The Sixth Times Lecture Hall, "Humanities Thought Lecture Hall", invited Lin Wei Vivi, founder of Little Red Riding Hood, to share her life story, from the ills to the hardships of starting a business, to help us redefine ourselves and define our own "good"!

As the founder of "Little Red Riding Hood", lin Wei Vivi, now a writer and free-agent lecturer, after the host's warm opening, cheerfully she smiled and took over the microphone, young ground to this so many students, she did not see the slightest fear, talk, to everyone at the other end of the screen, sincerely share her life, and from the understanding of the truth - only you, can live out their own definition!

The two blows of the speech contest bring out the philosophy of life

Vivi says she first felt peer pressure when she was a junior. At that time, people around them were on the road to talent learning, and for the first time felt "feel different from others." At a young age, she knew her preferences and aspirations - she loved to write and talk, so she offered her parents the talent to learn to "talk", and although her parents said it was a "lesser way to go", little Vivi remained determined and began her speaking career.

After that Vivi took part in speech contests, big and small, and in the tenth year, vivi was dismayed to receive a "what you said sucks" response after a competition. Because for ten years she was willing to work hard for the "impromptu speech", it was not easy to get the opportunity to play, but received such feedback.

Has the battered Vivi been defeated? No, Vivi chose to retrain and do her best to do her best in every speech, finally having the opportunity to represent the county and city, and to finish third, which became a very precious memory for her.

But just after the difficulty, Vivi had another blow. She was once again given a "not bright enough" response, which had a bigger impact on a teenage girl.

Because the speech skills can be rehearsed the day after day, but the appearance is not she can change, depressed, she after a period of careful consideration, Vivi decided - choose not to accept such feedback! She chose to act faithfully to herself and continued to do what she liked.

Because Vivi understands that it's just you who knows best what you like and don't like, and it's just you who can live your own definition.

Only you, know best what you like and don't like, and only you can live out your definition.

Little Red Riding Hood founder Lin Wei Vivi

Do every little thing well and believe in your own possibilities

For the good of women, as the definition of "woman" has never been omnited, there are many orientations, many ways of explaining, different answers - "good" should not have only one definition.

There is a playful saying: "Accident and tomorrow, who will come first?" At the age of 17, the tumor fell on Vivi, an accident that came earlier than tomorrow.

Seeing no signs of being too ill, Vivi smiled warmly and shared what he would think from then on: What exactly is going on in life that he wants to tell us?

Having a disease also made her find that everything is urgent, and re-realized that she would not be omnipotent, but it would not be impossible. So she chose to do well, every day, every piece, can do a good job of small things, try to do the best they can.

Instead of thinking about things you're not good at and can't do, and ignoring what's great about yourself, try to make sure you're great - because you exist and you have influence.

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Here are some of the highlights from live readers:

  • "Continuous learning" anxiety is very strong, how to live with such emotions?
  • How to believe in yourself unshakably when you are doubted by the environment and life?
  • Is there economic pressure or obstruction when starting Little Red Riding Hood?

If you want to know how Vivi answered, you can tap the YouTube live link to watch the great lecture again!