Have you ever thought about setting three ten-year goals for your life? Women fans are invited to share fascinating recipes for their unique stories in an exclusive interview with influential people from different fields. Unilever Managing Director Joy He Yingde, Taiwan's first publicly available general manager of a large multinational company, has faced the challenges of life and career with a crouching, long and positive attitude, and sees from his story that when you have an unshakable determination, all the way to danger will be turned into a blessing.

"In fact, living older you will understand that many things in life are not something you can control. How do you look at this uncontrollable face? Think of each challenge as learning? I think it's important.

At the other end of the screen is Joy Ho Yingde, managing director of Unilever, which is full of sincere heat, and we have seen it once before, relaxing and brightening up instantly in any space, virtual or physical, with him. Ten-year-old interview planning, from the three decades of career back, Joy began to laugh and share, "When I was a child, the dream is to look forward to being the general manager of a foreign company."

Clear dream of the benchmark, from the life of the first Role Model pro aunt, Joy witness aunt by personal determination and resilience, in the rare overseas, less women in the workplace, become the top multinational talent, only to enhance the family situation and vision. Joy looked at the wish, and he was going to have so much power in himself.

At the age of 37, Joy realized his childhood dream and went through a variety of level challenges along the way, and today he holds a mug in his hand and shares with us how he has acquired treasure from the faintest parts of his life, broken through, and preferred his charming formula.

For the first decade, don't think too much about it, try to practice your muscles extensively

Joy started working early on, "I went to work when everyone was preparing for the senior year, and before the university could choose a department, I had to know what I liked and didn't like." In his third summer vacation, he got his first job: promoting for foreign wine merchants, standing in supermarkets and vehicle display centers. Four years in college, I didn't stop working, "sending magazines, tutors, banks, trying everything."

"I want to get into the workplace as early as possible and try everything. You don't fit in, you don't know if you're going to try. Before graduation, he has received two foreign companies formal offer, one foreign bank, the other is closer to life products, he in the early attempt to understand his interest in daily necessities, interpersonal communication, according to the choice of industrial path.

"Don't think too much about work at first, look at work in a mindset that trains muscle strength." Joy says he is a good waiter, not in a hurry to grow, he gave himself "three decades, three stages of goals."

In the first decade, Joy gave three key words, "squatting, longer than gas, positive learning", not to pick the fruits of the unripe.

"In my first decade, there were many opportunities for direct promotion, but I chose horizontal development, cross-departmental rotation of positions, seeking broad, comprehensive understanding, after all, you are not competing with others, is to compete with themselves, to ask themselves, want to have the ability and knowledge to get?" This question is more important to think about, helping Joy to have a more holistic career landscape and care.

The second decade requires deep, deep work in the field of expertise, finding your own USP (Unique Selling Point), building leadership, and creating value and track-record in every collaboration.

The third decade of the career, has been closer to the dream of work, at this time the challenges are in the advanced level to hone personality and heart. You have more influence and can think more deeply about how to make a difference.

Looking back three decades, he says the most important thing is determination. "When you think about where you're going, what you're creating, your mission, and your values, no one can shake you toward goals that seem far, far away." Everything that happens along the way is a blessing, a gift.

Common formulas of success: going abroad, MBA, not necessarily the only way

After joining Unilever, Joy shared her first difficult choice in her career: "The formula for success was going abroad for an MBA, and I always wanted to one day be able to go out of Taiwan and see the world." Leaving to take root in the heart, another job opportunity to send out to find the door, Joy is very emotional, all friends advised him to leave, but he vaguely felt that the heart is not safe enough.

"Then I have a few beliefs: First, I agree with Unilever, and I think there are many places to learn and grow; second, I think that I made a choice not to regret, into Baoshan, can not go back empty-handed, the treasure got no, I know best, no one knows their desires and feelings better than you." Joy says he finally chose to follow his heart, stay at Unilever and continue to dig.

Made a choice not regret, into Baoshan, can not go back empty-handed, treasure got no, in fact, they are the clearest.

Unilever managing director Joy Ho

Because at that time determined to stay, Joy did not get the dream of living abroad opportunities, but he tried to calm down and wait, but also prepare himself, did not expect the desired life experience, turn a corner, in a different form to her life.

"Later, I was given the opportunity to follow the top executives of the Asia Pacific operations department and run across the Asian region, and that work experience opened up my horizons and heights more than just sending a country. If I could say a word to myself at the time, I would say Well done. If I hadn't made that hard choice, I wouldn't have been who I am now.

After that, Joy is more confident in his choices and can patiently wait for the effects of the choices, "when things don't happen as we think they are, don't complain or complain easily, put yourself in the victim mentality, and when you can't accept that there might be a better way to do it, you'll get stuck at that point." But if you can look up the perspective, to learn the mentality, to look at the results, you will understand that everything has its reasons for occurrence, and the subject we want to learn.

"More importantly, love what you choose and do your best to be right. Be confident in your choices, be positive about it, and then face the negative things, and you know it's about exercising your patience. Over time, you can continue to return to a neutral state: these things come into your life, can let you humble learning, open feelings and experiences.

Photo| Unilever

Don't pretend to be strong, the real leadership is "where weak, where strong"

Joy became a foreign general manager at the age of 37, a rare time when "I couldn't know everything, I had to listen and work with people to achieve my goals." I'm really not afraid to let everyone know that I can't or don't understand, but the more so, the more you can get help. He shares, as the Bible says, where weakness is, where it is strong. As you become more humble and soft, the less likely you are to be broken, and the less you need to be "strong", the more open you are, the more you can combine the power of all.

How does it sound so smooth natural ah, ask Joy's frustration experience, Joy laughs, every day ah, "Every time I see a crisis, I feel that the opportunity has come again!" I'm going to learn a lot again! In the face of setbacks, I will think, this is to test, practice my character or virtue? Embrace challenges with a learning attitude, live side by side with the characterization and frustration of practicing virtue, and for Joy - what you can do, do what you can, what you can't do, you see what you can learn from it.

This optimistic and positive, with their own attitude to flip the personality of the machine, by Joy from a young age, as a model of life aunt influence, "my aunt (now about 76 years old), she is a village children, not rely on the background, with their own efforts to enter a bank work, a few years later to get the opportunity to send out to Hong Kong, and finally the family immigrated to the United States, but also become the general manager of foreign banks." I see from her that her journey in life has inspired me - as long as you work hard, life is infinitely possible.

Joy's aunt as the traditional society at that time, flipping their own destiny of the woman, and the meaning behind this is like a ripple, not only changed the life and family of aunt, influence in unexpected role, decades later Joy became Unilever Managing Director, she with her existing influence, and strive to create a more diverse and inclusive, embrace each unique individual's business and society.

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Unilever Managing Director Joy's career growth gold sentence series

When you think about where you're going, your mission, the value you want to create, no one can shake you toward seemingly distant goals.

Unilever managing director Joy Ho

Make a decision not to regret, into Baoshan, never empty-handed back.

Unilever managing director Joy Ho

You are not competing with others, is to compete with themselves, to ask yourself, want to have the ability and knowledge to get?

Unilever managing director Joy Ho

With the mentality of learning, to look at the results, you will understand that everything has its reasons for occurrence, and the subject we want to learn.

Unilever managing director Joy Ho

Be confident in your choices, be positive about it, and then be negative, and you know it's about building your patience.

Unilever managing director Joy Ho

When things don't go as expected, don't complain easily, don't get caught up in the victimization mentality, when you can't accept that there might be a better way to do it, it gets stuck at that point.

Unilever managing director Joy Ho