Xie Yingxuan's dramatic role is deeply rooted in people's hearts, but what about her outside the drama? Invite you to meet her at the moment from a completely transparent perspective, without any character filters.

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Four years ago, the female fan edited the pen, there is a force of actress, from the role drilled out, there is Xie Yingying unique flavor, the editor used a sentence: "She is a handsome suit, open to come in." Where the Buddha travels, there must be air, there is the actor's bones, in the wind and rain, do not hold an umbrella is not lost stubborn.

Four years later, she opened with a shallow smile, in the atmosphere has elegant surrounds, than will be angry, at this moment she, more Zen.

Let you learn to grow, can also be my gentle to you

Asked whether there are so-called models in the process of gradual development? Yingying said with a smile, in fact, quite a lot: "Recently, it may be Jessica Finch, I have always liked her, in addition to her performance, but also like her this person."

In a way, the role model is self-procplay, with a belief that "I want to be like her", "When the Oscar-winning actresses are shortlisted, they'll have a roundtable where the finalists talk to each other, and remember that when Jessica Finch was shortlisted, you look at it and you'll find that this woman, her heart is really very gentle."

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Looking back at that conversation, there was the host's mediation, back and forth microphones, a table will be the film industry's highest honor of the women's seat, which inevitably has power, all the fight.

Yet Jessica Finch is in it, not in a hurry, more of a big one, and she speaks, and more often mentions other actresses in her speeches, and she slides through almost all the topics lightly and gracefully, bringing home to actresses who can't speak, or are quieter.

"You'll find out where she's sitting, she's really ready, " xie said, "and Jessica Finch has seen all the actors" play, so no matter what part of the conversation, she can point out which actor she likes best, she'll be curious about people, really want to know the women around her, how to perform a difficult show, her gentleness, showing her confidence that everyone should be seen, not to enlarge themselves.

"Often, someone defines female tenderness as that kind of - whispering and squealing: How are you?" Have you eaten? What do you think? It's okay, you use it first? Oh, you're so cute, but, this is not the gentleness I think, Jessica Finch is called gentleness, your gentleness can be strong, can be decisive, can be firm, but you are gentle to people, without malice.

Give up space, have demands on yourself, but not too harsh; for others have expectations, but extremely respectful, this is the 2021 Xie Yingying, interpretation of the gentle: "gentleness can also know how to refuse, it should not be I want to help you deal with your lessons, that is actually your life exercises, I do not need to help you deal with, now I think, let you learn to grow, can also be my gentle to you."

Looking back, we can return all the above qualities to Xie Yingying at the moment.

When she is explaining how gentle and determined Jessica Finch is, she is also giving herself such a wish;

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In relationships, people really don't have the duality of good and bad

Looking back at Heaven on the Fourth Floor, Yingyi describes it as a play that understands people and explores relationships, which is complex and difficult to say, including the interaction of various lines of characters, and the social concern for the definition of relationships.

The director arranged for the characters to meet in the elevator of the hospital, in the push and take the teacher's god-intentioned "paradise" hall rub shoulders, the characters each mindful, in different stages of life, the plot is resonant, but are everyday, those seemingly silent and long pictures, really everywhere is you and me life.

There is a scene in the play, loveless Zhang Qi shouted at the bar bar, we really love, we really had, that kind of soul collision, really understand each other, we really have that thing. Stressing "real" several times is to remind yourself again: really, don't forget that we did have the kind of relationship I expected.

Regarding Zhang Qi, who refused marriage, and a relationship with Dr. Zhuang in the play, Xie Yingxuan interpreted it this way: "There is nothing right or wrong emotionally, " she said, referring to the different personalities of the world, the complexity of the relationship, the complexity of choice, and sometimes have to push back on human nature, push back on which parts of his life were hurt, why his resistance comes from, intimate relationships contain mother and daughter, father and son, partners, and even behind these relationships, more we can not see the relationship, But it's all connected, it's all one person after another.

As long as there are people, there is a relationship, will not be simple.

Ying added: "In fact, for me, Zhang Qi's role, describing a relationship after another, and her connection to other characters in the play, the presentation of different issues of the broken feeling." The sense of fragmentation is something that the character must present, people really do not have good, bad so binary, everyone has some problems behind them, the director, the screenwriter just throw those things on the table, invite everyone to calmly see a story, know a three-dimensional person, understand the world has a hundred states, I think this is the ultimate purpose of his script.

