Avoid the embarrassment of being faced with a whole big cake, and the cupcake is your most exquisite, lightest choice!

There are a lot of delicious confections in the world, but it's like a cupcake that's so much like a star ring.If you look at the mind's recipes, you can find a whole recipes specially made for a cup cake and a special competition for the cupcake. Of course, every country in the world has a special shop for the cupcakes, and there are exclusive "fan nets" that love cupcakes.

Cup-Cake starts in the 19th world because many of the advantages of the cake are much more important than the cake.Even women who lose weight are willing to eat a piece of cake. Instead of eating a slice of a beautiful cake, who doesn't want to eat a whole little cake that is entirely of their own?

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Because the look is similar, some people are curious about the cupcakes?What difference does it make to muffin?In practice, the cupcakes are a small piece of cake. They are decorated with sugar, and they can eat a cold cup cake and enjoy the icing of the ice cream, which is cold, and the flavor of the flavor is thick.

If the horses are represented by the horses, they represent enjoyment and happiness.Babysower eats the cupcakes, and some people eat cupcakes, and friends gather to eat cupcakes. As long as people's emotions need to be put into place, it is a good occasion for the cupcakes to appear.The cupcake was also a social limeler, and Hollywood's female star, such as Katie Holmes, once brought 200 cups of cupcakes to the crew, and then opened the river for female stars to curry favor with the staff to give the cup the cup.The source of the
cup cake " is known to be simply related to its simple production.The first thing to say is that the cup cake was made in the cup, so it was named.Another argument is that it is called a cup cake because the principle is used as a measure of the cup.The legendary old practice is a cup of butter, a cup of milk, two cups of sugar, three cups of bread, four eggs, and a spoonful of powder.Of course, there are thousands of cups, and the center of gravity is the decoration of sugar flowers.
Although people love cupcakes for a long time, they have a place in the Snack Cupcake cup at the Sprinkle Cupcake cup in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, America, and the frequent occurrences of "The Magnolia Bakery" in New York, the first woman of the US television studio, Gossip Girl, once again lifted the cup's favorite.(Extended reading: [Runaway Recipe] Belarus Cake: For you is not required, I am willing )

If you have a friend who suffers from setbacks, or emotionally disturbed, you might as well send a box of cups of sugar, which has a certain degree of healing, both in mouth feel and in appearance.

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