Women fans are fully updating their brand logos with water droplets and colons as images in preparation for the 10th anniversary of their founding. This article interviews designers who reveal logo's original design and the decision-making process...

Have you ever wondered why women's new recognition is dominated by orange and blue? And the final color decision, is the whole team involved in the completion of the production? Let's invite the designers of this brand identification update, Xu Jialun and Liu Yingxuan, to talk to readers about the design process, as well as the small ideas contained in the design.

What color represents a woman's fan?

Every choice is about our value.

Women's fan designer Liu Yingxuan

Women's fans ten years, accompanied by many readers through the long years, readers to the past recognition to remember and know women fans, for designers, let women fans community, embrace the new recognition, is undoubtedly a major challenge.

Designer Jialun admitted that at the beginning of the rebranding, did not want to change too much, do not want to lose readers of the old brand memory, "but the next decade of women fans, with the "female life coach" as the core, to support everyone in a pluralistic environment, become their own." Images of the past have failed to fully express the value of the brand.

Not only stay in the past, for women fans, more important is the future of women fans and readers, from brand recognition, it is necessary to show such courage, invitation, courage and playful.

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In the color part, the old brand color has been a lot of yuan, continue the women's fans have been the multi-spirit, showing in the light of the adjustment, so that the brand more texture.

However, so many brand colors, the application of which color should be the main? "When all colors are exposed in equal proportions, it's like saying everything, but not saying anything, " the designer said. Like, women's fans want to convey a lot of spirit, there are still the most important core values, so in the design, there needs to be a primary color and auxiliary color difference.

Jialun then added the main color choice on the heart-warming, initially there are actually two versions, I think the coach should be "warm, fire, guidance" image, and orange color, but also in line with the "fusion" image. But at the same time, I also tried the orange-blue two contrasting colors, found that in addition to the warmth, the contrast of the presentation, so that there is a 'space for communication' between the colors, which also fits the female fans want to provide a multi-communion, mutual communication, dialogue field.

In order to create a consistent communication experience inside and outside, the designer put the final choice, to the hands of every partner of women fans, through the vote together, exchange views, choose orange and blue, become the main color of women's fans brand, leading the women's fan community into the next decade.

Colors are not just images on the surface, they each make sense, said Ying, "in the color planning and definition, is based on color science, such as warm colors, will be combined with softer brand values," through this way, women fans of the core values IMPROMPTU (improvisation), into seven color transmission.

Orange and blue, containing the concept of women fans "empathy" and "professional", while other auxiliary colors represent responsibility, influence, growth, essence, humor, rendering the core values of the women's fan community.

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All designs are at the heart of women's fans

The selection of objects starts at the heart of branding.

Women's fan designer Xu Jialun

This update, women's fans of peripheral goods, business cards, as well as the future of visual arrangements, will be presented with a new look. However, outside the obvious Logo, in the secondary space, auxiliary graphics are also needed to let the reader know that this represents a woman's fan.

"Auxiliary graphics are an extension of the logo concept, and it implies that it is important to arouse the reader's recognition and impression of women's fans." Jialun talks about the design process of auxiliary graphics, starting with the core of brand setting.

Women fans of the new brand logo, with droplets and colons as images, which represent tolerance, cohesion, communication and communication. Auxiliary graphics are also developed in accordance with the direction of "water", water patterns are diverse, after a variety of concepts of wire peeling, choose the water connection on behalf of women fans, hoping to link women fans with lines to the community and readers.

As for why the shape is drawn with organic hands? "At first, we were worried that the hand-drawn style was childish and not in keeping with the image of a life coach," but in the process of designing, Spotify opened up the designers' imaginations of rival drawings, "We found that hand-drawn is not necessarily childish, it can be dynamic, innovative, and both modern and powerful." Inspired by this, the designer chose to hand-painted warm style, to show the water tolerance and diversity.

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The sound the designer wants to convey

Pay attention to the sound that the design conveys, and each element has its meaning.

Women's fan designer Xu Jialun

"After the brand renovation went live, a senior media person shared that he felt that women were obsessed with new brand recognition, and that the gap, balance and design of the text were superior." Designer Jialun smiled and said that the eyes took him firmly for the brand update.

And this self-confidence, it comes from, "I do sketches, exquisite sketches in the process, will put the "golden ratio" into, the gold ratio can be large, small, unlimited split, so in the new brand recognition, graphics and font distance, etc., have my requirements for the gold ratio." For example, the distance of the font, if only with the computer horizontal dispersion, will make the font size look very strange, so in the end of the text and patterns, have his adherence to the proportion.

"This time in the color planning, business cards also contain clever ideas, " in the film can't wait to share, cute and playful design, "we hope that business cards not only personal information, but also show everyone's different characteristics." Let all partners in the women's fans, can choose their own business card color. Such a design, so that the integration of diversity is also shown in the experience within the team.

In addition, there are adjustments on the small cards around women's fans. Although the continuation of the past handwriting style, but the pen power appears more intense, Ying said: "The coach's image is firm and confident, we want to make the stroke more confident, although continue the handwriting style, but the feeling of transmission is very different."

Graphic selection of brand recognition water drops of graphics, in addition to echoing logo, but also represents a dialog box, as a female fan partner want to pass on thanks, the inner words when an important medium.

"This renovation, we also adjusted the envelope for women's fans, which has the gold ratio I value, " Jialun went on, adding that the envelope can't make too much noise because the main function is to send and receive mail. "The project is cool, I use Logo to enlarge as the spindle, to preserve the most basic function of the envelope."

"When we design, we pay attention to the "transmitted sound" of the work. " The two designers speak in unison, and for them each word, every graphic, each color has its own voice.

Therefore, in the object selection, will rebate to the core of brand value set, whether there is the transmission of women fan multi-integration, fearless to become their own value, this is the designer in this brand update, the most attention and care about the part.