Assistant Professor Ge Has spared no effort to promote blockchain and NFT knowledge in Taiwan, so what will the "multi-integration x technology development" look like in Dr. Bao's mind?

The speed of scientific and technological progress, perhaps this generation of us, will once again witness the birth of singularity. Ten years from now life may be very different, perhaps we will feel uncomfortable, or even confused, but if we look back from the future, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it now, that is, concerned about the development trend of science and technology, do not be afraid to draw their own limits because of the different learnings of the past.

With the opportunity of GWIS, the annual event for women fans, we invited an expert in the promotion of blockchain and NFT knowledge in Taiwan, Assistant Professor Ge Ruxuan, known as "Dr. Bao".

Dr. Bao graduated from the Taiwan University of Technology and Engineering Institute, becoming the first graduate of Singularity University in Taiwan from Google's joint venture with NASA, and currently serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Interactive Design at Peking University.

In recent years actively engaged in blockchain, NFT (non-homogenized tokens) observation and research, but also personally involved in many VR, AR and other metaverse world creation. Dr. Bao once described NFT's current more common application in art as a virtual "memorial coin" tied to the authenticity certification of works of art. In addition, he brings more knowledge about blockchain and NFT to Chinese world audience by continuing to run Podcast, "Bob Friends Says."

Photo | Provided by Ge Rujun. Photo | Yanwen Fang

Podcast "Bob Friends Said", the content has been recorded more than 100 episodes, people can not help but admire to be able to "share" enthusiasm to start, maintain such a long time channel operation, really see Dr. Bao's persistence and perseverance.

However, Dr. Bao revealed in EP99 that although he had extensive interests, he could not sustain them for long, that his attention was always flowing between different fields, and that he had tried to cultivate a fixed interest through precise actions, but had also failed.

People often say, "If you're not in love with someone, it's because that person hasn't shown up yet." In Dr. Ebao's case, it wasn't until the technological development of blockchain that he really found interest in his long-term research.

However, being passionate about things is only the first step, and sustainability is the key to success. In the face of the "continuation problem", Dr. Bao shared a sentence from Yang Dechang's famous 2000 film "One By One", in which the little boy said goodbye to his grandmother, and had a deep influence on him:

I'm going to tell people what they don't know and show them what they can't see.

The movie One One

"Before this sentence, all I knew was that I was happy to understand, explore and preach what we should know but didn't know, but I felt very painful about it, I felt like I was spending a lot of time, and most of the profits were from others, and I was mostly not good at all."

"Later I came to understand that the purpose of life is sometimes not "profit" but "benefit", if the sharing of knowledge can make oneself happy, it is also considered "benefit", and sometimes even quite "proud"! Then why not? Dr. Bao is more able to enjoy the joy of knowledge sharing.

He also believes that blockchain, the advent of the meta-universe era, for people like the movie "One By one" yang willing to help others, gave a very rich return. I also think I'm lucky and hope to have more people like Yangyang in the future.

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"The more the age of technology, the more like a human being you have to live." He described his recent fondness for the word "feelings", "because of the feelings, let me know and then bury my head into the blockchain world; because of feelings, let me continue to promote new knowledge of science and technology and enjoy it."

Before the 2021 GWIS Panel talk, we'll use text interviews instead of readers asking them about topics of interest, giving women-obsessed users a glimpse into blockchain, the NFT world - the connection between technology and us.

Photo | Provided by Ge Rujun. Photo | Yanwen Fang

It may not be technology that hurts people, but human nature

The vision of women fans is to create a diverse and integrated environment to help more people become true to themselves without fear, and we would like to know what Dr. Bao's "multi-integration x technology development" would look like.

Dr. Bao's answer is also like the meta-concept rendering of the meta of the meta universe: "If one day, when the word "multi-integration" no longer appears in social dialogue, and people's lives have become accustomed to, there is no way to imagine what "no multi-integration" is like, that is, the era of true pluralism and integration."

But will times like that accelerate with advances in technology? In response, the recent emergence of deep fake social cases in Taiwan is a looming concern.

Dr. Bao predicted in 2019 that technologies such as DeepFake would cause social problems, so is there a similar potential danger in blockchain and NFT?

For this question, Dr. Bao believes that no matter what kind of technology, its properties are neutral, it is self-made, it is organic, but it is not intelligent; It is precisely because humans have wisdom that they make "control" and "choice". Humans need to learn multi-integration, in the operation of tools, but also with the attitude of multi-integration iterative technology use. Podcast's "Bob Friends Say" profile mentions that "technology comes from human nature and reflects human nature", and that it may be more about people than technology, but about human nature.

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Photo | Provided by Ge Rujun. Photo | Yanwen Fang

At the same time, we also saw through technology the possibilities of the virtual world.

This year virtual goods boomed, and the NFT market combined the creations of artists of all kinds, and in addition to innovative creative designs, there was no shortage of LGBTQ discussions or works of art with the theme of gender-fluid Queer.

Dr. Bao shares his observations with us, such as an electro-acoustic DJ named "XEDRA", one of the first composers to release NFT music. He was originally troubled by his gender identity and even nicknamed his account "zp1it", a symbol of "splitting" and hinting at a divisive self. However, he later found recognition in the creative world of blockchain and replaced his title with "she/they",and was moved to tears by the recognition of the work within ppleasr.

"In the virtual world, for example, XEDRA can find its true self."

For his part, Dr. Bao hopes that the metacosm could be the beginning of the multi-gender era, just like multi-nation. In the past, the nation could not be more true, now Bitcoin circles themselves as a country, and can continue to jump between the various "national/currency/circle", the future "gender" will be, he has more in-depth discussion in this article.

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Before the next tech singularity, we can start with a dragonfly

With the idea of multi-integration, how to develop, design, and use scientific and technological tools, so it is very important. "If we imagine today that the right way to touch the image with a blind person, one day we can lead a clear path?" To keep the door, you must first bring people to the door, before the meaning of the door, to lead the way, but also to let people know that there is a door ahead, before the significance of the lead, the two complement each other.

Dr. Bao, who gave the scientific allusion, "As with the first virtual reality glasses invented by Dr. Ivan Sutherland in 1969, he named it the Sword of Damocles, a sword that gave the king seemingly powerful, hung on top of the throne, showing the power of the emperor, but actually making the emperor feel like a needle, fighting like thin ice."

"The arrival of the singularity of science and technology, whether it is the bloom of freedom or the end of the day, only to guide passers-by, walkers and gatekeepers is enough, if everyone is blind to all, then the world will be as the "three bodies" author Liu Cixin said: human society to roll inside, so that the metacosm, into a circle of silence, become the end of human society, it is not surprising."

What the world will look like in the future requires human society to throw out more diverse and integrated discussions and thinking faster, and the responsibility goes back to each of us, starting today with a little more understanding and a little more discussion about these technological trends.