Caitong Pantone released the 2022 annual representative color "Changchun Flower Blue", representing the future of the virtual world's expectations and imagination. In fact, color reveals the secret of psychology, through our most sensitive color at present, you can through the color ticket analysis, can reflect what you want, you are about to create a life.

This year, did you open the Google Search field and enter "Pantone Color of Year 2022"?

Pantone is a company that specializes in researching and developing colors, releasing the next year's annual color at the end of each year and predicting color trends for the coming year.

After an ups and downs of 2021, finally, Caitong 2022's annual representative color came out - PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri "Changchun Flower Blue"!


In designing the 2022 representative color, Caitong used "a new blue tone infused with red and purple" in response to the coming concept of the metacosm, combining our physical life with digital, and taking us to a new singularity as technology leaps and bounds into a dynamic and creative world.

In 2022, in the blue space with a purple-red tone, we will have the courage to explore the way forward, with a wealth of imagination and creativity, hand-crafted to create a new era of "fearlessness to become ourselves".

Color selection has its own psychological significance, they in the design of each color ticket, the use of color power, psychological action and emotion, so through your current sense of a certain color ticket, you can see your current state of mind.

So now, invite everyone to take a psychological test:

Color Pass Pantone Color Psychology Quiz

Here are 10 popular colors, wait a minute, don't rush down to find out, feel the feeling that each color brings to you, because through color, can reflect what you want, you are about to create a life.

After reading each color, choose it in your heart - which color best fits your imagination and feelings about the future?


1. Marshmallow Blue Spun Sugar

"Cotton candy blue is a sweet powder color with a little air. "

Choose the "marshmallow blue" color ticket for you, want to create a lighter and more spatial life.

Perhaps the hard work of the past year has made your life compressed a lot, or even a little breathless, but even so, you are gradually finding a way to balance yourself, once deep-cultivated efforts, is about to bear sweet fruit.

You will be able to breathe in the daily life, such as fresh breeze into life, your light smile, will also be like a blue sky, gently covered around the people, they also have the opportunity to feel your broad spiritual world.

Try setting annual goals in the new year and setting the next promised place for you under the blue sky.

(To the light as the wind of you: say goodbye to the poor and busy people!) "Time Statistics" is a simple 3 steps to live a productive life with texture )

2. Spider powder Gossamer Pink

"Soft, powder-like spider silk powder feels soft."

Imagination and feelings of the future with a dreamy feeling of you, presented as a cloud-like gentle state of mind, as well as like spider silk-like fine emotions, as if you lay under the network of interpersonal relationships, as long as anyone has a little movement, can cause your intuitive reaction.

For the present, you have infinite tenderness, for the future, you have infinite reverie.

You're looking forward to a new life, and while there's a little uncertainty in your heart, it doesn't really matter, because you're going to be more stable and independent as you move toward your goals.

So take advantage of the year-end meditation moment, give yourself a little time to think about what you want to transform, set the center force will be every achievement like a silk line, winding back to their bodies, you will be surprised to find that the original is so strong.

(To the gentle and strong you: Create meditation time: you will find yourself stronger than you think)

3. Shadow Red Innuendo

"Highly visible shadow red sends provocative messages."

Choose the most conspicuous "dark red" of you, the new year's expectations, show full of vitality.

You want to change the image of the past, to bring a new look to the eyes of all, perhaps through clothing, perhaps through new talent to learn, in any case, you want to present a different self.

However, after the presentation of efforts, there will still be a person, when the tumultuous pace, will have the opportunity to press pause, press reorganizing.

This year's Christmas gift, you can be your own Christmas husband, look inside, give it one of the most precious gifts, that is, learn to get along with yourself.

The new year begins with a new understanding of yourself.

(To the full of vitality of you: write a self-aware diary, talk to yourself, explore the inner voice)

4. Skydiver Skydiver

"Skydiver Blue inspires us to new heights."

Does this color make you think of adventure?

If you're in a rush to get your act together after knowing the color results you've chosen, it's not too late, iron-hot, open the calendar and start planning your adventures for the new year!

If you're not sure, it may be your subconscious that guides you and wants you to swim deeper:

It could be a deeper field, it could be a broader concept, it could be a height you didn't expect to reach, but whatever it is, you can keep that feeling in mind.

Think about it, feel it, and then answer - what kind of distance do you want to get to?

(To inspire you: Execute every day as a project, don't let frustration become a habit)

5. Yellow daffodil Daffodil

"Happy yellow daffodils bring oily spring gardens."

If you imagine the future, presenting this colorful color, then you are probably also the hearts of the small sun, for all people to bring a fresh breath of happiness.

