Have you ever doubted what you've done in your career? Not sure about your interests or your ambitions? If you also have such a life question, invite you to come and see The view of Xiao Yuchen of Taiwan: "Interest, ambition, not already exists there, but you find it, through action, experience, feeling, can be further advanced."

Interview Xiao Yuchen that day, he came, pushed open the door of the recording studio, is a seamless chat, as if there is his space has magic, no first meeting of the raw, but with a lot of relaxed, circling topics, you can clearly see his people set - sincere inside, with the insistence on the things believed in, that insist on love, ideals, but also responsible.

At the beginning of the interview, it began with Xiao Yuchen teaching in Jingjing beauty, the words of the head of the real research group began - "The school will not fall without you." This sentence, for the first year of the workplace, with great ambition to step into the school Xiao Yuchen, can be said to be a head-on blow, the next thunderstorm, wet all the "think", changed his "think" education.

In 2011, 22-year-old Xiao Yuchen left Taiwan University, in the beautiful scenery to start a six-month internship career, the beginning of the young people's bones in a pool of blood, pick the lamp in the education department, followed by the head of the real research team together with large and small cases, from the system of education, breaking out, only to find that there is a larger world outside the school, and education, not only within the system.

More than entrepreneurs, look forward to themselves as "educators"!

In 2014, Xiao Yuchen, who was teaching at Taipei Revival High School, founded Taiwan with Zhang Jiajia, Lin Chen, Xie Zhenghao and others, and in an era when the YouTube world has yet to make a public noise, the first film, Animated Taiwan History, broke through millions of hits in a short period of time, bringing them considerable traffic.

Xiao Yuchen said that although Taiwan bar early on focused on the promotion of history, but in fact, the meaning of his personal life is not completely tied to history. The network, the media, animation as a medium, history is the material, and behind these contents, in fact, for social education greater expectations, he said: "History can probably be said to be my major, education is also." But relatively speaking, when I look at life, I put education a little ahead of me.

Compared with entrepreneurs, Xiao Yuchen's deeper recognition is that educators, no matter what medium, information transmission is the method, communication is the essence, and promote a person, a group of people, a country towards excellence, consensus, rely on education.

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Have you ever done the most annoying thing in your education?

Looking back on his 10-year career, Xiao Yuchen says he has done jobs he hates too much to do, for example, helping high school students produce problem books.

"Give the high school question bank ah, is the kind, let you never stop practicing to solve the problem, " he said, while swinging his hand, slightly embarrassed: "At that time, I spent half a year out of hundreds of questions, and do extremely unhappy, after all, the source of this matter is just I am embarrassed to refuse others."

Talking about the past, Yuchen always said that their memory is not so good, some things are only vague memories, but to some extent, these past anecdotes, or speaking, let you feel slightly embarrassed decisions, looking back can always see the meaning, even if the meaning is preset, that is part of the meaning.

"I can quickly grow up with teaching ability, word application, test concept, in fact, I have to thank this thing, after all, you do a question question how accurate, how to create a trap wrong answer, how you take the pinch to let the question dry itself, pass the right information and clues to the children, think if he understands the wrong, will be taken to where, these are the question bank brought to me."

Half a year and choice question pull, while repeatedly pondering the relationship between content and students' understanding, while perceiving the "test" as an indispensable part of the educational process, it is how to exert influence in the system of education, are ruminant and cumulative. Xiao Yuchen mentioned that why women fans, Taiwan bar Mingming are to a certain extent, play the role of knowledge transmission, information delivery, mass communication, but can only be called "media" rather than "education"?

"Because we have a wide range of practices, there is still no way to test the learning effectiveness of information recipients, education, involving the post-test part, so the nature of the test is important, of course, we do not want to do this through a duck-filling system, but the test results are inevitable and necessary, I think in the media side, more thinking about this matter is also helpful."

The ideal is not to look, but to create

"I want to be a teacher!"

The sentence seems to appear only in the ashes-level TV series "Spicy Fresh Master" in the first famous sentence, living is the high school Xiao Yuchen subtext, he said, early on determined to be not so tall, What is not a wake-up call, nor is it a life-long commitment to the sacrifice of education, but because the electric play more, comics see more, history is interesting, depends on the storyline, read, become willing to hook.

