Tea Seed Hall came 17 years, will focus on the product, but also put the vision to the international, rich tea seed hall unique ecosystem, listen to how to set up the humanities how to step by step, embark on the road of the revival of bitter tea oil, to overcome the local creation of various difficulties. If you are also eager to invest in local creation, Wenhao has a few suggestions to share with readers, do not miss this in-depth interview!

(Review: Interview with Zhao Wenhao, Founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall: The real fearlessness is the courage to surrender and admit his shortcomings)

In the previous article, we heard the founder of Tea Seed Hall, Zhao Wenhao, talk about the conflict of second-generation innovation, about how to face fear, learn to surrender, and open up himself, and then through the next in-depth interview, he will talk more about local creativity thinking and learning.

Operating a brand is the same as raising a child, trust each other, learn to let go

Wenhao is also a father, talking about parenting, he said, raising children is very similar to running a brand, are hoping that they can be better. But do not give them the burden of excessive growth, starting mind is selfless, every stage as long as learning the right things, do not rush.

Wen Hao is glad that he has been learning how to be a father since he started running a brand.

Building a brand for 17 years is a long journey, learning how to open up yourself, cherish everyone's strengths, and naturally full of gratitude for everything.

"For 17 years, we didn't really go fast, but we wanted to be steady and steady every step of the way," he admits. As a brand leader, but also the brand's runner, the most important thing is to go long-term, we must be patient waiting for the right time point, can not pull the seed to promote.

Tea seed hall from the product to the brand, and then do agriculture and local creation, the more widespread, he found that people have no omnipotence, as a leader or father, do not have to be all-knowing.

He said: "I used to be afraid to let others know my vulnerability, but when I look inward, know that I also have good places, but also to see the good partners, now I, not as strong as before, partners stronger ah, relying on the professional is very important!"

He returned to his relationship with others, hegemony could not be accepted, and leadership had created some imbalances in his life.

Later found that believe that everyone, learn to let go, surrender, is the true value of love.

Zhao Wenhao, founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall

His eyes reflect the team's infinite gratitude, know that each partner has a great enthusiasm for the land, want to make Taiwan better by "change", think of his original also to build a bottle of Taiwan's bitter tea oil, it took a long time to find suitable raw materials and oil mills, but also because of this opportunity, let him decide to start from the original material, but also the next road of bitter tea oil recovery.

Local Creation Trilogy: Embrace local wisdom, tap the beauty of land DNA, and return to the essence of education

In order to plant bitter tea trees, he looked around for suitable land, initially only want to excavate the story behind the original materials, did not think about the search process, found more land problems.

"It's a process that sees a lot of good and bad, the land is beautiful, but it's rare to see a good practice, so it creates a mood for change, and the belief that the land will take us to those places, deeper and deeper, and it's impossible to extricate elves," he said.

Life is so interesting, deliberately looking but can not find, until the cause will enter the Chaoyang community, the current and soul resonant moved, needless to say. He understood that past experiences had grown into gifts, and he said, "When we know how to see our own good, we can see the good of others, but also the good of the external environment."

Decided to drop bitter tea oil planting plan in Chaoyang community, seems simple, but waiting for the difficulties ahead, is connected with agricultural knowledge, environmental sustainability, aging and other multi-layered problems, want to reach the vision, but there is one challenge after another waiting for him to solve, is the so-called pull one launch the whole body, no one in the world is an outsider.

For the development of local creation programs in Chaoyang community, this takes time and ability to test, need to think about how to beautiful land, translated into international common language? And how do you use the power of your organization to move forward?

In the past, Wenhao visited the Netherlands and Japan's circular economy, old house reconstruction, land art season, etc. , found that all designs have joined the international thinking, if there is no such concept, good things will also become native, style important, market differences are also very important, through repeated thinking, only slowly build the Chaoyang community that we see.

Such experiences are also worth passing on, and we ask where can a new generation of young people start if they want to join the local creative system?

He made a few suggestions, saying: "People without relevant background experience, you can first join the local creative team, learn knowledge background, more accumulated contacts and experience, after all, it is important to have the right mentality." Again, we can start by importing aesthetics, but the process of importing aesthetics begins with an understanding of the wisdom of local life, sometimes in the role of being an outsider.

