Invite you to read the stories of women's fan readers, team mates, and life coaches who have worked deep in diverse fields to see how they have come through the low ebb, how they embrace their whole self, how they have used their power to hold more people's hands, to work together to inspire others, to be themselves without fear.

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To be a mother to yourself: Remember who you are, in addition to who other people's wives or mothers are

After personal experience, deeply realized that the original in the moment of becoming a mother, in their own life experience, it opened up a tremendous power.

The ten-year story of the reader

"Cycling, packing your bags, tidying up your new homes, adjusting your mood to meet the second life; learning to grow up and follow your soul." It was 10 years ago today, a review that jumped out of Facebook.

Time pulled back to the time I, or just need to worry about the progress of the paper, with students to discuss what to eat for dinner graduate students, the most expensive thing is the classroom report and never turn over the English paper Or to go to class on the way, and the most happy, relaxed time, is a few friends invited, ride a locomotive straight away from school sun moon lake, day and moon old tea factory, and so on, farther has been to the water, collection, drive to.

Usually in the mountain city to study us, as long as the mountain ride to the city will have the illusion of entering the city, compared to the convenience of metropolitan life, the opening of a new chain of hypermarkets for us are no big surprise.

I never studied in the field, until the Institute began to experience with peers to study, life is interesting, compared to others several years late attempts, night rush, night tour, night singing, no longer worry about home too late, there is family and other door pressure, a short feeling of that uninhibited free soul.

Ten years ago I was reading the weiping of the institute. Photo | weiping

However, 10 years later, I have changed from a student to a professional woman, into marriage, pregnant children, and in the professional field with each different life to walk a road, now life more roles, no longer just a simple daughter, students, but also become a wife, daughter-in-law and mother.

In the student period can not imagine into the marriage life, there are still many romantic visions and expectations, until really set up a family of their own, only to find that those Chaimi oil salt sauce vinegar tea, in the daily responsibility, after raising children husband and wife relationship, and their own relationship, but also will have a great impact on parent-child relationship.

Only when their own personal experience, only deeply realized the original in the moment of becoming a mother, in their own life experience, it opened up a tremendous strength, for the sake of children, I am willing to bear the pregnancy during the various discomfort, and strive to overcome the fear of production, no longer can sleep full days, body deformation to rely on more strength to recover;

All the physical and mental transformation is their own never imagined, the mountains down Haiti came before, but as a mother there is always a natural resilience, watching the child grow up, accompany the child through the days of joy and sorrow, will find in life to continue to survive the strength.

At the same time, also because of the children, I learn and practice how to keep their own in parenting and family, but also know how to take good care of their own needs, settle their own hearts, only the mother remembers themselves, not just other people's wives or mothers, will be more energy to nourish the child, not sacrifice or wrong themselves, to become a full child's imagination.

I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience the natural flow and occurrence of life, to feel the transformation of myself, to learn how to be gentle with myself, and to practice embracing the appearance of different life stages;

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Wen | the examination

To the self who had been married: Thank you for appearing, let me learn to be independent, and become a better self

"If you don't try, how do you know the result?" I use this sentence to open a chapter at different stages of my life.

The ten-year story of the reader

Yes, I was divorced, nine years and three hundred and forty-seven days of marriage.

Thank you, ex-husband, in these nearly ten years, you let me know that living in the United States, noisy children have sugar to eat, their rights to fight for their own. Also, American labor and restaurants are expensive, don't always just want to buy ready-made, to learn how to diY themselves.

I never mentioned that I decided to walk the red carpet with you because of your "If you never try, will never know" (how can you know the result if you don't try). Through you, I understand that many things need to experience themselves in order to see the different appearance of life. I do build up self-confidence in a foreign country, expand my personal social circle, and get a steady job because of this.

Ten years ago, Scott. Photo | Supplied by Stako

But, because of the same sentence, I finally chose to leave you.

Because I gradually found that in the long road of marriage, our end does not overlap, we can no longer meet each other's needs. When we start to engage in different "attempts", the "results" are bound to be different

I have never regretted these two decisions ten years ago and ten years later. I understand that your appearance is to let me learn to be independent and become a better self. Now, with the same words, I want to open another chapter in my life.

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Wen | mother of two children

To the self who had been deeply in fear: the original exudes love and warmth, is happiness

Only know how to cherish themselves, heal themselves, there is more ability and good energy to infect the people around.

The ten-year story of the reader

Ten years ago I was 21 years old, married in September, gave birth to my daughter on Christmas Eve on December 24th, and that year I changed from daughter to wife, daughter-in-law and mother, with friends who went out of social work and went on to further their studies.

From that moment on, I realized what we said: only when I was a mother, I can really appreciate the feeling of being a mother, and my first study when my mother really good mother's support and mr. understanding, can let me from this first experience of life to find their own vulnerability and strength.

Mother of two children ten years ago. Picture | mother of two

"Being strong for motherhood" has also been my transformation over the past 10 years. Of course, troubled me, in addition to their own self-confidence, afraid is not a good mother, good wife, do not even know what else they can do. Once in school I was clearly a pistachios, the result was to cut off contact with everyone to find a job will also be limited by married motherhood status - but this may be my life issue.

Because I chose to live with my children in my mother's house, I had less interaction and communication with my husband, and our values and ideas were very different in our marriage, which led to quarrels and caused my own anxiety and pain.

But everything happens, there is certainly a meaning to let me learn, I in every "doubt whether I deserve to be loved" moment, there will be family, friends, or your point of reference, let me have a different point of view to see their relationship.

In addition to the native family, there is also my fear to make the relationship more distant. When people feel helpless, religious beliefs, the books they read, seem to tell me something through words.

In the "women's fans" and occasionally see those related to the body, heart, spirit of the relevant information, let me feel: believe that they can change their lives and destiny. Although can not see results in a short period of time, but because of the belief that they can have love and warmth, naturally, will also have to attract "the right thing" frequency, will automatically be suitable and unsuitable people have the best arrangements.

Only know how to cherish themselves, heal themselves, there is more ability and good energy to infect the people around.

In the last year I really feel: love is not a demand, not to account, is love. Everyone is an independent individual, and we can only choose to change our minds, not to meet our expectations.

Every day is a new day, and every day comes well in time to start over. Only cherish the people around and know how to live in the present, can see their own abundance and abundance. To be able to have family, to have a job without worry about eating and wearing, the ability to help others, these are very grateful and grateful. Now the epidemic continues to spread, see more good places, more spread of love and warmth. This is true happiness!

Now the mother of two children. Picture | mother of two

(You'll be like,"I'm myself first, then my mother, my wife." As a mother, the beginning of loving yourself begins with facing up to your own name.