2021 Women Fans Global Women's Influence Forum 5th, invited to different areas of influence representatives to celebrate. Take you back to the event, experience the atmosphere, and the speaker's wonderful speech through text direct hits!

In 2021, as temperatures get colder in December, the world is still shrouded in the conundrum of the epidemic, and women's fans are still unafraid to hold the fifth Global Women's Impact Forum. The five key "leadership, communication, creativity, essential power, improvisation" of this forum are the main axis, so that everyone can "I am the Key" to find the key to the heart, open the door to fearlessness.

The first half of this year's GWIS was opened by Debra Bell, Vice President of Product Engineering at Micron Technologies DRAM, Lu Yaxuan, Chief Executive Officer of Google Taiwan, Ye Suqiu, President of Pfizer Taiwan, Wang Xinyi, Deputy General Manager of Customer Service Capacity Management at Microsoft's Global Operations Headquarters, and Jude Kelly, Founder of the Women of the World Foundation.

They come together from a variety of fields, including international perspectives, local innovations, and generations of influential representatives, to refine precious life experiences, lead groups, and discuss future possibilities through the build-up of five forces.

Walking into the GWIS venue, the new visual appearance of women fans, interwoven in orange and white, creates the image of "Create fearless, from me", with the essence of the university to pass on to everyone's core words: "When you explore their own diverse possibilities, more powerful to go their own way, you can better become yourself." Meet every reader who comes.

Behind the seat, there's an "unlock the interactive wall" that invites live readers to write "What can you do to unlock your inner shackles?" Through stacking of convenience stickers, let one influential life story after another, become the support of each other in the face of fear.

ILID KAOLO Leigh Collo: Don't forget to have a good rest in a busy life

Opening with Li Gaolu holding an instrument, leisurely on the stage, set up equipment to tap the first string, with a simple sound to open the GWIS feast, readers intoxicated in the warm and deep voice, close their eyes, relax the body swinging. She chose Rest, Light Life, Woman's Island, And Good Times as GWIS's highlights.

On Saturday in the morning, after singing the first song with the track Rest, she spoke to the audience in a mischievous and powerful tone, reminding everyone not to forget about the busy life and to learn a resting heart.

She invited her friends present to stretch out and lead the reader into the ocean with "The Light Life", as if to let us ride the waves and bravely go to a whole new world. The atmosphere then became warm, followed by Elie Golo's singing, playing the beat, sounding like the sound of the waves beating.

Then she said, "The next song, called Women's Island, I wrote this song, I imagined the sun was going to rise, the women on Women's Island, big and small, old and young, pushing their sails to the sea and exploring the infinite world."

The beautiful melody makes people forget, came to the last track "Good Moment", she invited every reader present to practice, alternate singing: "You walk into my life, let me no longer feel shy , let me no longer feel confused" lyrics deeply tie every reader's heart, practice trust in the world, trust yourself, practice no longer fear, try to let fear come in.

Zhang Weixuan: To create a multi-integration world, we must first find your own voice

After the opening performance, mr. Xuan, who then took the stage, played an "impromptu role" and again invited everyone to sing the word "let me no longer feel shy". After singing slightly underneath, Xuan asked everyone, "What's it like to sing a song you've never been in?" The audience gave different answers: funny, nervous, scared.

She would also be afraid to sing the wrong song, worried about the people next to her laughing at herself, but thought: "It doesn't matter if we sing wrong, we can muster the courage to do something unfamiliar and enjoy it." Such faith, infected the live readers, when everyone hummed again, the song is no longer vague and faint, but full of spirit, more confident to make their own voice.

You can, but never be afraid.

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CHIEF Executive Director of Wusi Media

Speaking of "The Voice", Mr. Xuan shared why he had invited Li Gaolu to open with: "Eli's singing represents a Taiwanese voice, a female voice. " The island is a diverse island, and each sound has its own beauty.

But it's not easy to find your voice and speak up bravely. Xuan Xuan had represented Taiwan in APEC, and when she put on her suit jacket and faced the world stage, she suddenly wondered: What is Taiwan? What is our identity? Taiwan's international situation has given Mr Kwon a wake-up call: "To create a pluralistic and integrated world, we must first find our own voice."

Their own voice, must rely on their own search, establish, a business can do is to provide a sound stage, said Xuan Xuan: "My ideal enterprise is to let employees make their own desired voice, can be a good expression of everyone's concept." Use your unique personal influence in different projects.

The pursuit of the road resistance and long, confusion is indeed the norm, Yan Xuan admitted: "I am still looking for my voice!" When I first started my business at 26, I was very imitated, when I was 36 years old, at the crossroads of my life, I wanted to be still in business at 96, because that means I was still learning things I didn't know, new things! She encourages people to face the unknown and be able to talk, but never be afraid.

