In recent years, have you noticed that the two chambers have made quite a lot of changes? From the time-consuming and laborious ticketing system to the re-training, the library system to open to the whole people, to create a thoughtful integration of the field, and that led the team forward, it is the two halls of art director Liu Yiyi.

Early in the morning, Director Yiyi gently pushed open the door of the studio and said good morning with us.

Her dress feels particularly intimate, a never-ending denim jacket, seemingly casual but full of youthful vitality, dark fold skirt, elegant plaid scarf, as if a stroll in the campus of the cordial teacher, into the door, she playfully with both hands off the white shoes without any stains, notice that her shoes shine bright, and white shoes can maintain white, it must take time to take care of, let me feel her delicate.

We took her around the recording environment, while introducing the recording equipment, while chatting process, Yi Yi like a good student, curiously asked Podcast and broadcasting differences? Her learned appearance, let us can't help laughing, listen to her voice, voice into the ear, tone of soft, unconsciously want to listen to her more stories.

I am not particularly outstanding, I am "busy, dazed, blind" through the first decade of my career

This year the woman lost a decade, we are also curious about the development of Yi Yi's career, if you want to use three key words to describe the first decade, how does she think of herself?

She laughs that she is no different from others, foreign language graduates, she has too much desire for communication, after graduation chose to fly to the United States to obtain a master's degree in mass communication, when it happened to meet Taiwan's severe period, I believe the media will have a very good scene, I do not know how to turn back to Taiwan, even holding a bright diploma, frequent investment resume but can not get a good echo.

She gave the job ten years of three key words, actually is our unexpected answer. She laughed and said she was too "busy, dazed" and even "blind."

As a freshman first entered the workplace, the work content is Baoshan Baohai, every day busy dizzy, and then turned to the public relations industry, but also day and night overtime. The busy, sugar-coated one was at a loss. At that time, she frequently changed jobs, but the essence of not much change, all day long just want to change, do not know where the direction of life, both busy, but also at a loss.

"At that time really care too much about what others think of themselves, can not let go, can not let go of their own, perhaps that decade I have been in this state of confusion, even more than a decade may not be possible?" She looked back into her recollections, then took a small deep breath and squeezed out the words.

When our self-assessment system has to rely on what the outside world thinks of us, it's hard to ask what we really want. It's hard to live happily at work by too much of a pursuit of recognition of your performance.

Yi Yi decided to think about it at that time, rather than the hard pursuit of external applause and recognition, it is better to relax a little, with the flow.

She believes that everything has its cumulative and meaningful meaning, and the key to the transformation is not to look for it deliberately.

Yi Said, "People find where their career break is, but it is very hard to walk along the road, do not know where the answer is, but for a moment, the heart of the heart out of "give up their own!" sound. If the situation is going to take me to an unknown place, go there decisively!

Determined to follow the flow, began to look at the past with a clear mind, the present self became clearer, she felt as if she had realized what the truth, and then said: "The inner murmurs become less, anxiety slows down, life has the right spare time to breathe, you can slow down to see where to go next."

Deciding to leave both chambers is the best decision and the hardest one

After serving in two chambers for a full six years, Yi Yi knew that she had no intention of facing the job.

Every day get up full of pain to work, just drive to have the impulse to return home, wearing the deputy director's brilliant leather bag, circling the magnificent temple, gorgeous title let her reluctant to put down, for the thirty-eight-year-old she, people asked her what is not satisfied? How many people admire this achievement?

Day and night, the heart of heaven and man fighting, ten years ago at a loss, as if again.

She did not know what she pursued along the way, alone in this dazed struggle, fortunately this dazed did not accompany her to go around for too long, the heavens and the earth, the two halls were met with huge personnel changes, so that she did not have to make a choice can also come up with courage to leave, "God help me, fate helped me to make the best decision."

Leaving the temple, the horizon finally moved towards the open, half-pushed and half-ground jumped out of the comfort circle, because this opportunity to take on the "Northern Arts style and culture into a center" challenge, she began to help train artists to become entrepreneurs, the scope of need to change widely, this turning point let her realize "the original good work team, what would it look like?"

A whirlwind career change, for Yi Yi, seems to open a new interpretation of the work of the door.

We then asked, if you can go back in time, what do you want to say to yourself?
She smiled and said she would surely persuade herself, "Don't hesitate, don't struggle, put it down."

At that time, Yi Yi did not know whether to continue to stay in the two halls, if they stay in a daze, will not be able to do what they want to do? The only certainty is that she knows that she will be disconnected from the world, seemingly gorgeous things, not necessarily the best, it is better to put it down completely!

