The first time I heard Huizhu's singing, clear voice, with gripping music, I was unconsciously moved by her, maybe every creation came from her own handwriting, so soothing! This eight-year-old new album "FAC:E" is a treasure that has gone through many years of hard work and self-exploration. Let's take a look at how Huizhu views creation and life through this in-depth interview!

Originally just wanted to become a civil servant to live a stable life, he participated in music competitions by chance, signed into a brokerage company, released his first album, and even entered the golden song! This seemingly smooth musical road has a bitterness that you can't feel, and the guitar has really changed Wang Huizhu's life.

From 2014 to 2018, after the release of the first album, many people asked Where did Wang Huizhu go? Is it gone? But in fact, she has never left, gathering silently accumulating energy and walking firmly in her own time zone.

On the day of the interview, the dark clouds were at the top, and it seemed that a light rain was about to fall at any time. Not far from the recording studio, I immediately recognized Huizhu's back, she showed a kind smile, and on the way to the recording studio with her, there were some stray dogs, and the barking of the dogs sounded all around, and I looked scared, but even so, she still stood up in front of her, as if this sense of responsibility was born on her.

She is like a college classmate who usually sits next door and accompanies you to class, whether it is a trivial matter in life or a difficult disease in schoolwork, she will open the door for you to talk about relief. Maybe it's because of her sparkling eyes, glass marble-like eyes, whirlwind, focused expression, that makes you feel like you're being listened to.

Take advantage of the fact that it is not yet dark, and seize the time to shoot outdoors. She swung her posture at will, stretched her waist, tied her shoelaces, lay on the bench to empty herself, occasionally showing a handsome and cute expression, obviously at work, comfortable as if playing, the scene shooting atmosphere is relaxed and warm.

Seizing the opportunity, she began to introduce how easy the shoes on her feet are to wear, indoor and outdoor use are convenient, she is a person who loves the outdoors very much, as if being in nature can make her come back to life.

A guitar changed my life

Graduated from Chiayi Girls' High School, during her schooling, she accidentally stepped into the guitar club, and the instrument that originally did not have a life plan broke into her world alive. Originally regarded as a civil servant as her goal in life, she was inspired by the guitar, and her life set off huge ripples, playing with musical instruments, and at the same time, she was inseparable from the creation of music.

Well-behaved and calm personality, so that she is a little slow and hot, shy hidden in the desire for music, Huizhu talked about her feelings of standing on the stage to perform, like music, because when the songs she creates can move others, she feels very cool and very happy.

However, singers and civil servants are completely different choices, huizhu said seriously: "Becoming a singer and having a stable salary of a civil servant are completely different things, and it took me a long time to adapt to this matter."

Shining stars need to stand the test of time

In 2011, Huizhu participated in countless competitions and experienced the achievements and joys brought by singing, giving her the opportunity to enter the career choice of "singer". In 2012, Huizhu participated in the production of the soundtrack of the movie "Girlfriend, Boyfriend", and under the consideration of the agency, officially launched the album "Girl Vera", the album was quite well received, and also won the 26th Golden Melody Newcomer Award.

Although there is the blessing of golden songs, from creation to facing the vast music commercial market, the music industry is full of talent and starlight, how to find the market entry point, their own positioning, the journey is also arduous. Huizhu was honest, she said, "At that time, I was still in the brokerage company, maybe, the company didn't know how to push me, I didn't know how to push me."

In the process, she tried many possibilities, from signing in to music company training, releasing solo albums, participating in the Chinese talent show, and flying to Quanzhou to develop, but she has always been in a uncomfortable state. Although the company plays a role as an assistant, it is hindered by its own personality is too depressed, dare not take the initiative to express its own ideas, for a long time, there is no way to say what you want.

Those years experienced a lot of things, good and bad is not very bad. But I don't feel like I'm walking in this industry.

Singer-songwriter Wang Huizhu

After the baptism of Quanzhou during that period, back in Taiwan, the awkwardness that made her stagnant, she did not want to continue like this, Huizhu decided to try to come out and work hard for herself. Leaving the music company, without the shackles and protection of the music company, she actively seized the opportunity for herself.

Successively released works: EP album "Dear Sappy", single "Humor to Pair", "Grandpa's False Teeth", independent release for a creator, is very expensive and time-consuming, Huizhu still chose to go out of the comfort zone, try to use their own comfortable way to create, and then invited to cross the Youtube circle, for the popular group "Crazy Women Everywhere" to create a theme song, and with singer Wei Jiaying jointly launched the single "Derailed".

