Bathed in the quiet Christmas atmosphere of the end of 2021, women fans invite Yu Ji, Tai Spicy, Acapella, He Yuwei, Chen Erin, and e-commerce merchant wives to give you the most sincere handwritten wishes - whether you are in a hilarious or quiet, I am willing to walk with you through the four seasons as usual.

In the cold winter night, what is warm enough to melt into your heart? It could be a hot drink, it could be a candle, it could be a long-lost friend, bringing a sincere greeting.

There will always be a few words, so a few lines, when inadvertently, fall into the heart. Even if you don't know who wrote the words, you still feel very close; even in the lonely room, you know that someone understands you.

Women understand you and want to warm you in the cold wind of winter nights

In response to the arrival of Christmas and the end of the year, we invited six KOLs and artists to hand-write their own original golden sentences, which we hope will be both companionship and blessing, drawing a complete end to 2021 and opening up a world you like for 2022.

You and the little girl in your heart are perfect.


"Perfection" is not a self-feeling, but an established fact, because you are unique, no one can replace.

Learning to be vulnerable can make you stronger.


Everyone has been hurt, but it is because of our fragile side that we know better what it means to be strong.

No matter what state you are in now, don't be afraid or worry, please be generous and go your own way.


The world is so big, go travel with your loved ones!


If we want to live our lives, we can move forward while thinking; cherish the people around us who love us, because we love them too.

Thank you for all the past and making me more complete now.

He Yuwei

I don't thank those who have hurt us, but thank you for every healing, for each time achieving a more complete self.

All difficulties are the necessary process for a better future.

Irene Chen

I'm not in a better future, or I'm on my way to a better future. Every difficulty is an inevitability; every overcoming makes me more complete.

Be true to yourself, you are the highlight of life.

E-commerce man's wife

Be your highlight, write your proud story, life is a book, the title is your name.

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Remember that you are not alone at any time

In this world, there are always times when we are not gentle, and at different moments in life, we face different problems.

But what we want is actually very simple.

At a low ebb, like friends who have never been away, we also need the golden phrase of "pull ourselves" to wake us up from our confusion.

The first set of "Flow with Life Golden Sentence Card" includes 9 heavyweight female fan site authors, co-branded Chinese best-selling authors "Immortal", and those "Women's Fan Classic Columns" that accompany you through countless moments, such as: relationship diary, single diary, miss sports, Handsome Lady, and women's fans say work.

So much is prepared so that you know:

"You have yourself, you're not alone." - Singles Diary

"Your tenderness must first be given to yourself." ——Women fan reader letters

"Loving yourself is also a way of loving the world." - Immortality

"You have the ability to take yourself anywhere." ——In-depth interview with women fans

"You're just you, it's good enough." ——Beautiful Man

Yes, as long as you are you, it is good enough. But the Golden Sentence card wants to go a step further, because we know...

In times of sadness, you need a warm hug;
When it comes to backing down, you need a little encouragement;
When hesitating, you need a little thrust;
When you get lost, you need a little reminder.

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What light do you want to meet in 2022?

"There are no shortcuts in life, life has its own seasons." ——Xu Jingfang

In the light, stretch out and greet the new year cheerfully; look under your feet and ask yourself, how do you want to prepare?

"Believe me, you're important. Promise me, you'll make every choice for yourself this year." ——Zhang Weixuan

Draw a card and the world of splendor shines in the heart -Flow with life, anytime, anywhere, just for you.

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