With the Christmas holidays and the new year approaching, your life is as bright as the garden in spring, with warm sunshine.

However, the flower language of the daffodils is "pure love", which may imply that you actually have some expectations for feelings, and is a little high that kind of expectations.

After all, people who smile all the time are tired.

If you have someone close to you this Christmas holiday season, it's a good time to open your heart and talk to each other about your shadows and the pain you care most about getting along with.

You can't always be someone else's warm sun, there are people in this world who can let you down your guard and show a fragile side.

If you are still looking for love, although through the choice of color, you can see that you are not very anxious, but arrange a holiday to go out, wear the most self-styled clothes, perhaps in this Christmas holiday, you can meet people who make you feel excited!

(To warm and cheerful you: Be aware of sadness and anxiety: take care of symbiotic emotions gently and record the happiness of life)

6. Glacier Lake Blue Glacier Lake

"The calm, cool glacial lake blue gives off a silent silence. "

In the new year, you want to heal yourself. And on this road you, give the feeling of gentle and quiet.

You like to accompany yourself quietly, like a cool breeze, blowing across the blue silk lake, smoothing those messy hearts.

But don't forget the power of the glacier, in the quiet reflection at the same time, you are also like a mirror, reflecting their own appearance.

The power of meditation can not only help themselves, but also help the people around them, and in the process of helping, they will also put all kinds of thoughts into your lake, so those thoughts in the seemingly calm lake, precipitation, accumulation, digestion.

- Finally become their own strength.

(To heal you: Meditation graffiti exercise: Try to deepen your relationship with yourself)

7. Harbour Blue Harbor Blue

"The harbour blue reflects our quest for safe space."

You are not the sea, nor the river, you are the harbor, you are full of vitality of the lake.

Imagination of the future is a composite color of you, with a blue and green state of mind, synthesis is an interesting soul, you will have a lot of fresh good ideas, in your side will never be bored, there is depth you let people like, let people rely on.

As the new year approaches, the ideal life you expect to create is a sense of security.

Recommend you start by tidying up your home, stay away from the tumultuous itinerary, turn your phone into a mute, make yourself a cup of hot tea, write for yourself - even if it's just a day, and give yourself a safe time and space, because in fact, for you, throwing back into your arms is the best way to charge.

(To charge you: Write a self-aware diary, talk to yourself, explore your inner voice)

8. Delicious Mocha Coca Mocha

"Delicious and delicious mocha warms the heart. "

Does this color make you think of coffee, trees, dirt, and warmth? This state of mind, very suitable for you to meet the winter, with a brown coat, wherever it seems to fit in.

To others, you are the pillar of their faith, rely on, always with the most gentle words, intimate healing around the people.

If your vision of the future is "delicious mocha", it may be like a conservative earth color, and perhaps sometimes you will feel as if there is less change in your life, coffee without sugar, the same restaurant.

New year, in the pursuit of stability at the same time, try to step out of life at a different pace, like a sugar, a cup of milk, and even a pearl!

The courage to experience a new combination, you can live this cup of coffee, live a different taste.

(To the warm and delicious you: always feel that they are not good enough, than others?) Psychologists accompany you to practice falling in love with yourself )

9. Dali Ju Zi Dahlia

"Dali Chrysanthemum purple is eye-catching purple, showing motion. "

The feeling of the future is that of you, "Dali Ju Zi", which shows that you expect to be "different".

As in flowing colors, special colors are easy to see at a glance;

You have a good chance at work, and as long as you are determined, the goals you set will be achieved - but love is not the logic.

Love is a dynamic balance, and balance needs two people, not only one party request, one side to cooperate.

Falling in love is like dancing a double dance, dance steps to cooperate with the breathing partner, with the melody to cope with advance and retreat, in order to flow flexibly, and long-term dance.

(To the dynamic you: Do you really know your other half, or do you think you understand?) Love should be based on continuous understanding . . .

10. Phoenix Wood Red Poinciana

"Phoenix wood red is a powerful red fire, with dramatic effect. "

Such as the bright red flowers of the phoenix, such as the warm red dance of The Franco, the imagination of the future is "Phoenix wood red" you, ready for the new year to meet a variety of different challenges.

All you need is a little more planning, but as long as you've chosen a goal, don't worry too much about the success or failure of the result, because your strength and enthusiasm will be your strongest base.

However, while actively pursuing the goal, remember to look around the people, because there are some people, even when the flowers do not flower, still quietly guarded by, regardless of flowering, only willing to stay together.

If you have such a friend or partner, remember not to let go.

(To you like a flower in full bloom: The longer you get together, the easier it is to hurt each other?) Love, will not disappear for no reason, you need a way into each other's hearts )