From the orchestra lead singer to the company operator, Yang Dazheng has many different role thinking and logic, still do not change the love of the music industry. Founded in 2015, Fire Music is committed to changing the structure and ecology of the music industry from the "dream can't eat" impression!

Interview day, just as the outbreak in Taiwan is gradually stabilizing, Dazheng people in Kaohsiung, on time in the interview time on the screen, through the online conference room to greet us. With a little laziness at home, sitting in the small room surrounded by musical instruments in Kaohsiung's home, Dazheng opened his mouth and asked questions about the sound: "Do you need to record the sound from my side?" He asked, in that very Relax voice, as if talking to an acquaintance.

Retiring the fire extinguisher lead singer status, to the operator's perspective, Dazheng said that sometimes he felt he was in a certain "personality split" state, with the boss's attitude to pull away from the "lead singer" this first-person main word, see this group really hard.

"Well, times are changing and fire extinguishers will be old, and if companies continue to use fire extinguishers as the bulk of their revenue, I'm afraid they will one day hit the ceiling." He laughs and says that as the boss of Fire Music, he's really not very good at fire extinguishers, and he's very strict.

"I hope that after 20 years, there will be some influence and appeal, and it's important for me to convert these things into nutrients for the market and the environment, whether it's passed on or shared."

He laughs and says he's not going to give an example, saying that this middle-aged revolution, like organ donation, he wants to transfer some of the parts of the fire extinguisher that are still beating, so that the energy, the way to nourish new life, the music, needs such a legacy of power, and that's the way fire music is rock and roll right now and in the future.

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In many cases, friends who don't count interests stand up

The continuation of the dream, from a point, the first line to one side, the orchestra lead singer's path to promotion, gradually from pure music disturbance, expanded into a yearning for an industry. If the fire extinguisher is loaded with young light mania, fire music is to assume the ambition of middle age, the so-called operation, but also for the ideal place to move forward, add firewood to fill the carbon, pass on those existing, create those deficiencies.

In 2015, Fire Music was founded, and the opportunity was to be free.

"For an artist, it's a little more pure and idealistic to look at music as a career." Dazheng mentioned that in the past, fire extinguishers operated with the support of independent brokerage firms, and even though he had touched some administrative, planning and execution details, his role thinking and logic were quite different from those of an operator.

When the company stopped working with the former company, the choice of another owner or a self-reliance portal was a purely rational judgment for Yang Dazheng, then 30: "After all, it is realistic that from a commercial market point of view, fire extinguishers are not an ideal investment commodity without a shore market, and I am well aware of that."

In his early 30s, he says, it's a strength and basic experience, and setting up a company seems to give the ideal a lot more than the compromises necessary to reach an agreement with a brokerage firm.

"So after weighing it up, I still feel free to start a company." Yang Dazheng with some playful heart, and the kind of hope to put the choice in their own hands willful: "the original idea is relatively simple, set up their own company, can better get pinch what to do, what want to do, what to do, what has to do, and fortunately, has been dealing with fire extinguisher brokerage agents with us, the stage conversion is actually quite smooth."

At the beginning of the company, rent a small office, all responsibilities shoulder to shoulder, even if firm, but still with some budding fear. From the beginning of the burden of rent, to art cases, school drafts, community management, there is a long time, have to be their own small editor, waiting for the schedule every day, the message sent out, only to find that the company's operation is a small accumulation.

"Apart from the underlying operations, there is no more difficulty for a company in the early stages than overcoming cash flow problems." Dazheng said, from scratch it is inevitable to borrow around to pay back, after all, after the establishment of the company, you are in the reality is - do, no need to spend money.

After all, the operation of independent brands, recording studio, recording, proofing, hair, marketing, touring, are all white flowers and silver burden, the more chips in hand, the more the results can meet your expectations, big smile said: "So, ah, a lot of situations, really are a lot of good friends regardless of interests to hold us up."

Challenging the Fireball Festival is an adventure to break through existing business models

From 2015 to 2016, Fire Music focused on fire extinguisher music, basically the same, from album production, distribution to touring, from Live House to the mass baseball field, the blueprint has not yet taken shape, but always have to go forward a little bit, to have a chance to see the dawn of the sky before the sky turns bright.

In 2017, Zheng Yinon came to the hot music, the business model began to expand to artist brokerage, Dazheng said, when you are no longer responsible for their own person, think more things, "for example, as an independent music brand, its artists in addition to the normal invitation to perform, what other possibilities, do all the work have to be around the film cycle?" Is there anything you can do in a non-hairy period?

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As he shared, shaking the glass in his hand, looking over from this end of the video, he could see the fine lines between his eyebrows and eyebrows as he pondered, and talked about what he was concerned about, as if the moment was the flow of his heart, and it was easy to roll all the people who listened to him into his faith.

Challenging the Fireball Festival, he says, is an adventure to break through existing business models, and it's imperative for the show to become a host as another business scene between the artist stage and the stage.

In 2017, fireball festival debuted at Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall, the South Island sun, with the hot August, compared to the kind of youthful but because of exposure and sticky music festival, fire music wants to bring another kind of music festival experience: "All actions are intended, not to say, just because "someone treats us in a better way."

"I've seen how Japanese music festivals treat orchestras, and even though we're singing for free, but backstage is connected to the artists on the main stage, and I've seen how they separate performers from the audience, where you don't see performers carrying musical instruments, walking, taking pictures with fans, you don't see performers from the start, ready to go to the middle of the show, someone getting too sun-soaked and someone talking to fans about getting drunk."

Of course, as a member of the orchestra, he knows the importance of music fans, so he does not deny that in the music festival, performers, musicians can be close to the fans, playing together is a good thing; In the end, they choose to stand out and enjoy the crowd, or sit back and prepare, and choose to return to the performer, because it's about how he gives the highest level of performance at his best.

