Entering the third year of the epidemic, we are still in turmoil, but there are more moments of fair treatment and embrace of diversity, which is proof that we are one step closer to DEI.

Everyone reading this article, are you doing well?

In the past year, whether international or Taiwan, our lives have pressed the pause button at certain moments because of the spread of the epidemic. There is uneasiness, there is worry, there is also fear. Even so, in all corners of the world, many people are still brave and struggling to do their small part to build a good 2021 at a time when the epidemic is raging and their lives are chaotic.

Last year's women's fan year-end review, we talked about gender events. This year, let's see if the world in 2021 will also treat the differences of all ethnic groups fairly when it sees diversity, and whether it will also show the greatest concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

Many times when we mention DEI, the first thing that comes to mind is "the workplace", but it's not just that.

Through this review, women fans want to explore with everyone that DEI that keeps popping up in life actually exists in the daily life we live every day.

Japan DEI: Starting from a pluralistic family

On January 8, 2021, The Japanese city of Ming launched the "Diversified Family" to draw more possibilities for the imagination of "home". Same-sex couples with children are no longer afraid of being able to justifiably let others know that they are also the legal caregivers of their partner's children.

A few weeks later, Taiwan brought good news for cross-border marriages. The Judiciary will submit a civil-related bill for trial, hoping that cross-border marriages will one day no longer be restricted by nationality. Perhaps the road ahead is still long, and the terminal station is still far away, but at least Taiwan has taken the first step.

The beginning of the new year is full of hope.

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International progress has been made, and Afghanistan has returned to the starting point on the road to gender equality

Coming to April, the news of the annual event Oscars has made the world see more possibilities. Director Zhao Ting won best director and best picture; Yin Ruzhen won best supporting actress. The moment you watch them take the stage, you'll trust that your life won't be limited by your gender, age, or nationality. The world sees the echoes and emotions you bring, not the difference between you and the majority.

Photo| Tatsushi Images/Associated Press

And when you see the cover character of VOGUE Taiwan magazine in June, are you as touched as I am? Aura became the first transgender model in Taiwan to appear on the cover of the magazine, interpreting the beauty of diversity for readers and showing the inclusive attitude of Taiwan's fashion circle towards diversity. Let the transgender community know that we are seen, and we expect to continue to see the beauty of diversity interpreted positively.

At the Olympics in July 2021, we saw multi-gender players standing on stage and shining confidently. There are still some attacks on appearance, and there are also doubts about the first transgender player. But the place of gratitude is that neither the country, the Olympic Games nor the organizers succumb to external pressure and give the athletes the greatest support.

Photo| Tatsushi Images/Associated Press

This is the world we want to see, where everyone is not limited by the differences with others, and can make the world a better place without fear and freedom.

In the second half of the year, the world and Taiwan had heart-wrenching events in DEI, and there were also joyful growths. On August 13, Xinqi from Taiwan and Agu from Macao became the first cross-border same-sex couple in Taiwan to register for marriage after a difficult lawsuit, writing a new chapter for Taiwan's cross-border marriage road.

But a few days later in Afghanistan, heartbreaking news came. The Taliban returned to power, and it took 20 years to get women's educational freedom and work power, which vanished in an instant. Things we take for granted, like choosing a favorite subject or choosing the job we want to do, are now unattainable dreams in the eyes of Afghan women.

We should have been able to live fearlessly, define ourselves freely, be treated fairly, and share all our resources. But a war can easily ruin 20 years of effort.

In this matter, what can we do from afar?

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Photo| Tatsushi Images/Associated Press

Taiwan's same-sex couples win the case for cross-border same-sex marriage

On 23 September 2021, the District Court declared it illegal for the Home Office to require Little E to undergo sex reassignment surgery to change gender registration, giving Little E freedom of gender identity and absolute bodily autonomy. Although this is a case-by-case effect, not other transgender groups, there will be many similar lawsuits in the future. But every time you win a lawsuit, it is a step forward. We have to believe that the power of water drops and stones cannot be underestimated.

On November 13, 2021, the Kaohsiung Comrades Parade brought us good news. In 2025, Taiwan, which won the right to host for the first time, will hold the "World Gay Parade". Let's imagine Taiwan in 2025, where the world will watch us walk down the streets in a colorful way, celebrating the beauty of diversity and passing on the idea of inclusion for the next generation.

A few weeks later, Taiwan cheered on November 25 for transnational same-sex couples Little C and Mei Ping. Their victory was not easy, and they had a daughter, Little C and Mei Ping, and finally could register their marriage. Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage in 2019, when victories were unsympathetic for transnational same-sex couples.

The incompleteness of the law makes every application for marriage registration go through a lengthy lawsuit. But Taiwan continues to work the path of fairness, striving to fight for the freedom to be treated fairly for all. Perhaps in the near future, such joyful things as cross-border marriage will not need to be approved by anyone.

The gender identity of transgender people, the law is about to open a positive dialogue

At the end of the year in December, the Taipei High Administrative Court's decision to suspend litigation and apply for constitutional interpretation in response to the Wu Yuxuan Gender Change Registration Case was another big step forward for Taiwan since Xiao E's victory. Why does gender identity have to undergo surgery to be complete?

The IOC revised regulations in 2015 to allow transgender athletes to compete without undergoing sex reassignment surgery and simply meeting the age of gender identity and testosterone levels. On 16 November 2021, the IOC published a new guidance framework that eliminates the criteria set for 2015. If human rights are taken into account in the field of sport, can the law also think from the same perspective in order to achieve more comprehensive pluralism, equity and inclusion?

Not to say that we are close to equality, or almost equality, we want complete equality, and that is where happiness will really happen.

Jude Kelly, founder of the Women of the World Foundation

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Dear readers, thank you for your warm companionship over the past year. Looking back at the end of the year, although the world in 2021 has ups and downs, there are also setbacks, but we have worked hard to move closer to diversity, fairness and inclusion.

2021 is the year of "seeing" many imaginary realizations for us, as well as "seeing" the world giving pluralistic hugs and love. We want to hear, what does 2021 mean for you? You are welcome to share your thoughts with us as well as share your IG posts.

Your voice is important to us. We also hope that next year's review will be more gentle and beautiful.