"Picking up the year has Cheng, the true anniversary" the fourth era lecture hall "entrepreneur dream" invited to "Green Vine Life" co-founder Zheng Hanrui Harris, with us to share his entrepreneurial ten years of heart course, let you want to start a business, or want to change the life style of you, with Harris's entrepreneurial heart to start a new life!

Harris invites you to work together to create what you believe in, always with a grateful heart, and gain more power for yourself through the article produced by entrepreneurial dreams, the fourth lecture hall, "The Entrepreneur's Dream." Because there is nothing wrong with admitting our ignorance, because admitting inadequacy and admitting mistakes can make us see more and hear more, and we gradually grow into a look we like.

Can't find the answer you like, create it yourself!

30 is like a watershed in life, and as we approach that number, we look back, look at the past, think about the future. So did Harris, who one day suddenly realized at the age of 29 that working in finance didn't seem like something he liked to do, and Harris began to ask himself: Who am I? What do I want?

Confused at the time, he saw his mother working on environmental issues, and although he earned a lot less than he did in the financial industry, he saw that his mother was happy because she believed that what she was doing was helpful to others and to the environment - so Harris gradually embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and wanted to do what he really wanted!

He summed up two things, but also the founder of green vine vitality, at the beginning of the start of the deep belief in two things:

  1. The power of business can make a positive difference to the world
  2. There is always a better way to treat yourself and the environment in which you live

Product as the core, in the sales process to convey the concept, as long as there is income, you can continue to do what you want to do, as long as you believe that their actions can bring about positive change, there is momentum to continue to do.

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Admitting ignorance is a relief

One of the first major products of green vines is "sprouts", small-scale planting feel no problem, but when the scale of expansion only found that they can not grow buds, and even a batch of buds died to show them, Buddha laughed at the ignorance of the three founders.

Three founders of financial background only found that they know excel, know the proposal, but how to grow vegetables, and even how to sell vegetables have no concept!

Harris frankly, so in fact, the initial stage of green vine sprouts is not smooth, and the entrepreneurial process, in fact, we do not know too much things - however, to admit their ignorance, is actually a relief, only to admit their ignorance, can continue to move forward.

Put down the body section admit that they do not know, find that they will not be the place, is to find that there is still a lot of room for growth. Green Vine is also because of this belief, in the face of any opportunity will not say "no", strive for every opportunity, generous try, create unlimited possibilities for themselves.

Admitting one's ignorance is in fact a relief, and only by admitting one's ignorance can we move on.

Green Ivy Life co-founder Zheng Hanrui Harris

Finding things that don't go as well as expected is the norm

After ten years, although the road stumbles, but in the process there are still many worthy of staying down to enjoy the scenery, and finally we will find: in fact, every section of the road is worth it.

Along the way, we will also find that there are many things that are not as expected, but we will also recognize that those that are not as expected are actually the norm.

Harris spoke in a warm tone of motivation, telling the students in good faith that everyone had a reason to exist, and that we must hold our own rubber bands to achieve ourselves and achieve what we want to look like.

And the ideal self is definitely not who we are now, it will be a little better than it is now, or farther than we think. Therefore, in the ideal between their own and now their own "space", is that we can play the place, but also the distance of growth - your persistence, will reflect the value, as long as we are willing to pursue, life will be meaningful!

Your persistence, will reflect the value, as long as we are willing to pursue, life will be meaningful!

Green Ivy Life co-founder Zheng Hanrui Harris

Here are some of the readers' live questions about Harris:

  • How do you develop a tacit understanding with your employees within your team?
  • How do you face the difference in ideas between employees and organizations?
  • How do you deal with team partners who don't fit in with you?
  • How to act as a middle-level supervisor to help change the passive division and encourage employees to actively engage?

If you want to know how Harris answered these questions, take to YouTube to watch the lecture video and ask you to think about the answers!