Debra Bell: We're powerful because we're diverse

At the end of the opening short talk, the next topic is "Leadership," where Debra Bell, Vice President of Product Engineering at Micron Technologies, is invited to talk to Ted Talk speaker Camila Sáenz about the growth momentum of women's diverse leadership.

Photo| debra Bell (left), vice president of product engineering at Micron Technologies, and Camila Sáenz,founder and CEO of TUTEEMI's external tutors, pictured, (right)

As soon as the two speakers took the stage, they took out their phones and smiled and said to the readers, "Let's take a selfie together!" The wonderful conversation unfolded in a joyous laugh and selfie.

Debra started by introducing us to Micron and the issues of concern. Meiguang has long been committed to the spirit of DEI, not only in the board seats of women representatives year after year, but also attach importance to minority rights, Debra confidently said: "We are strong because of diversity." (We are powered by Diversity)

We are powerful because of diversity. (We are powered by Diversity)

Debra Bell, vice president of product engineering at Micron Technologies DRAM

Listen to Perfect Light's "Diversity and Integration" and talk to talker Camila rebate the subject and ask Debra, "Is there any strategy for training yourself to be a leader?" Debra mentions that he learns a lot about "leadership", which is a continuous learning process.

Debra shares with us a concept she loves - leadership, but actually a "service team", where she leads a business team, not as the best and most successful, but as the best salespone and transforms the entire team into the best business team. This is what Debra believes is the best leadership strategy.

Debra also believes that "leadership" can be taught to be a leader if anyone is interested and willing to learn.

Camila then asked whether Debra, who had been in the tech industry for more than two decades, had influenced career development because of "gender".

Debra notes that while there is a gap between men and women in the technology industry, she does not view gender as a "disadvantage" but rather as an "advantage" in a different light. Although she is a minority, she still plays to her strengths and takes the initiative to make her "outstanding" more visible.

At the end of the conversation, Debra shares his "superpower" with readers: not afraid to make mistakes. And this spirit, also used in team leadership, allowing themselves and the team to "try again." Camila echoes Debra's view that when you make a mistake, it's when you learn.

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Lu Yayi X Xinyi X Ye Suqiu: Let the diverse voice be heard

Continuing the "Leadership" theme, we then invited Taiwan Pfizer President Ye Suqiu, Microsoft Global Operations Headquarters, Deputy General Manager of Customer Service Capacity Management Asia Wang Xinyi, Google Taiwan's Chief Executive Officer Lu Yaxuan, to talk to you about the development of a multi-integration environment over the next decade.

"What is pluralism?" How to build a multi-integrated corporate culture? What are the faces of the enterprise? As the host of this Panel, Chen Shengkai, founder of Eli International Services, was the first to ask questions.

Ye Suqiu cut in from his own life course, referring to his two-in-two high-tech industry and traditional industries, in a very different corporate culture, once felt out of place. However, it is also because of her diverse experience, can provide a different perspective of the industry, let her find that to be themselves, exert influence, is a very important thing.

In her view, diversity is not to let colleagues stay in the same stratification forever, have different experience to make different decisions;

Wang Xinyi began with Microsoft's corporate culture reform. Early on, there was a high level of competition within the Microsoft team, and it wasn't until the new CEO came to power in 2014 that the corporate culture changed to work together, embrace customers, and integrate, showing empathy, curiosity, and fearlessness.

Empathy is to be able to think from the perspective of others, curiosity is willing to learn not afraid of making mistakes, fearless is even fear and courage to move forward.

Microsoft Global Operations Headquarters Customer Service Capacity Management Vice President, Asia, Xinyi Wang

She noted that Microsoft's internal audits used to be dominated by competitive rankings, and now focus on teamwork and influence over others, reforms that make all Microsoft employees proud.

| Microsoft's Global Operations Headquarters, Wang Xinyi, Deputy General Manager, Customer Service Capacity Management Asia

Lu said that multi-integration has always been an important corporate culture of Google, but under the influence of the two-year outbreak, there is a new cultural connotation: belonging. In response to the epidemic, many enterprises have taken long-distance work, indirectly also put everyone's relationship flattened, everyone in the video conference, are a part of the picture, have the opportunity to get the microphone, press the hand to speak key. 'It's the company's responsibility to give everyone a microphone so that they can find their voice, and partners can think about how to create a sense of belonging in the work environment,' she said.

The moderator further asked, under the outbreak, how to quickly adjust in the state of distance, while still taking into account the consideration of multi-integration.

Under the influence of the outbreak, working from home has changed everyone's lifestyle, Ye said. To this end, they decided not to schedule any meetings between 11 and 12 p.m. and between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., allowing all partners to have a buffer between work and family services.

