"Picking up the new year has cheng, the true anniversary" the fifth era lecture hall "cultural science and technology lecture hall" invited to "Tainan Xie House" master, "Senshan Market" curator Xie Xiao five teachers, to show a strong love of the land, and hand-show you: what is called tasteful life in the ground!

Pick up the year has Cheng, the real anniversary of the fifth lecture hall "cultural science and technology" to take you and the five teachers together to experience life, learn to slow down, carefully observe and understand their surroundings.

Through a bowl of meat and rice, finally returned to the hometown

Xiao five teacher in Australia for nearly six years, and finally successfully obtained permanent residency, but finally chose to return to his hometown - Tainan, in the process of sharing, xiao five teacher mentioned that he spent a lot of time wanting to integrate himself into a foreign land, but one night after he returned home, after eating a bowl of meat, he felt that he really went home.

From small snacks on the ground to buildings towering on the land, The love and persistence of the teachers in Tainan has made more people aware of what "life" is, and by transforming the old house to integrate life memory, market and living conditions in the same building.

Ms. Wu also shared a story about architecture, saying that a girl had come to Xie's house with her parents when she was a child, and after 11 years of social life, this time she had taken her parents back to Xie's house and taken the same photo in the same location.

Ten years on, girls grow up, and it's hard to imagine that what we do can affect people, that what we do, that affects a generation.

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Because of love, I overcome all difficulties

"If you can leave people in Tainan for one more night, people will fall in love with the city more." When a man has confidence in a city, we don't have to be afraid of him going abroad. - Tainan Xie home manager Xie Xiao five

After years of overseas life, and even to the technology industry rolling, finally he chose to go home to Tainan this land wish, willing to spend a lifetime to let more people know life, know Tainan, so that more young people back to the city, continue to carry forward the "beautiful" city.

And he will have this belief, the most fundamental reason is actually because of the city has a deep love - he used the power of love, in the face of the old house transformation, promote the difficulties in the ground, across the challenges.

The teacher cited what happened during the outbreak as an example:

Faced with the outbreak after the outbreak in mid-May and the difficulty of three-level alert, worried that many of the snack bars relying on home-based skills suddenly lost tourists and even local business, the five teachers with love, take the initiative to contact those who do not have the ability to science and technology of the old shops.

He will be limited every day, usually go to a long line, and even the queue can not buy all kinds of Tainan snacks, after even frozen can maintain a delicious taste confirmation, will be mouth-watering DC Tainan cuisine bag by bag, put into a small five teachers hand-written "Tainan is coming" in the Spring Festival seal box, sent to those who usually difficult to enjoy the queue of famous shops.

Small five teachers not only help the old shop through the difficult times, but also let the epidemic prevention at home people can enjoy the usual queue also a bowl of hard-to-find shrimp fried hands, pure handmade crystal dumplings, old-style meat bags, after class must eat onion oil cake each shop age add up to more than 450 years old!

Photo | Tainan Xie's home Facebook

Intentions, to create a tasteful life

Each city has a unique charm, he wants more people to see Tainan, he wants more people with their own strength to go back to fight, but also let the world see Tainan!

Food is one of Tainan's special features.

So the teacher thought of combining breakfast, life and Tainan, held a "breakfast life festival", and used the specifications of the music festival, and even around the makeup dot a lot of bouquets, so that it is not like a night market, eat and go, but invite people to stay with family and friends, experience really put the word "life" into every activity.

The annual "Senshan Market" is the highest display of this concept, the lecture participants said they have been there, but whether they have been to or have seen the photos, will be amazing. The teacher said proudly, "You don't have to go abroad, it's like going abroad to Morishan. " People can not help but look forward to the outbreak unsealed also want to live a good life in Tainan.

Photo | Moriyama Market

Teachers and team efforts, let people see the city, it will be all kinds of small shops are absorbed in the alley, let you slowly find, slowly taste.

Taste life this matter, not necessarily have high consumption behavior, but should be carefully chewing the size of life things, by slow pace absorption and digestion, you can find different bright spots in life.

In the sharing of the lecture hall, the teacher and we mentioned that "good life" can be created, every day after work, class walk a different way home, will find different things, feel different perspectives, and the creativity of life is actually around us, Xiao Wu teacher also quoted the advertiser Sun Dawei said: "Creative from a conscious life."

"Knowing life" is very important to life, and it is very important to you and me.

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When your heart is secure, your heart is your hometown

Understand life this thing can start from their own, as women fans do five years of hand account, the purpose is to hope that you I can learn the feeling of heart, fine taste the beauty of life brought about by learning to slow down to explore different beautiful.

If you also want to through the hand account, the feeling of every night into words, written in the solid paper will not fade away, save the traces of life, link please click me, open a new "2022 play with time" tasteful life.