Ten years on women's fans, do you think the same way as we do: in a limited period of life, what are we going to create together in the next decade?

Dear Women's Fan Creators and Friends of Supporting Women Fans,

Ten years on women's fans, do you think the same way as we do: What are we going to create together in the next decade?

Over the past decade, we have seen women and LGBTQIA's structural gender restrictions, rights dilemmas, the belief and intent that "action can change the status quo", and the idea of giving perspectives through content, mediating technology and actions, from graphic content to gender hackers, and the Global Forum on Women's Impact, to form communities that work together to push for change.

In the next decade, social discussion may become polarizing, trust is waning, women fans want to start from a macro perspective, to start the collective dilemma, through the twice-yearly large-scale questionnaire, see common experience, do not label the path to step on the opposite, to solve the thinking to discuss action, invite more organizations to respond. Micro to individual, see the individual's diversity, tell the story, pei force incentive, no longer afraid to live out the life of the multi-form.

In the next decade, we want to create an environment that "supports every reader's development of essential potential", encompassing not only gender orientation, but also race color, body shape, and different generations of age. It's not easy, but we believe that another decade can be done with communities of the same faith.

Why diversity and integration are important

Multi-integration culture, in fact, is not a new concept, women fans in the past all under the umbrella of multi-integration, and then in addition to continuing the gender initiative, more and more.

The history and law of human progress, in fact, try to deal with the possibility of human pluralism and integration. As a belief, multi-integration is to appreciate that each individual is different, so that the diverse individual in the family, organization, community, social environment, not because of its nature / identity fear, can develop themselves, help others. Then, the growth potential from the individual to the society will be really released, with positive effects and diffusion.

Taking women and sexual minorities as an example, it is basic not to be subject to legal restrictions and unequal treatment because of their status in the political participation, voting and working environment. In the next decade, we will be more active in creating an environment in which "all individuals can develop positively".

For example, a multi-integrated car design, not based on the body shape of a caucasian white male, taking into account the gender of different races, the seat belt and airbag design will protect more people and reach the purpose. For example, in a meeting environment, the moderator observes which participants are always overlooked or interrupted, actively inviting the other person to express their views, contributing to the process, and creating a space in which anyone can participate actively.

From gender initiatives to multi-integration, it is a phased relay that represents that our time is mature enough to accept greater change. Equality is the opportunity for everyone to sit at the table. Multi-integration, is the identity of people of different identities, not only sit at the table, there are different programs to create positive change, are welcome, can open dialogue, guide change.

What we've started and what we want to do together is the dragonfly

Over the past year, we have reconnected users and encouraged readers to share diverse experiences, such as the Multi-Integration Impact Survey for more than a thousand people, and the Orgasm Survey on Sexual Autonomy. We use playful psychological tests to design a lecture hall for different learning personalities, invite ten speakers from different fields/gender/age generations to create dialogue, and visually focus on vision, color corresponds to essential power, and promote critical brand recognition updates.

Among our creators, we received a wide range of suggestions to iterate on "Going Further": a clearer annual signing system, a fee award for all creations, a pair of questions, a backstage insight dashboard for the creator's personal expertise, and, marathonly, continuous weekly updates of community user pain point observations. All this is an invitation to go on the road, inviting creators and readers to practice the vision of diversity and integration together.

You might ask, what should we do with multi-integration? We continue to think, there are experiments also face mistakes, or current thinking constraints, to grow the mentality, renovate yesterday themselves. More want to share with creators and readers, to create a diverse and integrated ecosystem, can act together:

First, in the face of the social situation that we want to improve, replace prejudice labeling with solution thinking

We believe that change begins with the premise that the discourse space always aims to solve problems and open up dialogue.

In the face of want to improve the social situation, do not demonize the individual, do not pursue click with gossip mentality, understand the social causes, historical context, in a hurry to step on the position, pause to think, what is the ideal state, the solution and action can be what, invite readers to think together, solve, action.

Pluralism is our understanding of the existence of various phenomena and voices in society, including hate discrimination, fake news, fear-mongering, violent speech, emotional extortion, and so on. But to make pluralism possible, for the above-mentioned speech pattern, and unreasonable or give the same medium, expand the platform.

The real world is not a clean disecond, with all intentions, but in any case the dignity of the human rights of individuals and groups is guaranteed and is not threatened by race, sex, sexual orientation, age, body shape, etc.

There are limits to pluralism, and not all hurtful speech and behaviour can be tolerated, which is why democracies such as Germany have legislation to regulate hate speech. Diversity and freedom have boundaries and difficulties, women are obsessed with content or creators, give readers the same self and transpositional thinking, have the courage to change their own growth, and then create positive impact of the content.

Continuously challenge stereotypes, as subtle as literal rhetoric, to provide diverse paradigm imaginations

Unconscious bias has always existed, and in an environment of continuous progress, we look back and may wonder how we might have thought so a few years ago. No one is a saint, and the renovation environment often begins with the renovation of oneself, and every day can change and evolve.

We want to continue to challenge unconscious bias, stereotypes, and gradually achieve proposals for action, so that readers can subtly "how I can actually think, how to act", by our creation, began to drive.

For example, the subtlety of avoiding preset gender roles and adopting gender-neutral generic words may seem small, but there is still a need for continuous communication. Apart from the necessary descriptions of real events, "partners", "partners" and "partners" can be replaced by "friends", "men" and "women". This is the idea that extends to the production design of all women's obsessed physical products. Original content, more continuously invite creators to give diverse examples at home and abroad, inspiring readers to "can now start the change action" what.

Our vision and hope is to let readers of all backgrounds know that "they are also the object of dialogue, companionship, and strength in this content".

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Increase content trust and provide a diverse embrace of solutions or explanations

Women fans as intermediary trust role, through the platform spread of content, have influence, together stimulate the reader's thinking, content credibility of self-demand, but also continue to improve.

We also understand that theory or data have their limitations, research was born with social space-time context, sometimes can not include collective experience, avoid arbitrary full name, do not say "a certain ethnic group think/act like this", as far as possible from a multi-user perspective, thinking about how readers of different identities receive, leaving room for the possibility of multiple existence.

Some people will think, such writing and creation, ah, to consider so much. yes, it's really challenging, but we've found from history that the creation of "community diversity" often has a longer impact than the author's. In contrast, some works, even if they are popular at the moment, are re-examined and discussed in the process of social progress if there is no consideration of diversity and integration. The masses can always find more good content for the integration of yuan.

Human nature is complex, human behavior and its works, not necessarily exactly consistent, but with the progress of consciousness, when more wonderful creators appear, the next decade, women fans will stage and eyeballs, on the work of excellence also encourage diverse creation.

Women fans are renovating and growing up with the community

To do these things well requires conscious and continuous effort, communication, and mutual motivation. We have always believed that connecting communities and industrial organizations can create a plural environment of plural integration. Combined with the diversity of creators, so that the mission can be expanded by the content. Such a society will be closer to our common vision.

Dare to make a wish, only then can it be achieved. Pushing for a better next taiwan decade, together to create a lighthouse of diversity and integration in Asia, would you like to close your eyes and imagine the possibility of arrival?

Every word, every discussion, every action, like a butterfly flapping its wings, when the conditions are in place, form a change wind, so that individuals with different backgrounds, inspired by each other, fearless to live the most abundant appearance of the essence of life.

In the next decade, we will embark on a journey together to practice the vision of diversity and integration, don't you think?