Throwing off the label of gentleness and grace in the past, through the new album "Let Everything Happen", he depicts a new Yan Yige, from the singing competition and the release of the first album to the second album, which is already half-mature. Faced with a watershed across ages, how does she define her thirty years? Let's explore a different Yan Yige through this fascinating in-depth interview.

In the pouring rain, Yan Yigefang ended a campus singing, hurried to catch the mother car, and interviewed with female fans.

I thought she would show a hint of weariness due to the tight schedule, but at the first sight of the meeting, she was full of energy, greeted us with vigor, she smiled and said, "Hello!"

I had just finished recording an interview in the morning, slightly tired and busy, and seemed to have lifted my spirits because of her greeting.

Yan Yige wears a bright black jacket, short, revealing a charming lower abdomen, which is her usual style of dressing. Looking down, I found that her trouser tubes, wet by the rain, spread to her calves, as if she could squeeze out water, such a cold day, did not see her complain.

The campus performance is located outdoors, and she sees students standing under the stage holding umbrellas and wearing raincoats, just to listen to her sing a few songs, and from her words, she can feel that she is a dedicated singer who thinks about the audience.

Fate took me into the world of pop

Since childhood, there have been many opportunities to bridge with music and bathe in different cultures, with dad being a conductor and mom being a guzheng player.

Parents are active in Chinese and Western classical music, Yan Yige should feel that he wants to become a "soprano", mention the three words of soprano, do not forget to add a high hum, make me can't help but laugh on the spot, let people feel so lively, good to let go.

She thought that the direction of life should be soprano, and due to fate, she would be invited by her father's friend, giving her the opportunity to run to the recording studio to sing, and after recording the Chinese music, her uncle listened to her sing, but gave other proposals: "Janice ~ Can you sing pop music?" Do you want to try singing pop music?"

She didn't think too much, it was pure fun, she didn't expect this singing to flip her life. Yan Yige gradually became curious about pop music and deepened his love for singing.

Talking about this past, it is also deeply incredible to listen to it from the side.

She said, "If I debut in Hong Kong, I will sing Cantonese songs; if I stay in Singapore, I will sing operas; if I moved to Taipei, I would have a chance to become the current Yan Yige!"

In March 2010, she competed in the KickBox tournament of the Super Walk of Fame, winning five consecutive games.

Known as the "King of Yan Luo", the contestants only heard that the opponent of the competition was Yan Yige! You have to take a few deep breaths, with the iron lung song Ji Mei, she performs with a bright tone, full momentum, coupled with the typhoon without fear, making people unconsciously for her performance, deeply attracted.

Living in the framework of the pursuit of perfection, but also hurt by perfection

Looking back at the competition in the "Super Walk of Fame", she naturally pursues perfection, often pulling her state to tightness, and a resilient balloon will burst without mercy once it is propped to the extreme.

After experiencing the high pressure of the competition and the feedback after the release of the first album "I Have Myself", the people around them were curious, the style and shape of this album were somewhat different from the imaginary Yan Yige, too tender and confused, and frequently asked where the Yan Luo King, who participated in the Walk of Fame at that time, went?

The angle from which everyone observed her also became different, coupled with the ubiquitous Internet bullying, mocking the criticism of her body, appearance, style... formed a collision force, she was overwhelmed, just shrinking herself tighter and tighter, staying at home.

"I think that the so-called not loving myself, that is, I care too much about what others think, I want all people to like me too much... But I didn't ask myself, do I like me at the moment? I think this is a very unselfish performance."

Because every day, what do you wear, what do you eat, what do you say? It's all about pleasing others. You will find yourself looking more and more blurry and gone!

Singer Yan Yige

Yan Yige, who has thought more about taking care of others for a long time than his own, clarifies his own feelings step by step, finds that he is really not happy enough, and often ignores his emotions, but his emotions will slowly accumulate, will not disappear out of thin air, layer by layer to the heart, slowly weaving into a sick net.

She tries to keep a diary of her emotions, to create... to find the right channels for expression.

She said, "Loving yourself is always easy for others to say! But if you really want to start, that... First step, you have to decide for yourself! I think there's a pretty effective one, which is to ask yourself if you're happy today? Happy today? Or, you made a decision, is that what you want to do?"

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Take off the burden of the Yama King of the Avenue of Stars, and don't be afraid to beat off the heavy practice and start again

Honestly talking about the mood of the debut album, she took a deep breath, swallowed a breath and said: "At that time, the project next to me and the company saw 'me' was a feeling of no confidence, very weak, and did not know whether I could do it, and these emotions were all expressed by me in the song."

At that time, she was twenty-six years old, and she was both entangled and afraid to beat the achievements of the past starlight retraining, but she did not stay still, but made up her mind to jump out of the past style.

Three years later, she released her second album, Let Everything Happen, in which she quoted a poem by German poet Rainer Maria Rilke to bring a new look to the world.

Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final (whatever you feel) – Rainer Maria Rilke

Yan Yige realized that he should not continue to live under the eyes of the public, and spent several years trying to internalize the state of "himself".

She cut off a long hair, her eyes became sharp, she was no longer indecisive, her style was renewed, and she walked out of the prison of inferiority with a spontaneous and authentic posture. It was an awakening, a feeling of breaking free from the shackles of the past.

Counting her singing career, several degrees away from the Golden Melody Awards, from her footprints in the golden melody, it can be seen that her singing genre is not limited to popular music, but also crosses traditional arts. These nutrients for music eventually condensed her diverse growth background, if there is no past, how she learns to embrace her fear of all things, how to understand the butterfly pupae.

