Students, lecturers, judges and women fans of the 2021 CFG Hacker Song Online Awards gathered online to draw the perfect end to the six-month-long "Sex Hacksong" event in a lively sharing and awards ceremony.

On September 26, 2021, after six months of exciting events and team competitions, nearly 100 participants gathered online with women fans and Googler for the 2021 CFG Hacker Song Online Awards.

At the beginning of the ceremony, we again invited Google Taiwan General Manager Lin Yafang Tina, who was also present at the "opening ceremony" in April, to give the participants a message from Jin Yuliang at the last meeting:

Don't be a person who only pursues standard answers, be a person who is not afraid to get lost.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

This sentence said to the people present, in these six months of hackers loose course, many students have lost their way in self-exploration, but lost does not matter, after getting lost, will be to find their own direction. Every excellent person we admire, is also in the foggy groping all the way, only to stand now gathered all the eyes of the bright stage.

"You have to be responsible for your life and career, so there's no excuse to say that the school doesn't teach, the company doesn't teach," Tina said, noting that the CFG Gender Hacksaw Troon is the first step for students to start self-learning and sharing, not only with women fans and Google, but also with the students around them, learning from each other. Her brief opening was a powerful encouragement to the students:

"Life is not a life-long thing to be 30 or 40 years old, and as the environment changes, lifelong learning and accountability are important to take control of your life." - Tina Lin, General Manager of Google Taiwan

Panel: Embrace the unknown and nurture yourself into a diverse and integrated talent

After an uplifting opening, we entered the first part of the "Awards Ceremony", that is, with the five speakers from different fields in the above image (Panel), this online discussion, will be through the host Zhang Weixuan's questions, to help the students ask the answer they most want to know

In this fickle world, how to settle down and face uncertain challenges?

Women's fans from the outbreak of the understanding first to share with the students: the epidemic for our lives brought a lot of uncertainty, in the face of the unknown, in the face of changes at any time, we should exercise a strong adaptability, and maintain resilience, stability, maintain confidence.

And how do you do that? In the role of women, as the "first" in many areas of innovation, Ms. Cai Yuling advised students to take stock of their interests and strengths, and to make those clear, and then continue to hold on to that field, so that they can hold up a day in the field.

"But because there are so many opportunities, we have a lot of opportunities to make choices, and "a lot of choices" is actually very difficult, " Mr. Tsai said, very clearly, all of them, which means that all can not be completed, so what will be chosen in the end, in fact, is also to follow the cause.

The most important thing is to learn to be alone, to be alone so that we know more about ourselves, and the way Mr. Cai practices this ability is to sit still and let himself settle down.

  1. Find out your interests and strengths
  2. Seize the opportunity, but also with the edge
  3. Know how to be alone, practice being alone

After the students have summed up the above three points incisively, Mr. Yu Xuan turned to ask how Lin Jie, a "tech missionary" officer who has great enthusiasm and can transform the knowledge of science and technology that ordinary people are not familiar with into a familiar one, is facing the challenge of uncertainty?

Officer Lin Jie modestly said that he regards everyone - even his peers or descendants - as a teacher, because the other person must have some things he has not yet learned, and when you know that "there are many things you do not know", you can avoid complacency, blindly think that their ability is enough, so that will not stay in place, but can continue to learn new skills to adapt to this changing world.

Photo | Photo by Eliott Van Buggenhout on Unsplash

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After peace of mind, what conditions and actions can we prepare for ourselves?

She asked Chen Sulan, who has more than two decades of experience with entrepreneurs, and the CEO himself is an entrepreneur, and over the years, she has summed up how many entrepreneurs are willing to step up to solve problems because they see changes and challenges in society. She also found that if she could think with a altruist mood of "making others", the path to starting a business would be smoother.

Self-employment just entered the tenth year, a hand to create a woman's fan of the Xuan Xuan echo the CEO's sharing, pointing out that entrepreneurs because of the risk of operating, so the heart will inevitably come out of uneasiness and fear, but if with the good heart want to help others, it is strong to move forward.

He also shared a sentence with the participants: "Science is the best way to make a man's spirit brave. " And in addition to their own brave, but also need to have a group of equally brave partners! So finally, ask Hay Hae-hee, the engineering director who leads a team of engineers at Google, how did he lead such a large group of people to see the same future?

Mr Hay said there was a need for "growth mindset" as much as the previous speakers shared! We are all limited, so "diversity" is very important, often open-minded to new things, and with enthusiasm to learn, not only to learn technology, but also to learn the characteristics of different people, which can let you carry more "diversity."

When your ideas and skills are richer and more resilient, you have a better chance of being in a leader's position, even in this diverse world.

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How do you make your partners willing to go together? Together towards pluralism and integration?

Because the speakers present are excellent people with rich team experience, so Xuan Xuan asked everyone to chat separately, how to promote growth thinking in their own organization, with a "multi-integration" mentality, to become a team that can quickly adapt to the future?

The most important idea for communicating with others is not to try to tell him something, but to make him understand why it's important to him and listen carefully to the feedback, said Lin Jie, Google's developer relations project manager. "Because what matters is communication between the two sides, not one-sided preaching." If you want to move forward with you, we should be partners, so we like to "learn" together, so that each other become each other's backing, together forward!

"Change is not terrible, change is the most dangerous thing," shared Chen Sulan, a long-time media executive. In the face of change without standard answers, the CEO will explain to the team that his words may not be right, and that he, like his partners, is exploring the process of asking questions about the future and finding the best path for the company.

Mr. Cai Yuling, who has worked in both government and business, and who founded her own firm, encourages curiosity and jumps off the field without doing it to explore a broader field. And, since you're a team leader, start with yourself and lead the team together by leading by example.

Google's engineering director, Hay Han-hee, is very specific, and he simulates the situation at the conference table: in the discussion of decisions, he will try to make everyone's voice heard, although there will be over-communication, make decision-making less efficient doubts, but a little more communication than only one or two people on the decision to come better, because it can produce more meta, creative, and more complete decisions.

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Within an hour of the opening of the awards ceremony, speakers in five different fields were heard sharing, with participants often brushing a row of "applause" in online chat rooms, and participants sharing the gold sentences they had written in real time.

In fact, it is not just today's event, but the time back to six months ago, "the opening ceremony" day, the students' lives from that day on began to change, is the speaker changed? Did the team learn to change? In fact, students chose to change their lives when they pressed the button to sign up for the "Women Fans x Google 2021 CFG: Code for Gender, Code for Growth Gender Hacksong."

Every choice determines who we will look like.

Women's Fans CEO Zhang Weixuan