"Play from the beginning of high school has the goal of being a teacher, but definitely not put it in the position of life, just simply like, " YuChen said, high school once listened to history teacher to share, said he liked history, and this like eventually became his work, the interest into a career, but that is, daily teaching, the favorite things through the classroom extension, there is a sense of sharing, almost can be the ultimate interest combined with work.

"So, to pursue this goal at the beginning, it's just a simple love of history, a job, that's so low-level, there's nothing special about it." He laughed and said that the real let him see the essence of the pursuit, is the third year to participate in the summer tutoring in Sanzhi, that is the first time, step into the teaching scene, stand on the front line, face the students, feel the "teacher" two words, in fact, has its weight, only the first understanding of what education is all about, and education for the whole society towards excellence is what it means.

Determined ambition, it seems to be a transient thing, is actually a long journey. After two years of participating in service learning through teacher training courses, actually walking into the campus, followed by the first-line teachers to write lesson plans, planning courses, on stage to give a trial speech, Xiao Yuchen repeatedly stressed that all things are not suddenly awakened, are constantly receiving and ruminant process, Looking for zhiye sounds mysterious, but in fact, the devil hides in the details, those moments of the top of the pot does not exist, looking for their own want to stand in this society where, what identity, what kind of things, are through participation, action, feedback.

"I've always felt that interest, ambition, not being there, but finding it, through action, experience, feeling, can be advanced step by step, and interest is basically a process of creation."

Xiao Yuchen mentioned that he often felt that many people in thinking about interest, are too narrow, as if interest must exist somewhere, and we only need to open the clouds to find it, but the reality is that no one is born with any interest, must have action, participation, input.

"A lot of people ask me how I find interest, and I usually say, you don't set your goals that far in the first place, you feel like you have to find something in your life, and once you set a distant direction from the start, you're going to give up because it's so unrealistic," he said. Be sure to start with the micro-motivations in your life, feel around you, make you feel happier, act, experience new things, get some positive feedback and sweetness through these little perceptions, and then keep groping so that you can slowly create your own interests.

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Busy can be free, depends on you know that everything has a far-off

The first year of employment, can also be said to be the first year of accession to the WTO, what you see is full of surprise, surprise is all about learning. Xiao Yuchen said that Jing beauty in teaching for half a year, the impact to the deep, including the scene of education in person that kind of dangerous mandate, as well as for the previous teacher's hope of its back.

The first year of work, the heart is not short of all kinds of expectations, see is still poor, so go to the water poor place, always find something worth learning, that year in Jing beautiful woman in the Department of Education as the head of the actual research group, is xiao Yuchen's heart of the first person: "The Education Department is responsible for management." Teachers, is struggling to please the lack, at the same time have to undertake a lot of government cases, all night long is not surprising, but even so, I have never heard the group leader shout tired, and even full of smiles, his entire rendering out, is a state of ease.

Easy to walk on the rope, still can be elegant not to step on behalf of the name, it established Xiao Yuchen's heart for the state of work, "Seriously, until now, I have been telling myself, in the first pursuit of the state of work, is how to make themselves present a free feeling, this matter from my entry into the workplace, it was established."

Yes, we are very busy, a lot of things, most of the time anxious, and always in the completion of the rest, still require that they must have the ability to do everything properly;

Q. Are you in a good working state now? Yuchen smiled, deliberately coughed a few times, said he has been on the road to the easy way, but this year is much better than last year.

What are the opportunities for improvement? He replied: "I think there's a big basis for a state of ease, not by the volume of things, but by the clarity of what you want to achieve for each task, and when your confidence in what they can achieve is there, you become more and more available; on the contrary, when you feel that a lot of things are subject to others, uncontrollable factors, and lack of professionalism, it's hard to get close to your ideal state."

There is a big premise, you have a clear understanding of each task, respectively, to achieve what goals.

