Wonderful people, speak wonderful words! The most powerful golden sentence collection in 2021, a collection of the power golden sentences of all speakers of the 5th Global Women's Impact Forum GWIS - full of emotion and courage, are transmitted to you through this article!

The fifth session of the "Global Women's Influence Forum" for women fans, with five key keys "leadership, communication, creativity, essence and improvisation" as the main axis, invited participants to say "I am the Key" in unison, find the key in their hearts, and open the door of fearlessness in their hearts.

In addition to the two forum reports, this article gathers the "golden sentences" of all the speakers, even if you did not participate this year, I hope to give you full of fearless power through these auspicious light pieces!

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Review the 2021 GWIS Wonderful Golden Sentences

It's okay to wander, but never be afraid to wander.

Founder and CEO of Wusi Media Zhang Weixuan


We are powerful because we are diverse. (We are powered by Diversity)

Debra Bell, Vice President of Product Engineering at Micron Technology DRAM

As a leader, your job is not to be the best person in it, but to serve your teammates, helping them overcome difficulties and create contributions together.

Debra Bell, Vice President of Product Engineering at Micron Technology DRAM

"Leadership" can be taught, and anyone who is interested and willing to learn can become a leader.

Debra Bell, Vice President of Product Engineering at Micron Technology DRAM

If your gender is a "minority" of the people around you, then you have a better chance of being seen as "outstanding."

Debra Bell, Vice President of Product Engineering at Micron Technology DRAM

Don't be afraid to fail, when you make mistakes, it's also when you learn.

Camila Sáenz, Founder and CEO of TUTEEMI Foreign Tutoring

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Empathy is the ability to think from the perspective of others, curiosity is willingness to learn and not be afraid of making mistakes, and fearlessness is the courage to move forward even if it is afraid.

Microsoft Global Operations Headquarters Customer Service Capacity Management Asia Deputy General Manager Wang Xinyi


Many women feel that they are not good enough and will be afraid, but instead many people see our potential, and we don't want to have imposter syndrome.

President of Pfizer Taiwan Suqiu Ye

Don't be afraid that you are not good enough, and when you have influence, let this energy out.

President of Pfizer Taiwan Suqiu Ye

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Every time I get a chance, I ask myself, "What do I want my daughter to see her mom like?" I want to be her role model.

Google Taiwan Senior Citizen Lu Yaqiao

Not to say that we are close to equality, or almost equality, we want complete equality, and that is where happiness will really happen.

Jude Kelly, founder of the Women of the World Foundation

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The invisible obstacle is that you feel that everything is as usual, but the invisible obstacle is the most difficult, and how to dig it up and solve it is what we need to do.

Liu Yiru, Artistic Director of the Two Halls

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Take a path that no one else believes, you will feel very happy, and then slowly find a partner, you will feel that you have gone farther and farther, the happier!

Ge Rujun, taiwanese taiwanese who graduated from singularity university in the world

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It's up to you to decide how you look.

Unilever Marketing Director Xiao Yihan

What we are afraid of is the beauty of ourselves, we are afraid of others seeing us so great!

Founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall Zhao Wenhao

I think the real fearlessness is to learn to surrender and admit your shortcomings.

Founder and CEO of Tea Seed Hall Zhao Wenhao

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What is fearlessness? Accept that we are all afraid, things are often unknowable, but we do what we should do, and one day the answer will appear in front of us.

The founder of Mian Le YueShi is Lin Nianci

It's okay if you fail, just try again!

Actor Lin Weiyi

As long as you want, the whole world will help you be brave and fearless.

Woman fan partner Wu Yuxuan

Don't be limited by the gender framework, go after your dreams!

Chen Qianhua, founder of HYT Universal Cuimei Tourism Marketing Company

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Fear is natural, you believe in yourself and can take a small step forward! Let us see, embrace, believe, and be the best version of ourselves.

Lu Xinjie, CEO of Rainbow Equal Power Platform

Society will not change on its own, and social change requires the efforts of everyone.

Lu Xinjie, CEO of Rainbow Equal Power Platform

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You're that awesome! How could you not want to be yourself?

Actor Joe Zeng

After reading the golden sentences of outstanding speakers in various fields, even if you did not participate in the scene, did you take away full of energy and promise to start being brave and be true to yourself?

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