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Hey, let's create a world where we dream of eating!

"The idea that fire music was founded is to hope that the essence of music will be healthier, a bit like eating a vibrant diet." Dazheng said with a big smile, while snoring his nose, while being his own flying from heaven to a sum of metaphor to amused.

What is the connection between making music and living food? Yes, they are eager to find ways to return essence to nature in a complex world of processing and production, so that all intakes are based on the premise of health: "The most basic basic thing for the music industry to be healthy is to pay workers equally for the services they pay."

The music industry wants to break free from the impression that "dreams can't be eaten" and change structures is paramount, says Dazheng, who has seen too many talented young people invest in industry driven by enthusiasm over the past 20 years, recklessly burning themselves, such as participating in activities as interns, and ultimately not getting half the rewards they deserve, or always "helping" in design and photography.

"But busy, always help soon ah, " Dazheng said, many things rely on a cavity of blood is not feasible, once burned out, the last remaining will only be disappointed gray, better can rely on faith to continue to move forward, relatively bad Is due to family or economic, had to let the dream sleep forever in Peter Pan's paradise, occasionally turn over the photos, said that when the British posture, anyway can not realize the dream, just like the first love, always wear a high school uniform, smiled and said not to know why separate.

"So it has a lot to do with whether an industry is healthy or has a lot to do with the balance of labor compensation." He said, holding his head in one hand, said the key hand in the air than painting, mouth is not slow, as if a lot of things, although a little helpless, in between slowly speaking, but also looking for their place in this huge problem.

Starting in 2020, Fire Music will be run by artists and will be environmentally oriented.

From the Kaohsiung City Youth Bureau case, to free themselves from the identity of a simple performer, looking at the overall situation, Dazheng said: "The market will need this kind of professional experience consulting courses, if there is a base, can let technology and want to generate exchanges, so that value experience can be passed on, so that concert curatorial and so on, can produce more new thinking, I think it is necessary."

The beginning of the inheritance comes from the worship of teachers, but Dazheng hopes that the wave of the inheritance brought about by the fiery music can be more open.

"The legacy of efficiency is openness, making information public, and allowing people in need to find the resources they need is what fiery music has always wanted to do." Dazheng mentioned that whether it is record distribution, e-commerce operations, the creation of normal exhibition activities, the provision of basic publicity services, the basis of these services are open.

As a platform that can hold the ideal, Fiery Music looks forward to pulling everyone who embraces their dreams up, and we can go together, but when you get stronger and have more things to do, we want to let you go. All know-how owned by Fire Music is open, and this nutrient is a bit of a fertile ground for tearing down the fence, welcoming you from the ground up to take what you need, and welcoming you to leave something before you go, and that's what I'm looking forward to.

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Is because the dream is not so easy to reach, so really reach the time is cool ah!

One side to become a father, one side as the fire music boss, one side is still the fire extinguisher lead singer Yang Dazheng, the company was founded 6 years, through the hardships of grass-making, and now look back, the entrepreneurial people, are a flower and a wood planted slowly cultivated gardener.

You think all the beginnings should be full of plans, in fact, all the beginnings, can be just a dream direction.

Dazheng mentioned that in 2000 fire extinguishers just set up, a few small farts shouting hot to go to spring, then always feel the dream ah, probably is to stand on the stage of spring, so silly, a few big boys did not think so much, all the way to the dream run.

"A lot of things start like this, and the class will say, "You're only going to write something that you don't have, go to Spring Festival?" It's a daydream that's too far away, too humiliating, but you'll find that some things are coming to fruition faster than you think. Dazheng said with a smile, fire extinguishers in groups every other year, standing on the spring stage from the dream to the present style, sweating on the stage, in fact, can be more than just a daydream.

Ask the dream and hometown, Dazheng you pick a talk, he said that I want to talk about the dream first: "In fact, the dream is a direction, my life has always been like this, each stage will have different dreams, so in fact, I have realized the super many dreams ah."

Dreams are clearly things that exist, and the reason it's beautiful is because it's not so easy to achieve.

Fire extinguisher lead singer Yang Dazheng

Perhaps at home, perhaps a few small drinks, perhaps talk about the topic made him feel eager to try, that night Yang Dazheng's talk, there are sea-style and willful, and the past, always by the regiment members to tune the "rational line easy to break" radical man, almost as different as the world.

Always feel that at this moment, is a very big mountain, than the sea people, now he is more like a big house, the base is stable, there are realistic help in life, and dream, so he began to be able to share their space out.

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"After 90 young people, there was a moment of ridicule of the dream, when I lived in pain, the dream is clearly the existence of things ah, it is beautiful, because he is not so easy to achieve, so to achieve the feeling of cool, should be everyone to experience it?"

Speaking of lost dreams, he suddenly came to his senses, but with a joke tone, as if in his relaxed at the moment, still can see a little playful, and the kind of "Linbei told you, have a dream is cool" wayward.

Looking back at fire extinguishers from different perspectives, as well as other dreams that began to grow slowly from fire extinguishers, Yang dazheng said that the next decade of fire extinguishers, I hope they are happy to enjoy music, and as always, to work hard to make music this thing, can be more pure.

"After all, fire extinguishers are old enough to seem to have such a wayward qualification." Dazheng said, although the application of the word "bar" knot, but in fact does not have the meaning of inquiry, there is a "yes, that is it" style.

The teenager who rides the long-distance night bus north, now leaves to the root, looking for Kaohsiung a foot, a wave of sea people that nature stubborn, standing here, looking back once crazy. And those calendars in the purpose of young, all became the wind of the South, followed by the fire music back to the South Island, said to grow up, but seems to grow up just right, follow the new direction, continue to move forward, look at the next island skylight.