In the second half of the 5th Global Women's Impact Forum, we're taking you into the world of "diversity and integration" created by technology, and sharing brave life stories with 7 speakers from different fields!

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The 5th Edition of the Global Forum on Women's Impact 2021, this year with the title "Create Fearless, Start With Me", women fans invite you to share through multiple life stories to move out of your comfort zone so that fear no longer becomes a barrier to you becoming yourself.

In the first half you can feel the power of global science and technology, deep leadership and communication, we have the opportunity to build a more equal world through technology, hit the scene to come to the wonderful second half, heavy bridge section - "creativity, essential power, improvisation", the second half we invited nine speakers, as well as as the ambassador of the great Joe, to share the moving story of life quenching, whether you, or women fans, have the opportunity to become a key in the lives of others, let us come up with the courage to unlock the "fearless" lock.

Liu Yiyi X Ge Rujuan: Towards the Meta-Universe, the integration of equal rights and pluralism is no longer out of reach

Figure said| the artistic director of the two halls of the Academy, Liu Yiyi

The first wonderful talk of the second half, with "creativity" as the opening theme, on the theme of multi-creation, cultural integration, this time invited the artistic director of the two halls, Liu Yixuan, and the world's first singularity university graduate Dr. Ge Ruxuan to talk about how in art and creativity, through technology to create a world of integration, and bring some influence to the society.

(In-depth interview: Only barrier-free seats are not enough!) Interview with Liu Yixuan, Director of the Two Halls: Multi-integration, to see those "invisible obstacles")

Liu Yixuan, artistic director of the two halls, first shared the power of the two halls to use technology, the old ticketing model to beat off the re-training, to create a new system, and to create an experimental theater "The Town where God is not there", live 5G to promote the integration mechanism, expand access to art and theater masses.

Liu said that technology has not only begun to flourish in recent years, Taiwan's science and technology and art are very strong, why not try to combine the two? Breaking through the stratification layer, so that more people have access to art, in recent years, the two halls have been greatly revitalised, creating more theater and artistic possibilities.

If, judging from the past, many people have doubts about these innovative practices, and some people can't even believe that the two chambers can make such a change, but Liu Yixuan said, "What if it fails?" No, we don't expect it anyway, so we can let go.

(In-depth interview: because of the fear of letting go, interview with the two halls of art director Liu Yiyi: with the flow is not shameful, do not struggle, bravely put down)

In addition to moving forward, there is no other option, life is often in fear of the present, for the two chambers, no matter what to do, the outside world still has a lot of doubts, but she said, "failure does not matter, become a nutrient once, self-anchoring, there is nothing to worry about, and not afraid to be swayed."

Ms Lau offered to invite everyone present, "I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to witness the two halls of this veteran old theatre, how to face the future?" She believes that the two halls also have the opportunity to try the whole universe, the driving force of growth, it is from the unknown, I hope that we can all walk into the theater, accompanied by the two halls to "change" journey.

Figure said| host Merci, the artistic director of the two halls, Liu Yixuan, the world's first singularity university graduate, Ge Rujun

Dr. Bao: You'll feel happy if you take a path that no one else believes

When it comes to NFT, you'd think of Dr. Bao, who is the first Singularity University graduate to graduate from the University of Taiwan and is most committed to technology such as blockchain/NFT.

Many people are curious about the existence of NFT, even the impression stay in the "high-priced art auction" idea, but in the virtual world, whether it is the metacosm is good, blockchain is good, everyone can build their second life from this, whether it is dating, selling creation, are no longer for the distance limit, but have the opportunity to touch the entire universe of people.

(In-depth interview: From blockchain to NFT "Dr. Bao" Ge Rujun: Sharing knowledge to make you happy, that's my constant motivation)

"In the world of blockchain, we see a lot of possibilities, and NFT is not really class-based, " says Dr Green. If you're willing to work hard and everyone's NFT work has a chance to be seen, it's possible to create a truly diverse and integrated world.

Photo | the world's first singularity university graduate, Ge Rujun

Dr. Ge invited people to open up their thoughts, "Sometimes "fear" is because we don't know and don't want to touch a new technology, because we think it's easier not to touch it, but you may miss a lot of opportunities."

He cites many examples of technology, such as the rise of the Internet, the boom in technology, the transformation of communities into the main medium of communication, and the fact that every business now needs an official website, which he says we didn't think about in the past, and many people will question before they "have become", asking, "Is there a need?"

Open your heart and give yourself the opportunity to try to touch the virtual world, our lives, and perhaps have different possibilities.

