The two major female characters Lin Xinru played by "Hua Lantern First Up" played by "Luo Yunong" and "Su Qingyi" played by Yang Jinhua, the friendship between the two women is intertwined, although there are many misunderstandings, they are still reluctant to let you go. (Contains spoilers, please read at your discretion)

In the first episode of the Taiwan drama "The First Light", the relationship between "Rose Mother" Luo Yunong (played by Lin Xinru) and "Mother Su" Su Qingyi (played by Yang Jinhua) begins with the former going to the restaurant and freeing the latter from the hands of entangled men.

Although there is no blood relationship, the feelings between sisters are not only a kind of good, but also a kind of "sacrificing yourself".

Perhaps, from the moment they moved to the next door in the middle school and looked at each other, each other's fate quietly sprouted and reached into each other's lives, making the two girls closely dependent on each other in life, and even entangled in intricately intertwined.

The hands held by friendship, on the side of the sun sprinkling, are the love that knows and cherishes each other along the way, and under the shadows, the hatred that cannot be dissolved, the sisterhood of love and hate, until death, the two have not been separated.

There is a friendship that you accept after you get out of prison

Luo Yunong broke with his original family, was betrayed by his ex-husband, and went to prison in poverty. After she was released from prison, she was greeted by her son who rushed over to hug her, and her son's mother, Su Qingyi, who always had a gentle smile, and the three of them hugged each other tightly, as if they were born again.

When she was just released from prison and still did not know where her livelihood was, Su Qingyi invited Luo Yunong to run the Japanese-style hotel "Hikari" together, and to be "Mama Sang" with her best friend, although Su Qingyi contributed 80%, "but we are all the same, we are all bosses."

The two are busy decorating the "light" together, surviving the dilemma of no guests together, coping with the public relations crisis that follows, taking care of or training the ladies underneath, and celebrating your and my birthdays in the store together.

No matter what difficulties, as long as they are with you, they can be solved. Every night the "light" light box opens as naturally as with you.

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There is a kind of hatred, which is particularly hated because it is you

Luo Yunong's boyfriend Jiang Han (Feng Xiaoyue) dumped her and went to be good with Su Qingyi, who knew that this would make his best sister sad, but still could not control his love and enjoyed the male and female love between him and Jiang Han.

"Have you ever had a feeling of hating a person, hating someone so much that you wanted to beat the other person to death, but you couldn't help but want to sympathize with him and help him?"

When Luo Yunong knew about the secret relationship between the two of them, he hated Su Qingyi to the bone; and Su Qingyi did not get a little blessing and understanding from a good sister, and he also hated the other party to the point of no return.

On the one hand, you obviously know what I like, why you want to rob me, whether you deliberately want to hurt my "lost love and incomprehension"; on the other hand, you don't know that I actually like him earlier than you, but you still have to watch the two of you shine, and then it is hard to be happy but you can't get a little blessing of "mourning and forbearance for many years".

"Why you?"
"Why not me?"
"Why choose her and not me?"

These words appeared in the hearts of the two at the same time, crossing the beginning and end of the acquaintance and love with Jiang Han.

Sometimes you think the spark is out, but in fact you are just waiting for the resurgence; sometimes you think that you have let go, but you are just waiting to find a reason and vent your pain.

Two people can be sisters for many years, and their habits are contaminated, perhaps because they are too similar: the arrogance of doing business, the wrist image of mother Sang, the look of men's eyes, and even the way to be hurt by men.

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and it is precisely because I love you so much that when I know it is you, I hate you very much.

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There is a kind of love that you are willing to help her raise children

The second season of "Hua Lantern Chu Shang" reveals the life of Wu Ziwei (Liu Jing), a gentle and caring 14-year-old teenager who plays the role of silently caring for his mother in the first season, and it turns out that his father is not Wu Shaoqiang (Played by Zheng Yuanchang), and his mother is not Luo Yunong, who usually lives together, but Su Qingyi, who is also considerate and careful, and always takes care of everyone with a smile.

The young Su Qingyi was sexually assaulted by her mother's boyfriend under the acquiescence of her mother's death, and in fear and fragility, she was blamed by her mother and driven out of the house, without any protection and comfort, which broke her heart, and what was even more frightening was that she found out that she was pregnant!

I don't want to be born, but I still have to be born for the safety of my life. At a young age, there are still many things to do. I know I'm not wrong...

Sexually assaulted, homeless, unmarried and childless, what is the next step in the life of a young girl?

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Young Luo Yunong looked at her helpless friend, brave her, and decided to protect her and protect her child - let this child become the child of Luo Yunong and Wu Shaoqiang!

The plot tells the story of their sour youth, the ignorance that they are willing to bear, the weakness of succumbing to reality, the wicked who are at large, the relatives who are snobbish and ask for money, and the innocence of protecting their friends, the innocence of desperate and unrepentant innocence.

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There is a promise that will be kept until death

"This farewell ceremony is my promise to her." The crowd attends their beloved "Mama Sue" farewell ceremony, which is planned by her best friend "Rose Mama" Luo Yunong.

When they were young, they agreed: "In the future, no matter who dies first, another person will help her with the funeral."

Luo Yunong did it and completed the agreement between the two. The funeral was held in a small green garden, surrounded by trees full of hand-folded white paper cranes, rich white roses and lilies, the stars arched around a large photo, the beautiful she wore a pure white headband and dress, shallow smile, just as clean and elegant as Yi was before life.

The most beautiful scenes, solemn people, the air is floating with impermanence and helplessness, and full of regrets.

"I always felt that her existence was as natural as air, and it wasn't until after she left that I realized how happy I had been."

You're gone, and my life seems to be half way gone. Far away, you tell me, in the future, my happiness, who will I share? Can I be happy again?

You once said, "To live is to be hell, and those who die are liberated, so the living are to help the dead to be happy." If one person is crying and another person is watching from heaven, it will be sad."

So Luo Yunong did not shed tears, she knew she was watching, she knew she would understand, because no matter how deep the misunderstanding, there was a day of ice release, just like from when they were young, the two often quarreled, but they would go to eat ice together, through a warm hug and reconciliation, close to each other, and then go strong together. The friendship between the two is still connected to death.

In order not to make your dear you sad, so I do not cry. With a smile on my face, I send you a hello that can never be replaced.

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There is a kind of misunderstanding, and if it is not solved, it will always be with regret

Luo Yunong, who has a proud personality and dares to love and dare to hate, did not notice that Su Qingyi, who was as thin as a hair, seemed to be soft and indisputable with the world, but he could hide his love for many years, and so was hate.

"I used to think I understood you, but now I'm getting more and more unsure."
"You've never understood me, and if you had understood me, you wouldn't have always been on top of me."

The so-called misunderstanding is that I am good to you, but I see you as evil. I thought I was good to you, but I didn't know that it had become your poison.

"I thought you enjoyed being taken care of." Luo Yunong smiled bitterly.
"Then you can try it, and you can enjoy it and feel like I take care of you." Su Qingyi's words carry the poison of revenge.

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At the beginning of the lanterns, the night rain was heavy, and one person smoked, and now one person was left to drink.

Have you and I, who separate the two worlds, ever thought about it... if we were not so self-righteous before, if we had the courage to solve the misunderstanding at that time- then would we be able to reduce our regrets later?

However, some things, once missed, are too late.

The paper drunk gold fan, the light fragrance in the floating tu earthly world, and the wounds that precipitated in the bottom of the heart, quietly lie in the "light".