I think a fascinating person is - he's fallen a lot, so he understands that diversity is the thickness that people should have.

Actor Xie Yingying

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A three-dimensional person, frustration every day

Counting her deeply rooted persona in recent years, as well as her affinity and knowledge in the interview, have made her have a three-dimensional image both in front of and behind the screen. In the face of others, to construct their own appearance, to some extent rely on their own honesty.

In the interview, I asked about recent life, work, and setbacks? YingYi said, of course, the performance brought her frustration, even so far, there are still, "I feel setbacks at any time ah, if there is a visit I read today, will feel 'how to ask like this', obviously misread what I want to express in the role, I will feel frustrated, it is so simple." Word, live laughter, that laugh, but also because very real, the actor's frustration, also in the performance of the moment, is doomed to exist, so daily setbacks, that is like a shadow.

"It's also a fun part of drama, in the face of setbacks I feel that all the negative things, in fact, is to test how you deal with it, I am not a person who wants everyone's life full of positive energy, I am not, I am a hope that we face the negative people, blindly pursue positive things, in fact, extremely unhealthy." You make yourself feel good every day, happy, happy, and avoid frustration or pain, but that's not right or bad for me.

Xie Yingxuan understands that negativity exists, that it does not ignore things that can be ignored, that it exists where it should exist, and to some extent, that may be helpful to us, because you can find that, oh, the original character of their own there are these deficiencies, or in fact you care about things that are very different from others, through dealing with the reasons behind setbacks, that is to talk to themselves, and more understanding of their own process.

"The thickness of a man depends on these sorrows, and I think a fascinating person is -- he's fallen a lot, so he understands the thickness that he's supposed to have, so he understands others better, and it's easy to ignore them when he's young, so he always lives relatively binary, right?"

Yingying speaks with space, she doesn't say, alas, we were all binary when we were young; Keep a large space in words, you can have more flexibility, from here to go there, you can first understand how you think, understand that even if young, there are not binary time;

Over time, the more gray areas you see, the more wisdom you actually have, and that wisdom comes from the rolling, learning, and friction of life.

Actor Xie Yingying

If because of the role, and know Xie Yingying, at this moment we would like to invite you, with a completely transparent perspective, without any role filter, to know the moment Xie Yingying, because everyone's moment, this life is only a moment, the next in the woman's obsession, perhaps two years apart, then, will be completely different Xie Yingying.

Postscript to the interview

During the interview, I turned to the producer Wanyun and said, This interview table happens to be twenty, thirty, forty.

Yingying sips a little and says, "Really, you're a twenty-year-old forward." She looked into my eyes, there is a deep affirmation, I was finally able to head in this interview, relaxed the shoulder, feel the shadow and my distance, in this discourse between the drop and receive, become very close, look close, she in addition to very sincere, but also very careful to listen.

Unconsciously, I want to talk to her more: "I just mentioned that I was always very anxious at the age of twenty, want to rush forward the state is very emotional, that feeling is like, always imagine that they are going to fall behind others, why so many people walk in front of me, desperate to chase, but always feel not enough, clearly only 25 years old, but every day like 30 years old very close, clearly 5 years."

Anxious and urgent, I snapped out a large string, smile, put the body slightly forward, tend to me. Listen to people say that when someone talks to you and puts their body down on you, it means that the other person is approaching you, whether it's physical distance, or psychological distance, through this slightly forward-leaning action, close to you.

As I asked myself, I looked at her carefully and found that as I spoke, she would look at me, very directly, and whisper "hmm" and "Yes?" , "yes" response, communication between, she will stop for a few seconds, serious thinking, and then replied: "I feel that in my twenties, accumulated a lot, including I do not like the job is also." I would have thought so - I came out of a northern art, how can I still do this?

Speaking of the past, always feel that they are funny, she will smile generously out, on the past their own small sharpness and small innocence, cast affirmation and pity, seems to be very contradictory, in fact, not.

"After all, those who once thought that I was a little sorry for the things that didn't look too good, in retrosight, actually became the nutrients that helped me the most, so ah, you never know all the annoying things you're doing right now, what the future will bring you, right?" He said, and felt that he looked too old-fashioned, snuffed out his nose, and led the twenty or thirty laughs on the table.

After a little fixation, Yingying added: "But I tell you, it doesn't matter if you hate, hate it. "

yes, if it's okay to hate it now, it's annoying. After all, you never know, hate, will take you to where far away, you are right?