Photo | the world's first singularity university graduate, Ge Rujun

"Go down a path that no one else believes in, you will feel very happy, and then slowly find a partner process, you will feel that you can go further and further, the happier!"

Gifts from seven people's lives: In the face of fear, "I" can do it

Forum second half of the essential force Talk, according to the theme of "fearless", women fans invited seven brave speakers, continuous, for the live reader to tell their own life story, here no one is invincible posture across the fear, some just single-mindedly, again and again to overcome fear, screen distractions to do a good thing.

The first speaker was Unilever's marketing director, Xiao Weixin.

She shares the social tagging and traditional stereotypes of women, and three years ago, when she was transformed into a mother, she fell into deep self-doubt and frustration, and now she can harness her mother's sloping identity with the marketing director.

Xiao Wei letter in the process of unilever, saw the enterprise in the community played an influential role, and even for gender equality to give some good countermeasures, and its brand Brand also launched the "Brand Mom Dream Project" to encourage mothers to be brave to be themselves, hoping to help mothers break through the framework, complete their dreams.

(Extended reading: Brandy Mom dreams of running away| Dear Mom, would you like to be brave for yourself again?)

"A lot of people say that the age of a mother is the same as the age of a child, that no one is born to know how to be a mother, and that society always labels moms as a lot of things to do, so when I first started raising children, I wanted to be a hundred percent of moms," she said.

She says it's normal for everyone to feel afraid in the face of identity change, but don't forget "I am who I am" we have to identify with what we are and what we are not good at.

She wants to tell everyone that the limits of the framework come from others, from society, from ourselves, and that when we face challenges, we must not lose sight of our essential strength.

It's up to you to decide what you look like.

Unilever Marketing Director Xiao Weixin

(In-depth interview: Once a dark cabinet - an exclusive interview with Unilever Managing Director Joy He Yingde: You must have meaning in this position)

Zhao Wenhao: What we are afraid of is our beautiful self, we are afraid that others will see us so good

Zhao Wenhao, founder of Tea Seed Hall, took the second stick of his speech, opening with the story "Don't forget to bring you the first brave man", saying, "Is it brave to start a business?" It's braver to start a business with Mom and Dad!

As the second generation of inheriting the family business, from a salesman to the brand at the helm, working with his parents through many conflicts, but he knew that parents from love rather than disapproval, he long shared to the audience, "Don't forget, even if how noisy, I will finally choose to believe that communication is from love, because parents their best place, is how not to agree, the last minute or support you."

(In-depth interview: Interview with Zhao Wenhao, founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall: The real fearlessness is the courage to surrender and admit his shortcomings)

He self-deprecating life if can be repeated, certainly will not choose the brand this way.

It is because of ignorance, so dare to go on the road, after the road to see the unknown, there is fear, but also thanks to fear and fear as an obstacle to life, overcome the way forward, only to form fearless.

In the face of the layers of the tea seed hall metamorphosis, the process did take a lot of effort, whether it is to local creation, internationalization, sustainable development, each subject has become his fear of things.

But Zhao Wenhao also believes that this is also towards fearless and set the level of life, he believes that open themselves, let the light into life, we will become more and more fearless, he stopped to ask, many times we think we are afraid of failure, but in fact, it is possible, "We are afraid, is a beautiful self, we are afraid of others to see us so good!"

Lin Nianci: Everyone will die, to rise fearless love and compassion

Lin Nianci, founder of Cotton Pleasant, talks about the process of facing the beginning of menstruation, fear of the unique "menstruation" of women, the body because of pain caused by large and small pain, growing up this fear still does not subside, until the cause will become NGO workers, the process of visiting Nepal, through dialogue with local women, she asked them: "What is the most difficult thing in life?" The other side replied, "Moonlight."

A woman in Nepal, who will always be treated unfairly because of menstruation, is deeply angry and wonders how anyone in the world would have to face these difficulties because of the moon? She believes that the world needs a woman to stand in their place, and Lin Nianci has the idea of "doing education" and wants to help women reconnect with menstruation.

(In-depth interview: Nepal Sealed City Hand-| The Founder of the Cotton Pleasant Workshop Lin Nianci: Let emotions enter you, experience it, and let it flow away)

Staying in Nepal for a long time, taking a break from the sunset as she got into her local habits, she began to allow herself to rest during the month, and miraculously, the discomfort caused by the pain of the past slowly disappeared, saying, "My blood, it is the source of my strength, it actually brings me death and rebirth every month."

Learn to listen to the silent words of the body, to accept, and to feel, and then embrace it, and finally no longer suffer from pain.

