A new recognition of women's fans, why choose the image of "water" and "dialogue"? How many internal team discussions have you experienced in the form of a work? Women fans with flexible as water and create dialogue patterns, with you to move on to the next decade!

After the new identification of women fans came online, we asked readers, "What does the new brand recognition remind you of?"

Some people playfully reply to "balloons", "ink", some people think of "men and women dialogue", there are also familiar with the brand value of women fans write "communication", "dialogue", "multi-communion", and we did not anticipate the response such as "eggs", "seeds" and so on.

What do you think of when you are reading an article?

How will designers react to the reader's imagination? Let's invite the women's fan designers- Xu Jialun and Liu Yingxuan - to talk to us about more behind-the-scenes stories.

What does the brand recognition of women fans remind you of?

As readers echoed, a wide selection of associations stimulated the designers' imaginations, with Jialun laughing and pointing out that readers were reminded of the germinated seeds, "Which is completely beyond my expectation!" Although different from the concept of design, it is unexpectedly fitted to the meaning of "life coach".

Some readers refer to "men and women", and the designer says of the initial up-and-coming thoughts: "In fact, we have thought about deliberately avoiding gender stereotypes." In the choice of color, there have also been concerns about orange-blue tones, into the dual gender structure.

"But then we talked about the fact that color doesn't belong to a particular gender, " says designer Jialun, who believes that stereotypes are shaped by a culture shaped over the years, a framework that women fans want to break down, providing readers with a more multi-dollar perspective. "What we want to convey most is that different voices can communicate and talk here."

For the reader's association, Yingying also put forward another thinking angle: "Blue and orange is contrasting color, is the spectrum at both ends, the reader associates that men and women are also the two ends of the gender spectrum, in fact, it is not difficult to predict, and we do not just want to make different diverse voices, in this dialogue?"

Through this interaction with readers, let readers say their imagination, the value of care, women fans of brand recognition more imagination space, but also with our growing readers, together to create influence.

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Why choose the images of "water" and "dialogue"?

"The selection process is like a funnel, slowly taking shape through the opinions of the public." - Women's fan designer Xu Jialun

In addition, some readers wonder why designers use the images of "water" and "dialogue" to design the brand recognition?

Jialun shares with us the tools and methods used in his creative process, "I'll find the core keywords first," through interviews with team members and brand value extensions. For example, the concept of women fans is "multi-integration", designers use mental maps, association extension words, to find the right visual symbols.

As for why water and dialogue? "Some concepts are not communicated strongly enough or are not communicated in place, " he said. He took out keywords he had considered in the past, such as the universe, heroes, in the mental map stage, he found that far from the core values of the brand.

Similarly, even if "water" is chosen as the keyword, the pattern of water is diverse, and different expressions may be produced. Therefore, the designer will be the concept of sketching, in the feeling of graphics and women fans of the connection, one after another to converge, into the present. "The selection process is like a funnel, slowly taking shape through the opinions of the public."

On the concept of dialogue, Jialun said, "Dialogue has always been something that women are obsessed with, and there is no doubt that it is an element that can be chosen." Yingying recalls how when women's fans ended their GWIS rehearsals in 2020, the partners surrounded each other and encouraged each other. Warm dialogue and support between partners, imprinted in the mind, "dialogue" became an important element of what she felt was a woman's fan.

Talk to the team about the design process

"The production process of a brand is a process of communication between different voices." - Women's fan designer Xu Jialun

Many readers are also curious about how long designers have spent renovating their brands, and w if there are any happy or difficult things in the process.

Jialun and Yingying inventory of the design time, from concept generation to stereotypes, to team discussion, dialectics, and final decision on the line, after nearly a year or so of time. It is mentioned that the design process and team communication is intertwined process.

"We need to talk to the team first, why do women fans need to do it." Jialun and Yingying recall the process, and they interviewed members of different departments one-on-one to understand what "women fans" mean to their partners. This process is also the challenge for brands to once again build consensus on the evolutionary path.

"When rebranding, we need to build the safety and trust of our partners first." Open up discussions through brand recognition, allow partners to have a shared vision of new recognition and engage in a dialogue under that vision. In the process, the two designers especially want to thank the founder Ofsie Xuan and strategy chess trust, so that they have enough room to play, the brand into the next decade.

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In addition to individual dialogues, the team also conducted a "spiritual definition workshop" to learn from the stories and experiences of partners in women's fans, "the workshop was very warm," Jialun said, not only rebranding the communication dialogue, partners also shared moving stories encountered in each post, "there are community partners to share, every week will receive two or three letters from readers, thanking women fans in their low tide to bring the sense of companionship." Workshop held, the consensus of partners, more firmly believe that women fans want to grow into a look.

The last communication is to invite all partners to vote for the main color of the brand. Through the choice of two versions, find a more suitable for women's visual imagery.

"The production process of a brand is a process of communication between different voices." Although the process, there are challenges, there are concerns, but for the family and Yingying, designers can do is to let the reader quickly build up new memories, women fans of the brand beliefs passed out.

"A lot of things happen to be 'choices' and so is rebranding." Through the team's joint screening, co-operation, women fans of new identification, to flexible as water and create a dialogue pattern, moving on to the next decade.