In the previous article, we heard a sincere sharing of how she had gone through the first decade of her career, and then we looked at what had inspired her to begin to realize the nature and importance of "integration", and where would she go next with both chambers?

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In recent years, there is a particular sense of change in the two halls, whether it is equipment renovation, integration of venue resources, the promotion of the spirit of integration, really feel the efforts of the two halls to strongly convey to the outside world: "We are changing!"

Yi Yu shared, just started to take over the role of artistic director, had the opportunity to be invited to participate in the Barrier-Free Arts Festival in the United Kingdom, when she heard an obstacle artist from Taiwan on stage to share, impressed, after the event, ran to each other to chat, the Taiwanese artist has early on the two chambers of the "integration of the lack of" feedback.

She asked the other side sincerely, "The two chambers have now created barrier-free seats, what else can we improve?"

Sharing their views from the perspective of the barrier, Yi Yan stared, "I listened, while feeling like I was struck by lightning!"

It was the first time she realized the nature of "integration", she had naively thought that the two halls had services to the obstacles, but did not think about those "unseen obstacles" things, is the two halls really want to break through the difficulties. "Integration is only about achieving basic human rights, and if we can't even do that, how do we talk about what's next?"

She also confessed that it was not easy to promote the integration of physical and mental disabilities. If a society does not take into account the obstacles for a long time, when the decision to change, values remain in the integration is only an "fringe benefit", we tend to stagnate.

'The fact is we know it's an equal right for everyone,' she said.

"Now the two chambers have to make up the groundwork, but to get back to the equality they deserve, especially in the event of a program, when the team is in a hurry and may unconsciously move barrier-free services to the end, and when we see rights as a secondary task, we forget that this is a must- and must-do thing."

There are two kinds of obstacles, invisible obstacles, more difficult than visible

Yiyi saw that we listened to God, she went on to share, in fact, to the present, she found that there are two obstacles: invisible, more challenging than visible, need to be solved. "It is easy to solve the visible obstacles, but it also takes time, and in another way, it is even more difficult to solve the invisible obstacles."

"It was from this incident as an entry point that we began to think about integration, why on earth did the two chambers do the thing of "integration"? At first we just saw the needs and services of physical and mental disabilities with the naked eye, which is the most familiar part of us, such as: visually impaired wheelchair seats, oral images, etc. , but in fact, I feel that the most difficult to defeat in this society, is invisible obstacles!

She went one step further to give examples of invisible obstacles. "Art is still regarded by the public as a "threshold of understanding" thing. What is an invisible barrier? For example, when a person cannot understand/understand, can the two chambers act as an intermediate bridge to help them remove obstacles?

"For example, have we provided the appropriate language so that new residents will not be able to get into understanding without prejudice to the differences in the media when they enjoy the performance." Or, some art styles, for first-time contact with newbies, is not easy to get close to, we may be able to provide basic teaching, so that everyone can understand the way into the art world!

"Our goal is to make communion a daily thing, just as people are hungry to eat, thirsty should drink water, if society has been talking about communion, that means that communion has not yet reached the ideal, although change has its difficulties, but we really can not give up to find "invisible obstacles"!"

Invisible obstacles are the ones you feel are business as usual, but invisible obstacles are the most difficult, and how to dig and solve them is what we need to do.

Liu Yiyi, artistic director of the two halls

She went on to say, "International good has long been talking about the issue of sustainability, sustainability is not a new concept, and now even foreign theaters put "sustainability" into the creative considerations, many artists often have the idea of showing art without all sacrifices?" But for the environment, what exactly is the point of consumption regardless of everything?

Art and theatre also need to respond to sustainable issues

For this outbreak, we can see that the environment's response to human society, each time completing the tour, may consume an unparalleled carbon footprint.

She shared that Europe had now begun to introduce the so-called "Green Label Theatre", and that the two chambers had come back to review how to make the plans at hand more sustainable.

In particular, yi also mentioned that after previous exchanges with overseas artists, they also found that they also began to authorize the script, so that local directors have the opportunity to use their work, find suitable team performances, reduce the carbon footprint, with technology to complement, to achieve substantive artistic exchanges.

By continuing to import the concept of perpetuity and extending it, there is an opportunity to gradually adjust the values that the performing arts community has taken for granted, and to stop giving priority to fast box office acquisition.

Yi Yu detailed some examples, "For example, the theater is actually a fairly energy-consuming field, we will replace lamps with energy-saving LED lights, or reduce the use of disposable props and clothing, if you can put the degree of use into consideration, from a single performance, adjusted to the durability of 50 performances, in the long run, the environmental impact is absolutely very different!"

Now, the two halls will also make reasonable use of resources, as a performance indicator to consider, after all, the new art venues continue to be established, the two halls want to enrich the experience iterative to more fields.

I think "perpetual" is the next way to go in the two halls!

The artistic director who led the two-room house forward, Yi Yi, even though there are many unknown challenges in front of us, we still see from her eyes do not give up.

Now there is a group of trusted partners around, but also more strength to advance, even if we failed to join the art industry, it is like she cast "together to build a sustainable world!" Magic, which also gives women fans the opportunity to add "Sustainability" to our challenge for the next decade.

She encourages people throughout the environment to rethink the way they do things in the past and to clarify what is good and bad for society.

"Ultimately, the message is that no economic development or environment is going to be sacrificed by anyone, and how we can make everything under these conditions not target 'resource consumption,'" Yi said. She believes that moving forward bit by bit, even small things, can have an impact on society and value, which will be the vocation of the arts institutions.

Finally, like a hopeful sunflower, she gave us a big smile and said, "I think this is the next way to go!"