Once I cared about myself to stand tall, then experience let me know that all things to be able to produce real influence and meaning, is to be done by a group of people.

Liu Yiyi, artistic director of the two halls

No one can truly save the world independently

Yi Yi explores the social atmosphere of the past, over-emphasis on heroism, now the times have changed, she believes that the ideal practice, never alone, no matter how intelligent a person, the need is still hand in hand partners, when we fall into the fantasy of saving the world, it is difficult to see the whole picture of things.

It is precisely because of the different partners, in order to organize a diverse "work team", its influence can be greater.

Abandoning the past pursuit of individualism, looking for the right partner, believing that everything will go with less, this is the greatest gospel she received when she switched careers, if we can all move in the same direction, just as women fans convey the belief that "one person can go fast, a group of people can go very far."

You may not see what you want for a short time, but I believe we will be able to reach your goal in the end. On the way, we don't need to panic too much or rush to save the world. "The reality is that no one can really save the world on their own, and that's why teams need people to fill in the gaps with different abilities," she says earnestly.

She said of the present, her eyes gleaming with silk, "That is the most enjoyable thing in the life of employment. "

"It used to be a struggle, a rush to be the best person, and then we found that when it came to work, we had to have a happy and meaningful time, no more than having a group of partners who could be nervous together, together in pain, and cheering loudly when we got to the finish line, and that was the greatest joy in our work."

If you truly believe in your partner, he will respond

Yi Yi recalls the powerless past, the organization to a single department as a locomotive, other departments can not participate in decision-making, understand the context, resulting in joint efforts, can not be regarded as a common merit;

The third time back to the two halls, after the washing into the center, Yi Yi is no longer powerless to fight back, wave away from the year's dazed self, know that any progress is based on failure, if success is definitely not their own credit, she seems to pick out the most essence of the failure of the understanding, declared the past of their own death, new she, understand the strength of the team.

She continued, "A lot of times, we waste time wondering if we've found a partner, and 80 percent of the time we're worried about whether that partner can achieve what they want, so it's better to trust each other."

"When you believe in a partner, there's a sense of reprocity, you believe in him, and he responds, and that's a good state of cooperation."

"You can be wrong, but what's wrong with that?"

Sometimes, she knows that the plan is perfect, failure will still occur, there are too many variables in the middle, try what the market has not seen, entrepreneurship makes sense, after all, there is no data for example, it is difficult to find the reason for failure.

"Trying to make mistakes, looking back is one way, but fault tolerance is important for innovative teams," she said.

Always called "gentle reformer" title of Yi Yi, this time she made what kind of adjustment?

She smirked that she had only used the experience gained in the past to live with the team, and she summed up three points:

  • First, if conflicts occur frequently between departments and departments, try to improve the workflow, engage and express your views, and position the consensus in the future direction of the enterprise.
  • Second, organize the existence of the enterprise discussion, open the team's work content and time, no one has to be depressed to do, increase the trust of partners in the enterprise.
  • Third, to renovate the old ideas, to establish the goal of team together, not to pursue "failure due to innovation", if it is because of the failure of the attempt, then pretend to forget it! (To hear this, we raised a smile in the corner of our mouths, Yi Yi this pretend to forget the speech, it is too cute too real! )

Through these three things, she decided to build a team where partners don't have to be afraid to be reviewed all day, and she wanted everyone to sit down and have a peaceful discussion. The goal is to make the two chambers of the target program, by more viewers, she believes that if partners can regret, but also will be able to gradually improve the working atmosphere.

She knows that a benign work atmosphere, not a few, but the atmosphere can slowly accumulate, and when you know which way to go, you can attract the right people, and the path of reform will be smoother.

This is why the two halls so far, regardless of the promotion of integration, management model adjustment, even the most difficult ticketing system can be re-integrated.

She knew that change would not take shape without mutual trust among partners.

Ten years ago, Yi Yi, may be full of thorns, eager to go to the excellent position of being beaten, never thought of what kind of person they want to be, even to go with the team do not know, with time will be the inner dazed to untie, along the way to learn to let go of themselves, that is, occasionally will encounter bottlenecks across the past, will always moderately remind themselves that excessive anxiety and worry do not have much meaning, this mind to help her adjust themselves, mentality has become more than before.

With a satisfied smile, she said, "I like myself better than ever, because it's a great thing to have a group of partners moving forward together!"