effects, came to the panel stage of the conversation with the host, as well as the follow-up more exciting QA question and answer.

Students on the spot asked a lot of deeply hidden questions, let people feel that "positive psychology" is not a few hours of class can learn an important knowledge, it needs more practice in life, but also need to study the professional, and students have asked The precious experience of Ming teachers to help demystify! Here's a quick list of a few reader questions:

  • What are the difficulties you will encounter on your way to becoming yourself?
  • How to build a consistent mental health for yourself inside and outside?
  • Positive self looks like a show, how to overcome bottlenecks?

Wonderful answer can not be detailed in the article, if you want to bet on Chen Yumin Ming teacher's style, welcome to click on the following Youtube link, there is a full lecture video.

I hope that whether you are attending the lecture in person, or readers who have read articles and browsed the film, they already know how to build a happy learning mind and take the methods given by Ming teachers to get started!