Tea Seed Hall is Taiwan's Type B enterprise, a successful second-generation transformation of the MIT brand, with the family what kind of journey? We interviewed Zhao Wenhao, founder and chief executive of Tea Seed Hall, who talked generously about the family's story, about generational dialogue, about vulnerability and surrender, and only by opening himself did the light come in.

We have just stepped into the office of the tea seed hall, the nose overflowed with aroma, that is known as the taste of the tea seed hall, women fans team strange look around, the office is full of green, as if echoing the vitality of the brand tea seed hall, the establishment of the humanities to push open the office door, full of vitality to greet us, like inviting you to play at home, although the first time to meet, but not a lifetime distance.

Wenhao's nature and enthusiasm, for each partner like family and friends, shuttle around the office, sometimes meet colleagues, he will stop to make time for small talk.

We didn't sit down long, he thought of his favorite drink recently, "Fairy Black Tea", immediately invited you to have a drink;

Tea Seed Hall is 17 years old, if the brand is a child, 17 years old, just the age of youth.

Looking at Wenhao's always enthusiastic look, it's hard to imagine him as a CEO who has been pulling the brand for 17 years, and he talks about himself, "I didn't think at first I'd build an MIT brand, whether it's working with my parents, doing local creations, taking root in Ilan Greater South Australia, and deciding to live with this land." These are things that have never been imagined in a lifetime.

It doesn't matter if you open yourself, let yourself surrender first

Tea seed hall is actually from a bottle of simple detergent to start, when Zhao Wenhao door-to-door visit, without any business experience of his, in order to let their own products are seen, personally taste a lot of their own washing of dishes to prove "natural safety", regardless of business, rebranding, operation of large and small things, all their own.

He once thought that the brand to grow up quickly, to have superman, he thought, he had to be the one who did the best, put the uneasiness well, walk in the front, do an omniscient leadership, can not be wrong.

Although the second generation of family heritage, in fact, more like starting a business with the family, this road has conflicts, but also the family understand each other's paradise road, struggle uncomfortable, after he said is thanksgiving. "Working with family now is like a friend and colleague, working with a colleague is like a family member, people-to-people interaction is common, no high and low order, is thanksgiving, change of position, respect." The experience comes from a big clash with his parents over the new packaging in 2013.

He shares that the idea of making a brand is different from the thinking of his parents about manufacturing and accounting. "To do brand is to believe before seeing, at first they will not understand, want to say that new packaging, raw materials are also better, want to do higher-order hair category, or bath type of things, and sell so expensive, cost increase a lot, the mother will buy friends early, will say, "You are now so expensive, can not afford!" 」

Brand new, can not foresee the results of the number, why to do, what the effect is, for the first generation is difficult to understand. There is pressure to prove results, and conflicts are mounting, "even colleagues have advised me, "Don't do anything wrong!" 」

He began to understand his parents, from a key point of deadlock, "I suddenly cried in front of my mother." Then she came up to me and said, 'Ah, it's okay, it's okay.'

The hug in his heart, "That moment there is a feeling of being loved back as a child, feel that she is not really against me, but very concerned about me as a person." I began to wonder, why do I keep bumping into them in this way? As I slowly corrected my attitude, I began to learn to communicate, and I began to know that it was okay to open myself up and let myself surrender first.

"Actually, when a person reaches a tight time, when there are cracks, light comes in, probably that's what it means."

He began to look inward, groping for ways to correct himself, "not to deny them, sometimes because our attitude denied them, with a negative attitude towards people, and then I learned not to deny or blame others, in the face of conflict, thinking about how to solve, only to look inward, correct themselves, can let the outside world change."

Wenhao said that between generations, the practice seems different, but in fact the same, "we have not experienced each other's times, of course, can not understand, parents are also human, but also have their own fear and experience, his vulnerability and strength, if not understand each other, conflict will continue to occur."

Later, time was also given to prove it. "In 2016, friends who had said to their mother that it was too expensive came to her and said you were famous, and if they wanted to buy those shampoos, they began to understand that value is different, and that doing these things opens up new values, possibilities, new ethnic groups."

Wenhao said he also laughed, "When you talk to him, you'll want to say that one day you'll know, but when he knows, you're not that angry, and you'll feel angry and annoying."

"It's normal to think differently, don't give up easily because of conflict, otherwise I would feel very sorry." You have to realize that conflict is useless and you must first learn to open yourself up. When I give space, I can be more inclusive of others. Opening yourself up and looking inward is a sign of maturity.

Such philosophy also gradually influenced him to think about how to lead a team.

I think the real fear is to learn to surrender and admit one's shortcomings first.

Zhao Wenhao, founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall

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