This series of positive actions is to better understand what you want in your heart.

Listening to her share this, it is quite sympathetic. If you are also a little perfectionist, the creation will inevitably fall into the idea of "I think the work is not good enough", and dare not render it to the public, only by constantly creating, letting the public see your work, through the exchange of opinions and feedback, can you make better adjustments and create works that you also like.

So don't be afraid that your creations are not good enough, because we will continue to improve and surpass our past selves.

If I could do it all over again, I would express myself, whether the outcome was different or not

I asked her if she could do it all over again, would she be willing to start trying to say what she was thinking when faced with something uncomfortable?

Huizhu paused, blinked, and said, "I will, just practice communicating early." But I can still understand, if it were like that, how much pressure would my head be at that time? Whether I want to say it or not, there will still be a dilemma in this matter, but I will practice to say it slowly."

A lot of times, we think, "If we could do it all over again, would we make any adjustments and changes?"

Looking back on every incident, although I can't do anything to correct my remorse, I can also try to overwrite the things that were not perfected at that time, re-go through the process, and learn to clarify and adjust. Draw out the key points where you can do better, circle them, and then list better methods. Life is not just by handan toddler, we are still on the way to form, because we do not understand, so we have the value of experiencing it, life is to fall down again and again to stand up, and then draw the outline that we also like.

Live in the eyes of society: Why do I deserve to be liked?

After a roundabout musical road, Huizhu held a tour, and sometimes watching the fans running with their own southeast and northwest, there will also be a feeling of encouragement, Huizhu said: "I often feel why why is it me? And then... why did you like me for so long? Every time I go, they go, they go, they spend so much money, they prepare cards when they see me... and I feel that I deserve it!"

Listening to Huizhu say these words, she felt that when she faced the praise, her heart would appear contradictory, as if she did not dare to accept the likes and hospitality of so many people, she could not believe that she was really so good.

We grew up in a culture of humility, always with a sense of "dare not accept" the affirmation of others. The more I like a thing, the easier it is to lose self-confidence, rarely accept the praise of others to us, and unconsciously emerge in my mind the inner bullying of "no matter how hard I try and how good I am, I will never be perfect" in my mind.

In fact, this kind of impostor syndrome, any form of life may occur, especially as a female character, often embracing the dedication and contradiction of "loving others more than being loved".

We need to practice believing in ourselves and trying to accept praise – because you're great and worthy of being liked!

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Hatch a head-on album and no longer escape from your past self

The new album is titled "FAC:E", which is presented in contrast to the obscure way in the past, and used to replace his appearance with illustrations. Eight years later, she put her entire face in the center of the album design, "FAC:E" is a face in terms, and the verb is face. The two merge to become a head-on attack – Face to Face!

This face-to-face courage is the best power to break through the shadow magic barrier, which means that the current Huizhu is opening itself up and showing its ever-changing appearance to the outside world.

When you press the "Play" button of the album, there will be a kind of magic that cannot be stopped and repeatedly looped, each song is a treasure that has been painstakingly hatched by Huizhu, if it has not gone through the previous eight years of rugged training, perhaps the current Huizhu will not exist, it is precisely because of this diligence and seriousness that it has created her creative soul, and it is also the cultivation path to find "self".

There are a few songs that are particularly emotional for her, such as "Totoro, When I Stand in Front of You", which wants to convey the message to her loved ones. "Mirror Mirror", on the other hand, dissects the self and writes a true confession to oneself. She specifically mentioned the moment of recording "Totoro", holding back tears until the last moment.

This song is written for a very important relative, she said, sick, he can't go anywhere, so what is he thinking?" 」 Thinking of herself in the studio, she described the collapse and the long time she could not be herself.

In the past, huizhu was almost vague and indescribable in the outline of her creation, but now she has learned to outline the arc she likes for herself.

Three minutes on stage is not all my effort

After the new album came out, she thought that she must let the work be seen by more people, and made up her mind to participate in the "King of the Sound Forest" and wanted this work to be heard by more people.

Regrouping the low tide, ready to face the challenge again, during the audition, it was still crowned with the Golden Melody Award as a highlight. At that time, on the show, she said that the label of the "Golden Melody Award" was more like a burden than a blessing. During the game, she fell into the elimination area, and when she visited after the game, she burst into tears, and others watched her cry, and her heart ached, as if she had suppressed it for a long time before she finally let the tears come out.

