If you don't know what gifts to give and how to choose them, you can't go wrong by following these four selection guides! Women's fan editors select the unique selections of petty bourgeoisie, courtesy is light and affectionate, warm and practical, suitable for gifts to partners and friends.

Winter rains, Christmas music fills the streets, and it's time to exchange gifts! Whether it is a company, a community or an event between friends, at the end of the year, in addition to eating, the game of exchanging gifts is often played. It's distressing, but it's also a pleasure exclusive to the season.

Partners, family, friends, and even ambiguous objects will also seize the opportunity from Christmas to the beginning of the New Year, follow this "gift-giving style", and condense their hearts into gifts in the name of "past year" thanks and "new year" blessings, and pass them on steadily.

How to choose a gift? - Follow the 4 selection guides without mistake!

The woman who knows you best knows that for the party who receives the gift, seeing the gift is like seeing the person - what kind of gift you send, it will be interpreted as what kind of intention.

However, there are many gifts on the market, so what if you have a choice barrier? How do you send gifts to your heart?

Don't worry, women fans have already helped you think about it! Here are 4 selection guides that are definitely important for you to choose a gift:

1. Practicality

Have you ever had the experience of opening a gift and the first impression that turns out is "receiving trash"? If you send something that you don't need at all, it's like a superfluous useless thing at home, and you don't feel happy at all...

What is most needed at this time is practicality! Usually we can observe the habits of the gift-giver to see what he is missing. What color do you like? The so-called gift to the heart, is absolutely to meet his preferences, will let the other party use this gift, use for a long time.

2. Budget

If you are a petty bourgeoisie, the budget consideration is certain, not that you are not willing to spend a lot of money, but we pursue high CP value! The common gift exchange activity will set a budget of 500 yuan, if it is a friend, it may be 1,000 yuan, if it is for a partner or ambiguous object, then the price is not a problem.

3. Uniqueness

If, when you show off your gifts, you don't want to show your hands like Miss Li and your colleague Mr. Chen next door, what should you do?

Although sending common brands and gift content, basically not very good at stepping on the thunder, but also will not make people deeply impressed with you, so your gift will fall into the torrent of gifts, when others see the gift, a careless will forget who sent it ... .

So whether your gift has a special feature that people can remember at a glance is also one of the keys to "giving gifts to the heart"!

4. Aesthetics

Just like the first impression of meeting, the first sight of the gift determines the pleasure of the recipient!

From the physical design of the gift, the color and shape, to the meticulousness of the shell packaging, it is all presenting the designer's aesthetic height. Some gifts are not necessarily used at the moment of getting them, and you are not even sure how to use them, but the beauty and refinement it contains will directly attract the attention of the recipient.

"Thank you, I love your gift." I think this sentence is the most desired word of all gift givers.

Womany Christmas/New Year Gifts Top 7:

The following selection of 7 original products for women fans, among hundreds of products, carefully selected by the editors, also meet the conditions for petty bourgeoisie to be easy to start.

From content ingenuity to external packaging, full of exquisite intentions, beauty is 100 points, women fans are really good quality assurance, must let the recipient of the gift, directly exclaim surprise - and then ask where you bought it!

So, let's start with the first of the most representative of the year...

1. 2022 Play with Time Handbook – Every step shines

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Nothing is more able to record the real self than handwriting, and through the stroke of the hand, the life will be more conscious, because leaving ten minutes more for yourself every day is the real long-term companionship.

However, if you want to send the 2022 handbook to that "he/she", you may need to worry about it, because these three colors "permanent green", "instantaneous yellow", "immortal white" are so beautiful! But no matter which one you send, the other party must like it, because it is full of golden sentences, printed on 68 pounds of top Japanese Bachuan paper, accompanying 365 daily routines in 2022.

2. Flow with Life Golden Sentence Card – One card per day to gain strength

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We all know that days are sometimes less gentle...

In times of sadness, you need a warm hug;
When it comes to backing down, you need a little encouragement;
When hesitating, you need a little thrust;
When you get lost, you need a little reminder.

70 Golden Sentence Cards, four categories, to choose the power you need to gain, or if you wish, you can also send this deck to your partner or friend to share your power with them!

3. ME TIME Women's Shower Gel – Gives the body the best sense of security

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Are there any exclusive gifts for women? It's not wrong to send natural ingredients for toiletries!

This year is ME TIME's premier intimate shower gel, upgraded for the first time in six years. Whether it is a gift or for personal use, after using it, you will find that giving the body a sense of security is so simple!

4. IT'S TIME To Light a Candle (70g)– Experience the magic of candlelight

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If you have the habit of lighting a scented candle, you may want to share it with a friend and invite him to experience the magic of wandering in the small candlelight, emitting a 100% natural fragrance, no harmful substances, and it is safe to use.

But if you don't have this habit yet, then maybe it's time to experience it!

5. Blush Deep Bed Deck Card – Have fun with yourself

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If you want to give gifts to the object, for exploring their own body and a little shy, then you may wish to send him this set of "Blush Deep Bed Play Card: Make Love To Myself Self-help Intimacy", which definitely makes the other party's eyes light up in addition to shyness!

The set of cards contains 40 intimate experience cards with yourself, and a guidebook with three sets of guide notes, whether you are a novice or an old driver, there are routes to guide, even if you are alone, you will not get lost in the world of exploration desire.

Let your partner explore yourself, let your friends explore yourself, let yourself explore yourself – through the "Blush Deep Bed Card", light up the small universe of physical pleasure and get a better sexual experience!

6. Blush Deep Bed Deck Card – Want to play with your partner

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If you want to have a better sex experience with your partner, this set is definitely the best explicit + hint!

"Blush Deep Bed Play Card: A Loving foreplay Mixed Play" contains 40 game proposal cards + a set of pre-trip guidebooks to make your sex game, no cold, take you to your heart's heart every day

「Let's Play, Never enough!」

7. Shape of Love Relationship Custom Cards – Relationship Coach strikes again

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The well-received "Relationship Sync Card" in the original products of women fans, under the praise and knocking of many users, is about to produce the second bullet in 2022!

This is a set of cards that analyze the true appearance of love, not only suitable for giving to the people you care about, but also suitable for yourself, because...

When we can become the most authentic self, we can also meet the most charming love.

If, you want to have the most expensive...

Essential University – a life-changing growth ceremony

In fact, the real best gift is not necessarily the entity, but something that can be carried away in a lifetime, and the gift of growth will not be buried in the corner, but integrated into the soul.

The mission of Essence University is to help everyone become the guide of their own life, to help everyone see talents and know how to apply them, and to find a group of people with a common passion for talents to show influence together.

There are 30+ masters (or mentors) in the course who lead each unique self to create a life-changing year.

The ceremony is light and affectionate, and I wish the coming year a smooth stream

The above is the editor's selection of Womany Shop online store, in line with all the selection guidelines of the classic original goods, see the like without hesitation, online order, directly to the other party's home, so that your sincerity at a glance!

When the other party asks how to give such a chic gift? - Please answer, "To you, I am a generous love!"

Because some love does not need to be particularly expressed, just giving gifts can see your intentions.

If you think the Womany Christmas Gift Selection List Top 7 is wonderful, but you are not satisfied, and you want to pick more Christmas/New Year gifts, please click the URL Portal:https://womany.net/s/z5kkf82- Womany Shop selects hundreds of items, there must be something that can hit your heart!