Think about a situation: One way to ask him to take care of the Baby , but when it finally enters the shower, the more you want it, the more aggressive it is, because he is really too much!Ninety percent of the domestic affairs are all responsible. Besides, they have to take care of the children and work, and they have hardly asked him to help!

So when the bath comes out, the eyes are flushed and flushed.Then, they snatted the baby from his hand and said, "I want to go back to my mother's house!""If he doesn't want to come out, I won't tell him," he said." "

While the cry of her mother may be somewhat easing, it only makes it possible to regret, when restoring reason, that it was so impulsive that it had acted in the first place.

When their patience has reached the critical point, you might want to try three ways to change love, to salvage feelings , or to incubate a nest egg

"preserved egg for love"?

Remain eggs is an egg deliberately left by a farmer in the nest, in order to lure the hen to continue with the egg.In order for your relationship to go on, what we need is a nest egg -- not the one that pays for it -- it's probably a good idea, but the kind of love in exchange, probably when he's in a bad, lazy, angry, angry, and so on, and what we need.

The hideout of love is actually a list of all the time that all of us think he's great, and that this list can be added anywhere, anytime, when he is very thoughtful, very cute, or just as much as he loves him.This must be carefully stored in the wardrobe, so that he is a good man. He is the person who makes you smile, and the person who loves it (not to mention the person who wants to have a baby).

See?It has already been laughed.

So spend some time getting a hideout, and take it out when it's in trouble. In love, most importantly, attitudes , efforts in this regard will definitely make this relationship more inclusive and understood.

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