Lin continued to go deep into local monasteries, teach different health care, share knowledge about women's bodies, tampons, and so on, until once, a well-intentioned referral gave her the opportunity to visit a nun in her 90s, who she found to have great respect for those who were dying.

The first thing the nun said, "Everyone will die. " This sentence became a key to the fearlessness in her heart, she said, "Everyone will die, and no fear of love and compassion will rise. "

Whenever she is confused about what she is doing, she remembers what the nun said, knowing that many fears come from unknowable predictions, but we know them and are limited.

What is fearlessness? Accept that we are all afraid, that things are often unknown, but that we do what we should do, and one day the answer will come before us.

Lin Nianci, founder of Cotton Pleasant

Lin Wei-yu: It doesn't matter if you fail, try again!

A graduate of the Drama Department of Taiwan University, in order to further his acting studies, he went to The Ivy League Columbia University for a master's degree in the performing arts in the theater, and won the Best Performance Award at the Asian Film Festival in Dallas and the Best Actress award at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

At first glance it may sound like a life victory group, but the smooth actor dream to dig open the surface, but hidden under the pit scars, determined to run to the country where life is not familiar, to become a professional bilingual actor, Lin Weixuan to overcome not only language barriers, but also cultural shock, every day to wake up to face is time, money, a lot of rehearsal caused by fatigue.

For her, the last straw that crushed the camel was the smartest classmate in the class who said to her, "It's you, not me, who need to rehearse." Rehearsal is helping you, I think it's a waste of time. At that moment, the bottle of pressure in the body, was ruthlessly hit, all emotions poured out, she cried, hard crying.

When she stood on the stage and talked about the story, she even choked and said, "I haven't told this story in a long time." Suddenly, you watch her become vulnerable.

Lin Weiwei did not give up the actor dream because of this, along the way through, countless rehearsals, English is not good on the bitter back, no one accompanied by the practice on their own play two corners, she told herself can, she quoted Keanu Levy once said, "every struggle in life, in shaping your personality." You don't know who you are without a struggle.

She believes that even if the current smooth passage, it is difficult to ensure that the next time will not fail, Lin Wei-yu finally sent the live reader a golden sentence, from Samuel Beckett said: "Ever tried, ever failed." Try again, fail again, fail better.Try, fail, it's okay, try again!) )」

Wu Yuxuan: The whole world will help you be brave and fearless if you want to

As a member of the women's fan team, Wu Yuxuan is an engineer and a transgender person. What is transgender people? Is the birth of gender and gender identity is not consistent with the people.

Wu Yuxuan walked very lonely on the transgender road, experienced many confused moments, but also because dare not go to the toilet outside, almost do not touch the drip, along the road to endure back to Yilan's home, dare to go to the toilet, until the age of 17, once shopping with a friend accidentally drink too much water, said he wanted to interrupt the trip home.

Friends are not only dismayed, but also turn to a rational tone to tell her: "One day, you always have to face the toilet this thing, today we are all in, we can accompany you to face." But wouldn't it be harder if you escaped today and I wasn't there in the future?

By this words, next to a friend half-pushed half to let her finally pluck up the courage to use the gender identity of the toilet, that moment, she finally bravely learned to cross the fear.

Doesn't that sound strange? Just how do you need to be so scared to go to the bathroom? But you know, transgender people have to spend more time overcoming other people's visions, and facing the fear of "coming out" is not as easy as you think.

This experience let Wu Yuxuan understand one thing, is to hope that others help us brave, must take the initiative to take the first step, and because of this, friends have the opportunity to become a light to light up life.

She was able to stand here and say firmly:

The whole world will help you be brave and fearless if you want to.

Women's fan partner Wu Yuxuan

She will always remember the joy of being called "Miss" for the first time, so that she can't help but smile before she goes to bed, hoping that the world of the future will no longer be obsessed with the title, we can call you "What can I call you?" As an opening act of respect, I believe that the world will become more diverse and complete.

(Diversity: Gender Express | Wu Yuxuan Gender Change Registration, court rules that "removal of sexual organs" is unconstitutional, calls for constitutional interpretation)

Chen Weihua: Don't be limited by the gender framework, go after your dreams

Chen Weihua, Taiwan's first female polar-tourism explorer, talks about the way tourism shines.

She says there are no life stories to share, but she grew up knowing what she wanted to do, and that desire to "want" made her take practical action, choosing to study French, and she had already paved the way to become a tourist, after all, language was the most time-consuming tool.

She believes that in the era when others are not optimistic about tourism, never wavering towards this dream, the process of sharing can feel her people and firm, which may be Chen Weihua full of charm source!