At first, Huizhu felt that he was not under pressure to participate, but later found out: "The label of the Golden Melody Awards originally had such a big impact on me!"

She began to practice feeling the pressure, learning to get along with the body, and when her chest was tight, she would say to herself, "I may be too stressed, so how can I relax?" In the past, I may avoid and ignore that tension, but later I found that understanding the state of the body is also part of the performance, and getting along with myself is also a very important thing!

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People often say "three minutes on stage, ten years offstage", pulling back to the reality level, three minutes really can't say the efforts that a person has poured into so far, but just opens their own door and gives people the opportunity to walk in. Three minutes to tell a man's story is too short, and we enjoy it and leave ourselves completely unapologetically.

Huizhu nodded in agreement and said, I put all my efforts too the program, thinking that my efforts on the program are equal to everything in the past, and others can see my efforts. But actually, no, everyone just looked at you for three minutes, and I was too concerned about this matter."

"I used to feel like I wasn't getting the feedback that 'others should know me,' but really, I thought too much about it myself." Huizhu said honestly.

Returning to the original intention of participating in the competition program, I hope that through the performance of the program, more people can see themselves, even if it is because of these three minutes to click into her community and listen to the new album, it is a possibility to show the work.

I don't want to care about the so-called Golden Melody Award label anymore, and slowly shift myself to the purpose of participation, it's just that. I want to sing a little more, it's already good.

Singer-songwriter Wang Huizhu

Slow and cautious view of feelings, there are also naughty children

The slow and mature personality of the huizhu, the creation is also full of obscurity, the melody and lyrics, always from time to time to rub the emotional edge of the listener, as if occasionally touched, and seem to be instantaneously retracted, the emotions come and go, the inner entanglements are sung by her over and over again. But in fact, she said, "I think love songs are difficult to write." I don't know how to write things like "I love you"... I use descriptions, actions, or scenes to express meaning."

Put this slow heat into the emotional view, she is also cautious in the face of love, perhaps because she is usually not good at expressing love, so she will not say it bluntly when creating.

I asked her if she had any ideals for love? She said: "I don't have the ideal type at all... but I think feelings are very important, at first glance there will be good feelings, and over time, the score will slowly increase, so that this process becomes a natural thing." 」

I feel that there is almost no hiding between two people from each other. There must be secrets, but at least in terms of personality, you can be very relaxed in front of each other.

Singer-songwriter Wang Huizhu

When you first meet Huizhu, you may see her more cautious and shy side, but after getting acquainted, you will find that she is a cute and funny person who loves to tell cold jokes. She believes that some relationships do not need to be deliberately managed, if it is suitable, they can attract each other to walk together, and feelings are a comfortable thing, and they can be at ease to become themselves.

Absorb the nutrients of creation in daily life, and breathe heavily into nature

At the end of the interview, huizhu was invited to sing a favorite song for us, and she chose "The mountain has always been there".

What kind of white is in vain What kind of white is in vain The clouds and mist can't be dispersed Laughing and talking about fatigue

Looking ahead at the rolling hills, the road to be taken is not smooth, you are not ordinary

Ups and Downs and Highs and Lows

Too nice to take away

It’s Neither easy nor difficult

If some of the roads are too late, don't force them

The mountains have always been there

The lyrics describe walking into the mountains in a daze, the clouds dispersing, and finding that all the extraordinary, uneven, will become the best gift in life. For her, going into nature is the best and most fascinating recipe for building.

Feet on the boundless land, the spirituality of the mountain makes us look small. It may be difficult for people who have not walked into the mountain forest to imagine that it is like a teacher, climbing without words, and in the process of going to the top of the mountain, everything in the world becomes so light.

Huizhu said: "In the process of climbing the mountain, I can see the beautiful scenery, I will also experience difficulties, put that feeling into daily life, I will feel that the mountain can overcome these problems, put into daily life, I can also overcome." 」

Walking into nature, of course, is not limited to climbing mountains, can be challenging yourself not to be good at. For example, she does not like to run, challenged half a horse, or, on a tight schedule, cleverly uses time to exercise bouldering, she said that she likes to do things that "will feel tortured in the process, and will inexplicably feel a sense of accomplishment after the end".

The nutrients that are stacked up in pain and joy have brewed more creative inspiration for her - I believe that if I live well, I can also live myself in life.