Slow practice communicating with parents, their perfection, not necessarily absolute

When participating in the Walk of Fame competition, her father also reviewed her back and forth through letters, and during the epidemic, she just cleaned up the box of e-mails and turned over many old letters sent by her father.

She opened her eyes to share with us, "His e-mail is super serious! Luckily, I'm a forgetful person! He wrote on it, 'I listened to your chorus with Wong Tai Wai today, and I think the second sentence and the first few words are a little unstable!' And then that song from Friday? I think your breath...

She was originally a very demanding person, knowing that her parents wanted her to be better, but this concern formed an invisible pressure, and she cried out to herself: "Oh my God, it turns out that I am not good enough, that is not good enough." 」

Yan Yige admitted that at the moment, he was a bit distracted, his emotions became less controlled, and he was not a very expressive person, and he could only learn to communicate with his parents step by step.

I remember one time in a competition, Teacher Huang Yunling told her, "Yi Ge, I don't think you are emotional enough."

This passage, like the key to her singing career, began to have the opportunity to think about the true appearance of "sensibility".

Yan Yige has always been very rational about music. For example, the beat should be accurate, the pitch should be right... since she was a child, she has developed her cognition, and has not thought about what rational sensibility is.

In a competition, she sang Eason Chan's "We are all lonely", thinking that this was the worst time to sing, the skill was not enough, the range did not arrive, but it was the most sincere time for everyone to respond to her.

She suddenly understood that the "sensibility" pursued by pop music was finally different from Chinese and Western classical music!

In the past, Yan Yige fulfilled the perfect posture in singing, but singing a song not only attached to singing, but also needed to invest more emotions, and she was more like a storyteller than singing.

The understanding she learned in the show, took the initiative to share it with her parents, and slowly, the two sides began to communicate - imperfect, in fact, the most beautiful.

Seriously, what should the so-called "thirty" look like?

The release of the album "Let Everything Happen" coincided with the process of Yan Yige's 29-year-old to 30-year-old, and she was relatively worried because of her late start, just to cross a watershed of age, it seemed to be panicked.

At that time, I was still groping, and my thirty years old was not at all what I thought when I was a child and that I should be thirty years old.

Singer Yan Yige

After a long period of self-exploration, she walked through the troughs of life and found answers that she also liked. After walking through the 30 years old, she found that the so-called thirty was just to scare herself!

She said, "I think it's actually... that's it!" It's Every other day, today and yesterday, that's it, it's just yourself scared yourself, you will feel like saying, what did you imagine thirty years old like when you were a child? Does it seem like everyone imagines it? In fact, it is very single, and there is only one feeling."

I listened intently to her, and I also responded with affection, "Thirty years old, it is a very flat thing, and one day has passed, and it will be thirty years old!"

Yan Yige said that she suddenly woke up, and the first thought was that when we decided not to be bound by age anymore and not to compress ourselves for the eyes of the outside world, we gradually knew how to let go.

The first thought that comes to awakening is, "Let yourself go!" Age is a number! Getting married and having children is a natural thing. If one day I decide to do it, do it! Don't put so much pressure on yourself."

We are often kidnapped by age, and facing age after thirty years seems to be a matter of special fear.

Aging, the total definition of what we should do next? It seems that only pension can be the only goal. Unconsciously limited by reality, it seems that having age is a kind of baggage, as if life cannot start over, cannot find what you really want to do.

Yan Yige's process of exploring the inner self step by step is not easy, I believe it also encourages you to read here, as long as you want, we can start to change at any time!

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Embrace the power of vulnerability – see your own beauty, perfection does not exist!

In order to reduce the negative voices of the outside world, we maintain ourselves in a state of "perfection" all the time, but another way of saying that we pursue perfection is that we are not confident enough in ourselves? In the face of everyone whispering, you and I may fall into the trap of pursuing "perfection", but is the beauty that the public likes really the beauty we want to pursue?

I asked her, "What do you think of the word 'perfect' now?"

Without thinking, Yan Yige immediately threw out an answer, she smiled a little confidently, and said, "Perfection does not exist!"

Then he said, "I think that this thing of beauty is something that many girls will take care of, and those who do show business will definitely care more."

During the epidemic, she explored the essence of "beauty", originally regarded "appearance and body" as the existence of shadow pressure, and clarified her views on vulnerability by reading the book "The Power of Vulnerability".

She said: "The so-called 'beauty' is not only external, not to let everyone see that Yan Yige is very cheerful, or always has a look." 」

"I unplugged a lot of unnecessary stuff, with some decorations. Then I feel that I will be willing to let everyone see that I have some negative emotions, I will be willing to let everyone see that I have some bad days, and I will not let everyone see that my life is very happy and good."

Interview at the moment, we talked into a pleasant conversation. It's just that the interview time passed quickly, unconsciously came to the end, and finally, we also invited Yan Yige to share a charming recipe with the audience.

Ask yourself every day, a positive and negative thing today. Summarize the day so that you can see more clearly that there are good and bad!

Singer Yan Yige

She laughed and said that happiness is very simple, eat delicious desserts and hot pot, you will feel that today is not as bad as you think!

Even if life is not pure and only good, we can still find some cute highlights in the depression, just like delicious food, which can become a good solution to our bad mood, let us try to make ourselves happy, why not?

Whether life is good or bad, let's try to summarize our day and start!