(In-depth interview: Interview with Taiwan's first female polar tourism explorer Chen Weihua: Be a mother and don't give up digital nomadic living)

Chen Yuhua is glad that her native family, did not cover too many female shackles, she walked out of Taiwan, began to chase the sun for the eternal day trip, over the years traveled to nearly 50 countries, even if she is so free-flowing state, finally did not expect to encounter an outbreak, and even have a mother's role.

For her, playing a slant is also a great challenge, even so, Chen Weihua did not give up the promotion of polar tourism because of the identity of her mother, she said, hope that one day, can become a good role model for children, but also encourage all people, not to be limited by the gender framework, to pursue their dreams!

She's Lu Xinjie, the CEO of Rainbow Equity Platform, but she always has a label on her.

The label says lesbians, writers, lecturers, gay activists, politicians, international human rights diplomacy, middle-aged women, each of which makes up her, but she has a simple heart, "I identify myself as a social worker." I've been doing social reform.

From the age of 18 to the present, Lu Xinjie never felt that she was doing sports, she just did what she liked.

Over the years she has fought for marriage equity, as if she had been given the mission of birth, always remember the day of May 17, 2019, when it rained heavily and watched the bill pass by one vote, only to see a beautiful rainbow appear in the sky, she spoke hard to everyone, but accidentally left tears, from the beginning to the end.

Returning to her truest fears, she confessed, "I am a man who can come out in front of a million people, but when I come back to myself, I am afraid to come out at those moments, afraid to come out in front of strangers. "

(In-depth interview: Interview with Rainbow Equity Platform CEO Lu Xinjie: People have unconscious bias, the key is in your willingness to look directly at it)

She said she was afraid to come out when the clerk asked if she wanted to buy it for her boyfriend, and the taxi driver asked her if she was "married."

Lu Xinjie wondered why he had been a gay sports for twenty years, why couldn't he do such a small thing? She found herself hating the fact that she would always get a "you don't look like it" response, and she asked the people below, "How should gays prove it?" What is everyone's imagination of gays?

Everyone, always hope to meet the imagination of others, but people often do not know what they want to do, Lu Xinjie seems to have found a way for themselves to continue, she said: "I did one thing, is with my fear, when I feel fear, with the deepest desire in my heart pull together."

Fear is natural, you believe in yourself, you can take another small step forward! Let's see, embrace, believe, and make the best version of ourselves.

Lu Xinjie, CEO of Rainbow Equity Platform

2021 GWIS Women's Ambassador Zeng Qiao: You must not know yourself enough, so you want to be someone else

Zeng Qiao, who has been out for 18 years, connected the hearts of the readers present in the style of chatting sister.

She shared the public's description of "improvisation" and talked about her own process of watching movies with her children, watching the childlike children clap their hands and interact, and was the best representative of improvisation, and she began to reflect on why she couldn't do an "impromptu performance" on the way to the actors.

It wasn't hard for JoJo to perform on the script, but it was hard to accept that he was influenced.

She found that most people could not accept their negative thoughts and emotions, and Zeng realized that he had been one of them, adding, "The more resistance, the more persistent it is, but it is not an equal sign, not when we experience these emotions truthfully, we will lead to such a negative outcome."

Zeng Qiao encouraged everyone to say, "If you take this flexibility to face life, then every journey is a treasure hunt, there will be a constant treasure in it, one by one is opened, I share today the improvisation will not be very abstract?" But that's what I'm really aware of, that's vitality.

(Same show:"Don't worry, one day you'll be beautiful" zeng Chogin set, for girls who once doubted themselves)

After sharing the interactive bridge segment, one of the readers asked How does JoJo exercise his mind on this road so that he can gradually be brave to be himself?

Zeng Qiao responded to the reader with sincerity, saying, "It's easy to feel directly what society says about us, but what about you?" What do you really feel?

"I want to invite people to practice and feel yourself, and when you can feel your feelings, you have a chance to be more aware of your nature, and when one knows yourself enough, you may not want to be someone else."

You're so great! How could you not want to be yourself?

Actor Zeng Qiao

Understand your fears, starting with essential universities

Pictured| host Audrey (left) and fellow woman fan Merci (right)

Next up is the sharing of stories by women fans. Host Audrey invited Merci, a partner of women's fans, to talk about growing up in a team of women fans, merci shared her frustrations as chair of the conference for the first time, wept alone after the meeting, and asked Merci two questions, "What do you want to be president next time?" , "What kind of impact do you want to have on this meeting?"