She stressed that working from home makes working hours longer, so that everyone should keep their timely history and give themselves a good rest. Wang Xinyi echoed this view, saying it is important to understand the partner's family style and respect everyone's time allocation.

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Photo | Taiwan Pfizer President Ye Suqiu

Luya-Yu began by joining google, because of the impact of the epidemic, must be at home induction procedures, that there is no sense of truth of the fear hanging over her. However, in the first and second weeks of November, google's internal volunteers spontaneously host DEI event curators. Different from the past DEI is a company-defined perception that makes her curious and engaged in many activities.

In each event, she sees partners at different levels and departments, and has the courage to share her life story. One of them, an autistic partner, shared the way he worked every day, and that really touched Lu yalu, letting her know that the space was open and diverse, that everyone had the opportunity to get a microphone, and that everyone could show their truest self. And she was inspired to know that she shouldn't be confined to any framework, and that she could be a storyteller and a force for others.

Lu Yaxuan, director of Google Taiwan, said |

At Panel's end, the host invites three panelists to talk about their experiences in the workplace as women and how they fit into life experiences.

Ye Suqiu admitted that he faced the transfer of positions, also felt fear, suspected that he was not competent, once chose to escape. It was not until later, encouraged by colleagues, that she bravely took over the management position, an experience that led her to experience: "Many women feel that they are not good enough to be afraid!" Instead, many people see our potential, we don't have to have a fake syndrome, don't be afraid that we are not good enough, when you have influence, give out this energy.

Don't be afraid you're not good enough, give it away when you have influence.

Taiwan Pfizer President Ye Suqiu

Wang Xinyi shares the story of her Microsoft partner with us. She found that having a partner was good at it, but in a low-energy state. Wang Xinyi asked her, "What do you want?" The partner said, "I want to get a promotion!" She then asked, "Are you happy now?" Further understanding, only to find that the partner's illness, family tension, is the partner into low energy the real reason. Therefore, Wang Xinyi accompanied his partner to draw silk peeling, not to give special treatment, but often concerned about whether he is happy.

When partners clean up their own and family's situation, the performance is different. This matter made Wang Xinyi understand: "Positive beliefs can affect the situation of people around, in addition to confidence in themselves, positive beliefs are powerful, the impact can exceed our imagination."

Finally, Luya shares her first thoughts and actions with us, and she mentions the dramatic changes in her career over the past three years, whenever she comes, she asks herself, "What do I want my daughter to see like to her mother?" Although she still doubted herself, Lu yak wanted to be the child's model, which became her motivation. She also mentioned that she had many very good women around her because they made her want to continue to be a storyteller and use her life to influence another life.

Every time I get a chance, I ask myself, "What do I want my daughter to see like to my mother?" I want to be her model.

Google Taiwan's director of talent, Lu Yaxuan

Jude Kelly: Take back the right to self-interpret and speak up about your story

At the end of the first half, the second Panel into GWIS: "Communication Power" The keynote speaker is Jude Kelly, founder of the Women of the World Foundation in the UK and a million watchers of Ted Talk International.

Jude Kelly has been celebrating women's achievements and contributing to gender equality and freedom by hosting WOW Women's Festivals in more than 30 cities on five continents since 2010, and has accumulated more than 3 million participants to date. However, due to the outbreak, Jude Kelly was unable to visit the GWIS site in person, so she prepared pre-recorded audio and video content for everyone.

In the video, we see Jude Kelly's commitment to gender initiatives. Women make up half of the world's population, but historically, stories about women have spread less than men, and are even always classified as narratives in the object.

Jude Kelly tells us that we want to take back the right of women to interpret themselves, and we want to speak out about our stories. "I'm an optimistic person, I believe in change, I believe that many men want to support change, and there are still men who don't want to be denied their rights and want to maintain their status privileges," she says confidently in the film. Women's struggle for equal rights often doesn't want to provoke another gender, but I don't think it's inevitable, but the results will be better.

We've seen Jude Kelly celebrate women's achievements, tell women's stories, and invite people to participate through her talents in the arts, events and celebrations for women and gender.

But that doesn't mean the status quo is enough, she said, "celebrating what has changed, but not satisfied, not that we're close to or almost equal, we want full equal rights, and that's where happiness really happens."

The push for gender freedom is a long and arduous journey, but only through experience, we have the opportunity to break through the limits, closer to become who we want to be, of course, this way, everyone is not alone, this year GWIS more than 300 participants will work together to create fearless, create influence.

Not that we are close to or almost equal, we want full equal rights, and that's where happiness really happens.

Jude Kelly, founder of the Women of the World Foundation

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