"Moaning" is an important part of sexual activity, it can add points to the pleasure of making love, but if there is no good communication and psychological pressure, it becomes a pity factor for deducting points...

When the "Blushing Sex Self-Study Room" did the reader survey, many readers shared their troubles during sex:

  • "The other half felt that the moans on their bed were not sexy enough."
  • "I'm very shy in bed, embarrassed to make too many noises."
  • "I always think that only adult film actresses can moan like this, which is very different from herself, and it's fake..."

Making a comfortable moan on the bed, is this a problem?

What we want to feel in sex is those intimate, stimulating times. Want to know that our partners desire us as much as we desire them.

Blush sex coach Xiao Wei

Many people —not just women— are upset about what kind of sound they should make during sex: some people will suppress their feelings and remain silent; some people will care about their sound quality every second in the process; some people obviously don't want to scream, but still force themselves to make a sound similar to that in the A-movie characters.

In fact, whether to make a sound during sex or not, it is up to you to decide!

If you are comfortable, you will happily bring out your natural singing and sighing; if you are uncomfortable, you do not have to force yourself, but you can rationally communicate how you want to be touched.

However, in passing, there are also mentions that "moaning" may bring benefits to sex:

  • Through moaning, we can express ourselves more freely and freely in bed
  • Let the other half know what kind of stimulation we like
  • Not to mention the effect of moaning and burning

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What kind of moaning sounds good? Sexy, rejected or high pitched?

Many people's impressions of moaning come from adult films, while enjoying the plot and action, the AV actresses will also make various calls to represent physical desires (or try to arouse the desire of sexual partners or viewers), and sometimes play "want to refuse to welcome" with a tone of rejection.

In fact, there is a difference between filming and reality, and the moaning sound in the A film is really the component of the performance. The purpose is mostly to please the audience, so the tone is generally high, the way of moaning is relatively monotonous, and the provocative discourse also has a set of formulas. Those "don'ts" are not really not.

So, don't limit your innate expression because of fake things! Making a sound in moderation will help us enjoy the activity of sex more.

In addition to the code you have agreed in advance, if someone asks "no" during sex, it is really not; if you want it, then generously tell the other person - "I want it too".

Photo | Photo by Luiz Rogério Nunes on Unsplash

If you're still a little shy or overwhelmed after talking about the benefits and nature of moaning in bed, we can start with a very simple place – try to express your pleasure with "sound".

We can use good tools to guide us on the path to better sex. The original product of the woman fan, "Blush Deep Bed Game Card", is a set of two sets, including 40 intimate experience cards and 40 game proposal cards. One set takes you to have fun with yourself, Make Love To Myself; the other takes you to the other person's ambiguous game, A Loving Foreplay.

Good moaning practice, with the good self

If you're embarrassed to call your partner, practice calling yourself first!

Before playing with your partner with Blush Deep Bed Deck: Mixed Play Foreplay, you can with Blush Deep Bed Deck: Self-Help Intimate.

Card 15: "Moan to yourself in your own way"

Set up a safe space, set aside a Me Time time for yourself, and try to express the "pleasure" of sex with your voice when you feel comfortable.

It may be a little embarrassing at first, but take your time, allow yourself to do more, and moan to yourself in the way that belongs to you. Gradually, you will find that this thing is becoming more and more natural – yes, because this is the most natural you.

The focus of this exercise is not to make a sound that "makes the other person feel sexy", but to "express pleasure with sound"!

Next, please bring this awareness into your daily routine, feel it the next time you have sex, feel it, and when you feel comfortable, what kind of sound can you make more enjoyment?

Allowing ourselves to make a raw, comfortable voice can help us be more open and immersed in sex.

After reading the above, did it make you eager to try it?

Tonight, why not try to start with a "simple sigh"!