In 2021, in response to International Women's Orgasm Day, women's lusts will be more valued, women fans will be August as "high tide month", looking forward to a "celebration-style" summer atmosphere, giving sexual exploration and dialogue more spacious and bright space, with users to practice hugging their bodies, celebrate the arrival of orgasm.

With female orgasm as the core of the plan, women fans conducted a large orgasm survey of 1,973 women, with the age distribution of women aged 18 to 55 years, of whom 25-34 years old was the largest, accounting for 52.4%; In addition to women, 1.1% of respondents were gender migrants (Gender X).

Think "entering" is the most important part of sex for women, only less than 15%?

According to the survey, 61 percent of female subjects had orgasms almost every time they masturbated, while only 26.2 percent of those who had orgasms at "time of sex" showed that girls had orgasms in masturbation, far higher than when they had sex with their partners.

In the past sexual narrative, men's orgasm experience is often more obvious, and women's enjoyment in sex is still not easy to see, not understood, especially in the still more depressed eastern society, women's right to talk about sex is more likely to be deprived, so women fans look forward to through this "orgasm survey", for women eager to explore the body, experience sensitive belt, enjoy sex.

The survey asked, "What's the most important bridge in a perfect sex for you?" Sixty-eight per cent of the respondents said that "caressing" and "foreplay" were the most important parts of sex with their partner, while less than 15 per cent thought "entry" was the most important.

It can be seen that when women's physical needs are different from most sexual experiences, it is easier for both parties to find a pleasing balance in their sexual interactions, and it is easy to make sexual interactions that contain certain misunderstandings and white lies, a phenomenon that is truly reflected in the survey "Have you ever had a "false orgasm" experience when having sex with a partner?" One question - Nearly six in ten women say they have had more than one false orgasm experience in sex with a partner.

Further exploration of the types of orgasms among Women in Taiwan was 49 . 6% of respondents who most often reached "orgasm" by touching their vulva, 33% reached "mixed orgasms" in different places such as vaginal, mouth and entrance, and only 9 . 2% reached "vaginal orgasm" through what is often considered the most important part of their favorite time.

Echoing this, most women do not consider "" to be the most important part of sex, because the way to stimulate women's sexual excitement, mostly for hands, mouth caresses, rather than entry.

Nearly 70 percent of female subjects were having ineffective sexual needs communication

Sex, it is healthy, as is the desire for love; desire, which is also an important nutrient in life, is an important throbbing of the body outside the soul, a dialogue with the body, a direct warmth, a strong and comfortable pleasure, and another connection with oneself and one partner.

In the survey, we found that more than half of the female subjects thought that "more than more skillful teasing, more like deep hugs, slow kisses (61.9%)" and "more likely to have a romantic foreplay than to enter, to slow down and let him dot his body with a kiss ( 61.6%), "More anticipation of hugging each other and having more play time (51.3%)than taking a shower or sleep immediately after the end," in response to the survey, more than 80% of the respondents thought "foreplay" and "postplay." "And "caressing" is the most important three links in female sex.

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In the survey, 71.1 percent of respondents said they would discuss sexual needs with their partners from time to time, while another 19.4 percent said they were uncomfortable discussing sexual needs with their partners.

Even though at first glance, more than 70% of partners discuss sexual needs with each other, when asked, "Are you having any difficulty communicating your sexual needs with your partner?" Nearly 40% (39.2%) of women still think they will be too shy to speak even if they don't like or want to change, and 11.8% say they are reluctant to change even if they have tried to communicate, while 10% feel that they have no sexual needs, just cooperate with each other.

Taken together, even though the proportion of people willing to confess sexual needs to each other is high, the actual quality of communication is nearly 70% (69.6%) negative, and only 42.3% of people answer "no sexual communication with the other half, can be well matched with each other's needs."

In this regard, women fans interviewed the long-term female sex coach lecturer Xiao Wei, she believes that until now, society on women's bodies, emotions still have too much understanding, so that this society for "sex" should look like, there is a given imagination, and women's sex once imprisoned, the rest will be male interpretation of sex.

Less than 20% of women in the survey were "very satisfied" with their bodies.

In addition to focusing on women's orgasm experiences and sexual needs communication with partners, the 2021 Women's Orgasm Survey asked, "Have you ever masturbated?" In the first survey, 53 per cent of female subjects said that although they had masturbating experience, they were only simply satisfied when they had physical needs, while 39.5 per cent of women enjoyed having sex with themselves, and more than 7 per cent had no experience of masturbating and had little less sexual needs than when they were alone.

Thus, less than 40% of the women who actually enjoy sex with themselves, and in the midst of this, it is not clear and do not care about the appearance of the subjects, even as much as 42%.

In order to encourage users to explore themselves, in 2021, the women's fan product team to "boldly say love, elegant talk" as the main concept, the user survey will be included in the product building link, the birth of blush depth bed card, with a dual theme structure - "foreplay group" and "female exploration group" to meet more user needs and aspirations. And with the sex instructor Xiao Wei hand in hand for users to create a magical moment with their own sex, recognize you and my lust is not alone.

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In addition to being complementary to sex, masturbation is also a way for women to explore the body, and through self-touching and self-exploration, it is possible for women to understand their needs and needs in the process. The survey found that a significant number of girls actually enjoyed masturbating, with only 17.4% of the subjects "Are you satisfied with your body?" The answer to one question is very satisfactory, very enjoy touching themselves, watching themselves, into their own feelings.

The remaining 71.5 per cent of the subjects said they were satisfied that, although they did not have the opportunity to explore more sexual needs, they still loved and enjoyed sex based on their positive consent, including masturbation, and 10.9 per cent of women were "not satisfied with their bodies and often felt less confident about their bodies and did not pay attention to their sexual needs".

The same phenomenon can be seen from "Do you know what it looks like?" One question was found, though the answer was "know." I am very familiar with my body and often focus on explorers accounted for more than half, but there are still 44. 8% of female respondents who said that they "don't know" or "not so clear" about their looks, which shows that Taiwanese women still have considerable room for growth in understanding their own bodies.

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In 2015, Blush was created to create a safe and private space for sex discussion, encouraging Taiwanese women to have their own needs, their own pursuits, and to be well represented, discussed and self-understanding.

In recent years, blushing in addition to through the content initiative, but also actively promote products, such as the 2020 fund-raising nearly 3,000 people to support the red bed card, late night blush Podcast, the september 2021 launch of the deep bed card card, have re-flipped the rigid definition of sex, encouraging women through cards, "self-help" as a starting point, understand their physical and psychological needs, for their own lust world to bring deeper experience and opportunities.

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