The lead singer of the Franco Orchestra, Farran, launched the first solo cover EP album "Another Farran", debuted with a new style of "long hair", which seems to add a bit of sexiness, through the "charming formula" in-depth interview with Farran, let us have the opportunity to explore her inner thoughts, she stepped on a firm step, step by step out of her own musical road.

At the first sight of Flange, her eyes were full of aura, wearing a flannel dark green coat, her skin looked whiter, and she asked energetically, "Hello!" Concise and concise, without dragging mud with water, walk into the recording studio. The studio broadcast Farran's new work, she also hummed along with the hum ... originally seemed to be some strange greeting, but with her humming shortened the distance, she casually took off her shoes and sat on the sofa to sing, on the way to shoot, to help adjust the position of the air-conditioning wind leaf, fading under the protective shell of indifference, it is her delicate and intimate.

Ten years of music road, she started from the name of "Farran Fran", to the lead singer of the "Farandre Orchestra" with friends, and finally returned to the solo state of "Fran Fran" alone, after the change of mood of the three characters, music has become a fascinating call in her life.

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Flange is a little flower in the orchestra, and she pays attention to the harmony of the orchestra. The Franco Orchestra released a total of three albums together, one of which was launched "Why is it like a love story, obviously I am watching a detective novel" plan, cross-domain invitation to designer Fang Xuzhong to co-produce, the plan was issued, within 5 hours to reach the target of 300,000, and finally raised a million good results in the fundraising! Of course, the music of the Franco Orchestra itself is unique and full of magical characteristics, and its works have been shortlisted for the Admiralty, Golden Melody, and even many theatrical soundtracks.

In 2020, Fran won the 57th Golden Horse Awards "Best Original Film Music Award" with the film soundtrack "Dear Tenant", and I believe that the most honorable with Fran is not only Fran himself and his orchestra partners, but the die-hard fans who have been looking forward to it for a long time, this Golden Horse Award, this recognition - finally came to her hands.

Fumbling for shapes: Women are often more likely to think about others, and now I want to decide for myself

The Franco orchestra was formed in 2009, it has been 13 years along the road, the orchestra did not disband, and Farran flew solo and stepped out of the comfort zone of the group.

The orchestra is like this, everyone will be on the stage, how to make everyone shine together? Farran's primary consideration is the coordination of the group, in the past ten years, she has heard all kinds of voices, gradually condensed herself, after flying alone, showing a more realistic appearance, seems to have more humanity, community interaction is closer to the fans, you can see that she is portraying a more specific self. In the past, the formation of group units always had to be considered more, even if the consistency of external communication and consideration of each other's ideas, each big and small will affect the whole situation and change.

Farran said, "I think I used to be more concerned about what the group wanted. Women's thinking is often like this, it will be more based on everyone, I think about it a lot, as if I made some decisions in the haze, not very specific decisions, that may affect my point of view and perspective on things, I will now advise myself, don't do that."

Women fans of the past in-depth interviews, can always see women in the society to play a concession of the image, women are easy to hope to take the overall situation as the most important, sacrifice more, sacrifice more, that difficult to harmonize doubts, gradually swollen in the heart, hidden in the heart of the desire is also eliminated by external factors, but when the bottom line is repeatedly pulled, backwards, and then retreated, until the end, not only lost the overall situation, if there is no longer our desire in the overall situation, it is no longer the overall situation.

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Practice stopping and thinking, where exactly do I want to go?

In 2018, the Franco Orchestra experienced the death of the orchestra bassist, the trough went through a difficult day, I thought that the Franco Orchestra closed the door of creation, fortunately time is still the strongest weapon, a song "Where to Go Next" returned to the arms of the fans, Farran carefully put in private emotions, describing those vague days, the melody lyrics are stuffed with life's confusion and floating, hiding too many memories of the marquee, many times in the unwilling mood to clarify several times.

Farran said, "I seem to have made some decisions in a haze, which are not very specific decisions, but that affect my perspective and perspective on things." I'm going to advise myself not to do that now, because I should have another way to face things."

Life is impermanent, the news of parting really came unexpectedly, her farewell to the members of the regiment, so that she learned the helplessness of the world, Farran said, "Life is actually not long, short is not short, everyone has their own way to go." 」 - Perhaps, it is time to let the inner flange come out!

In the end, people will eventually go to the same destination, there are many clinging little things in life, it seems that we have to practice letting go, listening to the tone of Fran's speech, compared to uncomfortable, the relief is more, as if we really learned something from the low tide. Walking on the same road, people can arrive together, but they can also go their separate ways, no matter what decision you make, don't forget to stop and think about it, don't let the busyness make us deviate from the direction we were going.

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I like girls more than boys – logically similar and comfortable with each other

The reticent and cold personality is often the reason why music fans like Farran, not much to talk about, quickly attract everyone's attention, her role-model, but also a very heroic film actress, such as: Cate Blanchett (Cate Blanchett), Tilda Swinton, Susan Nicole Downey ... ...

Farran laughed and said she liked girls a little more.

If I had to choose to be with a man or a woman today, I would choose a female friend because it would logically be closer.

Singer Fran Fran

In the face of interpersonal relationships, people who think closer are also more likely to become friends or become role models, and gender is no longer the most important consideration in comparison, but whether they can get along with each other. Rather than sticky companionship, the fit of ideas and frequencies seems to be the most cherished place in the relationship.

Farran faces love with the indifference of "I don't mind with the waves", even if he wanders for a long time to meet, he also has the romance of their own ends. From solo to love, it can be felt that she is no longer dependent on vigorous and affectionately engaged in the relationship.

The two do not have to be together every day, and they identify each other in their hearts, even if they are at the end of their own world.

Singer Fran Fran

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Inside me, there is another crazy self

In 2013, the Franco Orchestra released her second album "I Don't Mind Going with the Flow", she mentioned a song she included on this album, "Twenty-One", which is her mood for the twenty-one-year-old self, and the lyrics include a sentence: "There is a beast in my heart that is difficult to tame, and I want to break free at night."

That pretending to go with the flow of indifference has already carried countless large, swollen, and indescribable feelings—Farran does not know how to release them.

This contradiction and vague feeling, through creation, looking for likes, and clarifying the nightmare of life, seems to be able to let the madness buried in the body penetrate out, step by step, like a fog shooting into the light, ordinary life to find some derailed crazy little things, for Farran, it is a happy thing.

Occasionally late at night, she would put on her headphones at home, turn the volume to the maximum, and as Grooving danced, Farran said, "If everyone listens to different music, the movements will be different." I think it's very romantic to be able to enjoy a person's life alone, a little bit!" And I also imagine that this is like the classic scene in "Single Zoo", in a leafy forest, everyone is dancing their own dance, even if the world of hearing is only themselves, but with music, we are not alone at all.

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Self-knowledge is not a person with a strong core, learn not to care too much about other people's voices

When creating music, emotions are very important seasonings, but when the flavorings are too heavy and out of balance, it is a bit contrary, we are thinking, every public figure will more or less care about the volume of voice, care about what the public wants to pursue, as a public figure you have to learn to please, but Farran instead makes himself a person who does not care about the volume of voice.

What I want to do will not change, so I will keep what I have to do.

Singer Fran Fran

Farran has self-knowledge, knowing that he is a timid person, on the one hand, seeing the comments will be devastated by anyone, so he practices to keep himself from looking and not caring.

Regurgitate what she said, whether a person is good or bad, it has nothing to do with what others say, the day still has to go on, learn not to care about how others see themselves, it is better to use time to find "like" things! Because I like it, I can concentrate on it; because I like it, I can stick to it in the face of criticism.

Life is really short, fate is actually relative, emotions come, go to pick up, if you encounter sad things in life, you may also be able to say like Farran said: "When sad, I will run to other people's works, I will temporarily give up my life for a while, go into other people's lives, read other people's stories, and shed other people's tears." 」

If we know that our hearts are not made of steel and are susceptible to the influence of these right and wrong, then listen less, focus more, do the things we like to the best, practice finding "likes" in life, and then have no distractions, this is the best charming formula for Flange!