Taiwan Bar co-founder and CEO Xiao Yuchen

Whether the implementation of "ideals" and "actions" depends on "enthusiasm"

From the beginning of the 22-year-old, through a decade, through the system of education experience, entrepreneurial hardships, 32-year-old Xiao Yuchen, still retain the ideal of persistence. Ask yourself how to define yourself with three adjectives ten years ago and ten years later. He laughed and said that the subject was really difficult, and then went into detail about the situation of the newborns decades ago, referring to the "hot blood" must have been there, followed by the implementation of the "ideal" and "action" of the whole time.

Ten years later, ideals and actions are still there, but with the expansion of the company's size, responsibility, the face of the market, action and ideals in the decision-making between, there must be a considerable number of pragmatic levels of consideration, but in the end, that core idea is still stable there, can be very confident He said that there was no sign of flattening, but there was a substitution for "hot blood", saying: "Ten years from now, I will not say "hot blood", but I will say that I still have "passion", there is still a fundamental difference between the two."

No longer throwing the head of the blood of young maniacs, now in the face of action and ideals, Xiao Yuchen put down want to do on the right to do, more management and strategy prescriptions, however, for all the believe, still retain a warm heart, with some easy, continued to be curious about strange, novel things, that is his own note at this stage.

"I'm glad that the 32-year-old is now feeling less enthusiastic because of the reality, but I don't want to say that because of the reality, it's easier to stick to the ideal, it's easy to be interpreted as how much the ideal needs to be adhered to, how great, but I believe that in the last decade, there have been a lot of lucky reasons that I can do this, to say a little bit, I'm the boss, a lot of things I want to do, I can do it together, so I must have more freedom in the ideal concept."

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Positive people can also be suspicious of life at the same time

In an interview in 2018, Xiao Yuchen was asked if there was a character you wanted to be when you were promoting history and culture for so long. At the time, in a short interview, he blurted out, "I don't really want to be anyone in history, I don't want to be me."

Behind this sentence "don't want to be me", it seems that there is a long declaration, so we go back and ask, how can there be a person, in fact, do not want to be themselves? Xiao Yuchen smiled and said, this matter down, may not be 40 minutes can be resolved, you are sure to ask?

He slowed down, almost felt that at some point, he removed his coat as CEO and returned to the process of being who he was, he explained slowly, a question he had thought about thousands of times: "Actually, I don't really believe in people alive, in essence, what's the point."

"Set a word Max Weber said: What kind of creature is man? Man is a kind of creature that weaves a net of meaning and then sticks itself up, that is, maybe the world may be nihilistic, really meaningless, but people live to help themselves find meaning, help themselves to build a net called 'meaning', and then stick themselves up.

On the one hand, he clarified that he was not a nihilist, but a sceptic, so it was relatively difficult for him to believe in anything, any meaning, and the reason why he would "don't want to be anyone" said, because in this world of nothingness or doubt, any existence itself, is full of pain, especially when people are curious about the truth of the world, eager to break through, it must be hard work.

"So why don't I want to be anyone, because for me, it's probably all too hard, the loss of life is the ultimate pole for me, but of course, I won't actively seek to fade away, but since I know that I'm stuck in that net, I want to make sure that when I'm still glued to it, the net I'm after is a net that I can give meaning to, so that before I'm torn off, I'm willing to achieve what I believe and what I've created."

Xiao Yuchen body contrast is like this, you would not expect, a positive person for life, in the establishment of the pursuit and meaning behind, his motivation, not in the "believe that their own life exists" must have a meaning that already exists, he does not believe in the meaning of life, the existence of a priori;

This sense of relative conflict shapes the inertia of his speech, for example, always responding to all issues related to the world, to the profession, to life, to the individual, in the form of "I believe in the present stage" and "I can understand it at the moment".

"I am personally more wto-bound, and I believe in the world that already exists, and what the world looks like, and doubt predates my nature, but after doubt, what I am willing to act on for the time being is what I strongly believe now; of course, because of the scepticism, this thing I believe may change over time, and I am willing to accept it, change it, and then we will adjust and continue to work on it."

Contradictions themselves are full of rationality, such as nothingness and doubt, and there is no conflict with the nature of optimism, for example, positive life, but also can challenge existence and meaning, such as a forgetful entrepreneur, for example, because the nature of doubt retains the flexibility to be persuaded, so more fearless to stand their ground, and actively promote collision and communication.