Eileen Ueng, who started her own business at the age of 26, admits that she loved challenges from an early age and that her post-graduation job was different from her previous studies, perhaps because of the diversity of experiences that made her understand every bad job and had a hidden turnaround.

If you've ever seen the movie "Love Summer 500," you'll remember the sweet smile of the heroine Summer and the hoops on her head, and if you've seen the album "Gossip Girl," you'll remember the two main women, Serena, Bryor's scuffle, and Bryor's head hoops.

When a product is repeatedly appeared in front of a fluorescent screen, it is not as simple as the industry, it represents the brand's quality assurance, and the popularity of the market.

The movie heroine's hair accessories brand is called L.ERICKSON, and in 2014 a Taiwanese girl flew across the Pacific Ocean and across the North American continent to Seattle, the brand's headquarters, where Eileen Ueng, 26, took to the stage in a conference room to make a proposal in front of corporate bosses, hoping to bring the brand back to Taiwan to share her vision and her choices with Taiwanese consumers.

Because of her efforts over the years, at the Eastern Olympics in August this year, we were able to see the Goddesses of the Chinese team playing with L. ERICKSON's hair ring, not afraid to mess up in the competitive competition, so that they can fully play their strength to set a new personal record. The beauty and practicality of the hair circles were examined under the eyes of the Taiwanese audience, and the national players proved themselves with strength.

Women's fans have been able to tap into Eileen's entrepreneurial life through GWIS activities. This time through an interview, with words to convey to you her business before and after the story, including the initial choice of confusion, the courage to challenge the unknown, the difficulties of the management team, the continuation of the fruits of the harvest, she showed us vulnerability and confusion, but also show perseverance and courage.

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First of all, we take the year of the agency brand as the cut point, which is 7 years ago

Start a business, get ready, and go all out

How to find the right topic for your own business is often the first important issue facing entrepreneurs, and the first question we ask Eileen is why the L. ERICKSON brand was chosen when deciding to start a business.

Eileen also generously shared, "When I first looked at the Taiwan retail market, we found that there was a clear gap in this part of the hairdressing market."

"Before we entered, there were top luxury product options on the market, such as Alexandre de Paris, and daily options from the general public, such as chain makeup stores. The prices at both ends are very polar, lack diversity, and there is no choice for middle consumers. The hairdressing industry is booming in Taiwan, but women's demand for hair styling cannot be properly met, which is what attracted me to investigate foreign hair brands.

And for a number of reasons, she chose L. ERICKSON. Eileen further delicate sharing, "one of the main reasons is that its product line is complete, and the price bandwidth is wide, there is a good start to the elastic hair ring, practical basic hair hoops, grips, but also popular with a strong choice of hair accessories, very much in line with the brand positioning we are looking for."

Just as we choose what job and partner, "choice" represents a sacrifice of cost, so the first step is always to observe, feel, and carefully select the target.

The next step after the choice is "action", and Eileen's entrepreneurial story, relished by the newborn, she took the mood of "no good to lose anyway", flew to Seattle L. ERICKSON head office to make a proposal. Sounds bold, but thoughtful, and it's curious how Eileen develops her entrepreneurial thinking and ability to run a business while studying and working.

Eileen says it's about her personality, and she really likes to challenge things she hasn't done before.

"For example, I never practiced track and field before I joined the track and field team in high school; I didn't formally study costume design before college decided to study costume design; and after graduation, I didn't study journalism or public relations, but my first job was in a public relations company!" Perhaps it is such a diverse experience, let me in the face of the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, still be able to maintain an optimistic attitude, rational analysis of the immediate challenges, and let go to implement. Because whether it's success or failure, there's a full harvest.

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When you enter the market, it is important to develop acumen

In a market where consumer preferences are rapidly changing, there is fierce competition for a variety of marketing techniques, Eileen notes. "No matter what kind of product market, it's important to develop acumen on the basis of looking more and understanding more about trends and changes in the market."

"After developing the habit of observation, then collect the information you absorb in a systematic way. As the days go by, steps accumulate, and slowly these things will internalize into your nutrients and develop a taste that is yours. On this path to familiarity with the market, you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses, learn from the strengths of others, or extend more different imaginations, and then develop your own market strategy.

Whether it is self-employed as a boss, or when other employees, there will be career failure, gain and loss of heart, pressure such as mountain time, work for many years, and even their own boss, shouldering the operation of a company Eileen, in the face of setbacks, she believes that there must be a cause, every unhappy moment, are hidden turnaround.

"I'm an optimist and I think there's a reason everything happens, and there's a turnaround. Now we have a bad or failure, and after 5 or 10 years, you may thank you for it because it makes you who you are now.

"The dimension of time brings about a lot of change, and good or bad is a process," eileen says. Instead of clinging to the difficulties or difficulties of the moment, it is better to focus on thinking about how to go next, with the momentum to continue to move forward, in order to usher in new possibilities and flight.

Eileen embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, with the brand L. ERICKSON in the internationally renowned good quality, gradually into the hearts of Taiwanese consumers. In the future, if you revisit the "Friends Sleep," "Scream Queens," "Love Summer 500", "The Lace God" and other movies or albums, and then see the heroines' hair ornaments, tied hair rings, perhaps you will also think of this entrepreneurial story, with the momentum to move forward.

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Interview: I am a full-time entrepreneur and a mother

Eileen, a mother, feels that many of her female friends are still generally worried about the impact of having children on their careers, because not all workplace environments support women's work-child care.

"We are committed to creating a more women-friendly work environment without worrying that getting married and having children will disrupt your career. As companies become more capable in the future, they also want to provide more relevant benefits and flexibility within the company, so that women who want to balance career and family need more protection as the company grows.

She also mentions that it is difficult to strike a balance between family and career, especially with children, and that there is a lot of friction between partners, after all, caring for children is a 24-hour job without stopping.

"For me, the balance is dynamic, it can't be generalized, and I have to adjust myself and my family as my children, lives, or work change, constantly to keep myself and my family in a better position," Eileen shared. She also wants to take the opportunity to share her approach to dynamic balance:

1. Seek help:

Don't be an omnipotent mother and seek help at the right time, because it's also important to take care of yourself and other roles in your life. Partners, elders, institutions, mothers-in-law as long as they can meet your needs, are good choices, there is no need to adhere to the hands-on.

2. Adequate communication:

Don't let your other half guess what you think, which can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. In the face of problems, bravely speak out their own needs, share each other's ideas, in order to really solve the problem.

Encourage each other:

Always remind yourself to encourage each other instead of complaining to each other, but in fact, with a simple sentence: "You're doing well" or "You're hard", the energy that these encouragements bring will be greater than you think.