"For example, at first we designed a beautiful glass house, but the locals asked, "What do we do when there is a typhoon?" Although the glass house is beautiful, it makes me realize that, yes, the follow-up maintenance target is the locals, the climate is the locals know the locals best, should first take their position. Later, they reduced the glass area, had large glass, and were designed to close another door that protected the glass when the wind picked up.

"Furthermore, to understand the beauty of local DNA, not all regions need to be created, we need to understand the essence of seeing, not just for commercial behavior and casual development." Finally, we still have to put everything back to education, without education, how can young people come back? People in the land can not identify with themselves, how to let them stay? So whether it's locals, or immigrants, unborn newborns, we should invest in land education so that they have a sense of rooting out!

Ignorance is a blessing, an advantage, and we do it without hesitation

Listen to Wenhao share the little bit by bit of entrepreneurship, we ask Wenhao, if your life can be repeated, will certainly choose to go the same way?

Didn't expect Wenhao accidentally threw out the opposite answer, revealing a painful expression, smiling and saying, "No, no, no!" If you know how hard it is to create a brand, maybe you won't do it in the first 17 years, I know it's really hard to make a brand! Among them to learn, see, learn, encounter too many difficulties.

"It's a gradual process of growth, not a step by step, and if I knew that there were so many difficulties, I would say no, of course, this view is not to negate the efforts made so far, but I think a lot of things have been successful, he is a step by step, so if I can anticipate these difficulties and choose again, I will not."

"American medicine mentions that where the human brain has a frontal lobe, it's a risk-controlled receptor, and entrepreneurs are weaker in that area because they're less responsive to detecting risk, so they're more likely to push forward," he joked. I think ignorance is a wonderful imagination, some things decided to start, there is no way back!

"We often say that people are born to experience, and without experience, it's hard to understand the good feelings, and if I know there's a lot of hard work ahead waiting for me, I'll want to escape it."

"There's a movie called "Heavenly Energy" that says, "Ignorance is our strength, " she said, as she listened. Ignorance can be a blessing, an advantage, not a negative adjective, because that's why we can do it without hesitation.

Wenhao finally also said in particular, in order to invest in local creation, we really did a lot of homework together, he said, "local creation is not as easy as to imagine, I seem to accidentally dig a hole ah!" Deep digging only to find the depth of this hole, never end, the plan alone has a thick stack!

Then he asked us with a laugh, Would you like to see it? It's really thick!

Create an exclusive ecosystem, which is the unique place of the Tea Seed Hall

Wenhao can be said to be most of life dedicated to the tea seed hall, he carries this brand, memories of laughter and tears, experience with parents, brand packaging remodeling, Chaoyang community of local creation, bitter tea oil revival road, now he, has more experience, but also can move forward together partners.

The power of this trust is very strong, but also because it is strong, there is now the tea seed hall, he believes that the tea seed hall is moving towards a more complete ecosystem.

"When the core values of an enterprise are defined, the media becomes more meta, and the tea seed hall has more opportunities to create richer ecosystems," he says. For example: the three main core values of tea seed hall, bitter tea oil revival culture, promote process aesthetics, practice environment permanence, through these extension of more elements of the medium, so that tea seed hall becomes an exclusive ecosystem.

He believes that the next 20 years will be used by this ecosystem to develop more interesting things!

Do you think these sound huge? But let's not forget to tell ourselves: all this, make the right changes, there are always partners with teams that have been together for generations.

Professor Chen Dongsheng, of the Department of Social Sciences at Taiwan University, told Wen Hao, "Change usually doesn't depend on one person, one team, for a while, and don't forget that all changes come from the efforts accumulated by those in front of you." Don't think of yourself as too great, let's do something to support the next generation!

In the past Wenhao felt to change the world on his own, but now he has realized that change is not on their own can be done immediately, if not through the long stream of history, and how to accumulate into the present us? We don't have to rush to be heroes of this generation, and we can be a tree-planting foreman.

Soon will usher in a new year, tea seed hall will use more practical action to implement plastic reduction and reduce the carbon footprint, the brand will be 3.0 environmental protection of the new packaging. Next continue to work deep in Yilan Greater South Australia, at the same time, will also extend the tentacles of the brand to the international and Japan, please look forward to the next 20 years of tea seed hall!

I want the tea seed hall to see the problem, solve the problem, and let the good happen.

Zhao Wenhao, founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall