Japanese popular actress Takumi Ishihara married her boyfriend outside the circle in 2020, and in early 2022, she announced the good news of pregnancy with fans! Why is Tomomi Ishihara so beloved? Let's take a look at her work, love, and philosophy of life from these 5 golden sentences.

Remember what happened on October 1, 2020?

There is an urban legend in Japan that the day the beloved actresses announce their marriage, the stock market must fall sharply. On that day in October 2020, the Japanese stock market not only fell, but the Tokyo Stock Exchange system also directly failed! (And it was the first failure since it was electronic in 1999))

The stock market has been suspended all day, which female celebrity got married, bringing such a big impact, so that the Japanese people are so shocked? You must have guessed the answer if you were smart - Satomi Ishihara announced her marriage.

Toshimi Ishihara posted the wedding news through the community, sharing the happy news of the marriage with fans with a handwritten letter, and she mentioned in the letter:

"As I got to know each other, I became the one who could share with each other and work together to overcome all odds. Although I am not mature enough, from now on, I hope that we can cherish each other's love together and walk through the rest of our lives together."

After a year with the man outside the circle, she decided to enter the wedding hall, and the fans offered full blessings with tears!

Image | DailySports, Japan

More than a year after the marriage, Tomomi Ishihara once again brought good news! On January 10, 2022, she announced the good news of her pregnancy through her brokerage company and revealed that her due date was in the spring.

She is willing to share joy with everyone, but also to protect the privacy of family members, such as public marriage, more in the circle of outsiders to refer to the husband, the first time of pregnancy, but also waiting for the baby in the womb to pass a stable period, before announcing the good news of pregnancy.

"I hope to put my child first and continue to do the work I love at my own pace, thank you to the people who have always supported me," Said Toshimi Ishihara said.

Fans rushed to tell each other as if the child in Rimi Ishihara's belly was also half of their child.

Why does Satomi Ishihara have such a great charm and deeply grasp the hearts of fans? Let's get a glimpse of her life experience and philosophical sentences!

Satomi Ishihara 5 inspirational golden sentences

"I don't think it matters whether I'm married or have kids, the most important thing is that I hope to find someone who will make me happy for the rest of my life." 」

Do you know who is the actress who won the most Japanese male votes for "most want to fall in love with her"? Yes, it is Yui Niigaki, who is known as the "wife of the nation", but if you ask Japanese women "who do you most want to be", the answer must be "Ishihara Satomi"!

Why do Japanese women prefer Satoshi Ishihara to Yui Niigaki? In fact, because of Ishihara's beautiful film and drama role and personal style, she brings people the impression of maturity, confidence, sexiness, independence, and even the aura of a queen, so it attracts the attention of girls.

In celibate Japan, she also explained the younger generation's views on marriage, saying that it is not important to have marriage or children, "because there are still many single girls who are very energetic even if they do not have children." 」

Toshimi Ishihara also encourages everyone to look for the "object that will make them happy", but before he/she appears, let's live happily ever after!

"When women reach the age of 30, it's a good time to stop and think seriously about life and career. What happiness is should not be judged by others, but by one's own heart."

Women, in particular, are often urged to marry by their parents as they approach the age of 30. Some people think that marriage is filial piety, and Ishihara Originally thought the same.

But after the age of 30, she gradually found that in fact, if she rushed to get married for the expectations of her parents, if there were many situations after marriage, it would make her parents uneasy and increase her troubles with her parents.

So the first thing is to make parents trust themselves, even if they live alone, they can live well, let them feel at ease, and prove to them that they have the power to live alone. Toshimi Ishihara believes that this is true filial piety, and blind obedience is not the best choice for everyone.

If you are also 30 years old and feel a little anxious, you can stop at this time, think about life, and don't be forced by age.

Because Ishihara Saidakami also said this - the definition of happiness should be decided by yourself.

(Film drama extension:"Tokyo Noble Woman": What about being single at 30 years old? Loneliness should not be a reason to find someone to love)

It's a pleasure to make choices on my own, and I'm happy whether those choices are recognized by others or not.

Satomi Ishihara

Debuting at the age of 15, 23-year-old Tomomi Ishihara encountered a career bottleneck. At that time, her acting career was not going well, the magazine shooting work was gone, the radio program she hosted was suspended, and she was given a long vacation by her agent... It can be said that it was the low tide of her acting career, and many people would give up their goals and dreams in life at this time.

Tomomi Ishihara, who was taken on a long vacation because she did not have a drama, decided to study in the United States for 1 month, and later she mentioned that 1 month many times in many interviews, which brought about major changes in her life.

She was shocked to realize that she always followed the company's plan, accepted everything from others, and did not have her own ideas. However, during her study abroad, Satomi Ishihara was not an artist, she had the time and space to re-acquaint herself, and even discovered her own interests, and deepened her makeup and styling ability after returning home.

Since then, the personality traits of "Satomi Ishihara" have gradually been shaped, and in many subsequent dramas, such as "Dorkin President Petty BourgeoisIe", "Lost Love Chocolate Worker", "5 to 9", "Proofreading Queen" in the drama are all taken care of by themselves, and her fashion profession has also made her an object of imitation for girls to chase, and even become the queen of goods.

Picture | stills from "5 to 9"

We look back on her past, the 23-year-old did not choose to give up the road of acting, but also practiced her acting skills, step by step to the "Queen of Japanese Drama" of the first-line popular actress title.

Even if there are many sufferings on this road, as long as they choose, they can be turned into sweetness through hard work.

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There is no futile effort in life, even if you can't get recognition in the moment, don't give up your efforts.

Satomi Ishihara, film drama "Proofreading Queen"

Toshimi Ishihara once said in "Proofreading queen": "In life, there is nothing called 'futile'. Even if I don't get praise from others, I don't get any recognition, but I still want to do everything I can to do everything I can."

The picture | stills from "The Proofreading Queen"

We don't necessarily ask for the approval of others, but most importantly – do you recognize yourself?

If you have ever observed the children in the park playing, you will find that their running, often running with all their strength, sprinting and turning without any intention, not for the applause of others, not thinking of anything to give back, but simply testing their speed and flexibility, enjoying the sweaty invigorating pleasure, and then falling to the ground with their friends, laughing at each other's gasping ugly faces.

When we grow up, can we just run hard and cheerfully like children? Of course, you can pause your break at any time.

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If you have that time to despair, it is better to go to the food and then sleep.

Satomi Ishihara, film drama "Forensic Queen"

Finally, I will end with a classic line by Toshimi Ishihara in "The Queen of Forensics" (Unnatural).

We all know that the world is occasionally not gentle, and there are always times when things don't go well.

For example, when we invest our full attention in the work projects that we write, there are mistakes everywhere; for example, when the career development is not as expected; for example, the long-awaited vacation results are in vain; for example, the transfer is rejected, and we feel that there is no hope ahead... I really have to count, and there are too many desperate moments in life.

At this time, please remember to think of the lines of "Forensic Queen", think about The enjoyment of Ishihara's eating food, let go of negative emotions, and go to a good meal and get enough sleep.

The picture | stills from "The Queen of The Forensic Doctor"

Even if the world is not always what we expect, we can still take care of ourselves and create happiness for ourselves, because the person who knows best how to love ourselves is you.

May we all find our favorite appearance from the roles played by Ishihara Toshimi, perhaps sexy and naughty, smart and independent, or determined and hardworking, never give up.

Satomi Ishihara became "Tomomi Ishihara" step by step, and you can also become "yourself" step by step.