Because these two questions have had a very important impact on Merci's life, she no longer fears being a conference president, always using these two questions before each meeting to ask herself, she said, "Have you ever asked yourself questions while doing everything?" What is the relationship between this problem and you?

Then, "When you think like this, you feel very different from the results you get!"

Host Audrey responded from the sidelines to see Merci grow up, "We often feel that learning is a very lonely thing, as if all day long only I am afraid, but I saw Merci is afraid, but still try, I think some degree Merci also supported me to do more." I don't think I could have done it.

The original intention of women fans since the start-up is to hope that everyone can find themselves in the "women's fans" and get their influence back.

So in the new year 2022, women fans will extend their tentacles to the online course "Essential University." Hope to create a learning model that will not make you feel lonely on the way to study, back to the core of essential universities, when you face fear, but also to explore their own nature.

Essential University:2022 Return to self, power in hand, fearless to create the desired career and future

Based on your three main pain points, the course will create a fearless course of "Inner Self-Leadership, External Professional Combat Power, And Future Innovation", which combines 15 Master Lecture Halls, 20 professional courses, and multi-learning groups to help you become more aware of yourself and understand yourself through practical actions! Hope to be an influencer, not just a learner.

Light yourself up and live in the present: this day, together we become our keys

At the end of the event, host Audrey invites readers to complete the classic ceremony for women fans.

Write down your expectations through three s/I wish/I commits, and the screen is filled with reader's expectations, "I hope more miracles will become everyday in the future", "I promise I will learn to cry bravely", "I like the honest story sharing, I wish can act on its own, and I commit to my commitment."

The picture iterates the wishes of one after another, and on December 5th, the day the woman's fans spread the fearless spirit further.

Pictured| women's fans co-founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan

At the end of the day, founder Xuan Xuan took Audrey's microphone and shouted to everyone present, "Honey, this world is not perfect. "

She also mentioned, "Every one of us will die, and every one of us will live, alive for ourselves, meaning to live our own lives, to live their own nature!"

We are always looking for a better self, but women fans want to tell every reader that we are the best, we want to be better ourselves, to learn for themselves and live.

When you run on the road of life accidentally fell, you bravely climb up!

When we are children, we all know how to get up, how to live to this day but forget it? In the face of fear, let's not be afraid to face it, when we make small changes and try to get closer to the center of our ideals.

Maybe one day you can be a reason for others to live, and don't forget that we all have a chance to be the key to unlocking the shackles in other people's hearts. Build a fearless world, starting with "I".

Edit Postscript: Interactive experience to unlock that fear in your heart

This year, women fans prepared a lot of interactive experiences on the spot, walk into the venue will first pass through the fearless gallery, a classic gold sentence stand, let courage dip into your body, and then from the fearless starting point, choose the favorite cultural spirit stickers, such as "D-I", "essential", "evolution", "female power", "fearless" and so on, can be attached to the body with us to show the spirit of diversity!

Then you can go to the fearless clock-in point, the female fan in the punch wall opened a secret keyhole, you can walk into that keyhole, become the key to unlock the shackles, these keys corresponding to the gold sentence, "Create fearless, start from me", "I am key" you can choose the favorite gold sentence, and this card wall interactive photo.

Pictured| singer Elie Gaolu (left) and guitarist Xie Huazhou (right)

Then there's the beloved "Little Prince's Fantasy World - 75th Anniversary Special", where you can find a corresponding character through the Little Prince Psychological Quiz, and even have the opportunity to start a limited number of rose cinnamon rolls with Baker House!

Of course, there are women fans must not miss the scene of their own e-commerce "Womany Shop" you can physically flip through the popular women's fans merchandise "2022 play with time hand account" three colors absolutely make you difficult to choose, there are long-selling "Women's Force Awakens card" if you worry about not experiencing cards, do not know how fun?

You can also get a "Golden Sentence Card" with the immortal co-name through an interactive game that walks through the maze.

Located behind the venue, you'll see a large wall where participants can take the stickers, find the fields, and write down their thoughts.

We see readers writing down ideas such as "I've failed countless times and be brave enough to be myself" and "Tell yourself that every decision is the best and the best!" , "inspire others in the heart of the fire, bring others some guidance, so we are very good" each convenience sticker, are in the face of fearless indispensable small beliefs.

Finally, women fans prepared an I am the Key fearless gift group for each participant, intended for the most fearless readers.

The gift bag includes L.ERICKSON hair ring, the latest 4X brandy enzyme extremely clean laundry ball, as well as TUNEMAKES Dumei's horn shark alkane moisturizing healing fluid, thank the reader for their participation, but also hope that we will not only bring back the moved, but also bring back full of substantive help and strength!