Women are fascinated by the "DEI&B" and "DEI" dialogues with many business leaders such as Yahoo and Standard Chartered, rolling up their sleeves to talk about the excitement of diversity, the importance of fairness, and the possibility of exploring the vision of inclusion.

Women fans invited Clare Lin, Senior Director of Human Resources for Yahoo Asia Pacific, and Chen Weizhi, Senior Hry-General of Standard Chartered and Chairman of the Diversity Inclusion Committee, to talk about "Diversity and Inclusion", talk about why it is important, talk about how to fully implement it at all levels of the enterprise, and write down the expectations of the two companies for the vision of inclusion.

Yahoo opens the "DEI&B" dialogue: DEI&B is our corporate culture and the core of our approach

Clare Lin, Senior Director of Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Yahoo. Image courtesy | Yahoo

Q: What do you think is the importance of DEI&B to businesses?

The emphasis on multiculturalism allows Yahoo to attract like-minded talent, while a focus on inclusion and belonging is more likely to retain talent.

From whether the culture within an enterprise system is diverse and equal, to whether each multicultural group can develop freely within the system, it can be observed whether the company's leadership can give a supportive attitude to the overall internal development and actively promote differentiation, and in the long run, it can better glimpse the future growth of the enterprise.

By investing more DEI&B resources, employees can find a sense of belonging outside of work, feel at ease about their physical and mental state, gender orientation, and issues of concern, and are more willing to contribute to promoting different ideas and voices, and implement the diverse values of culture from top to bottom.

By continuing to evolve our culture and envisioning Yahoo as a place where everyone can be comfortable doing themselves, we focus on creating an equal workplace culture that promotes diversity, embraces inclusion, fosters a sense of belonging, and builds an executable plan and measures the results of implementation at each stage through education and communication, community and policy, product and content enhancement, so that diverse ethnic groups can be represented and treated fairly.

Q: How do you think companies will implement the DEI&B inclusion concept in their enterprises now or in the future?

As a responsible business and part of the international community, we are committed to continuously learning, listening, and acting for social justice and equality. Through education and training, colleagues can have more understanding and tolerance of diverse groups, so that they can accept and provide the assistance they need to alleviate discrimination.

Yahoo received the 2022 Platinum recipient of Mental Health America's Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health in the 2022 American Mental Health Association Bell Seal.

We continue to help supervisors and employees treat different mental health issues with a normal mind through workplace mental health education, so as to establish a safe, supportive and inclusive workplace culture, so that supervisors know how to support the team and employees can get the help they deserve when they need it.

With the support and promotion of the company, Yahoo has established a number of employee resource groups (Employee Resource Groups), focusing on groups including gender equality, women's voice, parent-child and long-term care, and neurocognitive diversity.

ERG is at the heart of our DEI&B culture, and employees can choose to join groups that resonate with and support the ideas they want to advocate for.

Team members are fully committed to educating, assisting, and recruiting more members with common ideas within the company, while the company is also promoting DEI&B strategies through ERG, building a network that promotes diversity, continuing to build a culture of inclusion and belonging, and promoting professional and personal development.

Q: In what direction do you think your field needs to change at DEI&B?

DEI&B is not just a slogan, but to show determination and action from the highest leadership level, so that employees can feel the commitment and determination of the company, the company is willing to invest resources and support in all aspects, so that employees identify and resonate, willing to invest and grow from it.

The Yahoo Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Sense of Belonging (DEI&B) team meets semi-annually with the company's senior management to comprehensively review the representation of the company's diverse community in the company, discuss opportunities for us to do better, and establish and measure plans that can be made.

At the same time, it also organizes irregular Safe Space talks for employees to ask questions and concerns about gender awareness, social justice, mental health and other issues.

Although dei&B does not have standard practices, it includes education and communication, community and policy, product and content, and even talent and representation as a whole.

It is more important to convince the company's top management of this concept and the responsibility of the leadership, and also to cultivate a culture that dei&B will not exist in just one team, but every member of the company can participate.

DEI&B's culture is one in which every employee is free to participate in the groups he supports. We call on the industry not to make DEI&B dispensable, but to make it localized and adapted to local conditions, and become the core of the company culture recognized by employees!

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Standard Chartered Bank's "DEI": "Here for Good" from the inside out, top down

Standard Chartered Hryv. and Chairman of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Mr. Chan Wai Chi. Image courtesy of Standard Chartered |

Q: What do you think is the importance of DEI for businesses?

Promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment will strengthen employees' sense of belonging and identity, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity, and producing high-performance work quality.

As a result, companies that practice diversity and inclusion often achieve excellent results in terms of business performance, operational decisions and innovative marketing. In the case of Standard Chartered Bank, diversity and inclusion allows our team to be creative, make better decisions, practice business strategies and achieve goals, and reflect our brand promise "here for good".

Q: How do you think companies will implement the DEI inclusion philosophy in their organizations now or in the future?

It is suggested that enterprises can adopt a top-down operation model to promote diversified inclusion.

Standard Chartered Bank's strategy of diversification and inclusion is to expand from the Group to the region and then to various markets with the support and commitment of senior leadership.

In Taiwan, we have set up a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and set up five working groups, including gender equality, disadvantage equality, health and well-being, multiple suppliers and sexual orientation equality, etc., to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

In addition, while we continue to promote our work-life balance strategy to promote the health and well-being of our employees, we also continue to introduce a new flexible working model, with co-integration as a priority, and move towards a mature stage of diversified inclusion.

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Q: In what direction do you think your field needs to change in DEI ?

Standard Chartered Bank wants to play a key role in advocating diversity and inclusion, so in the fourth quarter of last year, it held a large-scale multi-inclusion forum, inviting well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to respond together and calling on more companies to join the ranks of embracing diversity and inclusion.

In the face of severe epidemic challenges, continuing to pay attention to the health and well-being of employees is the primary task of promoting diversity and inclusion.

We must create a more diverse and inclusive and friendly work environment, and promote the health and well-being of our employees through agile and flexible work models, while meeting the needs of individuals and the company.

We look forward to working with more companies to support and promote the culture and spirit of diversity and inclusion to create a better future together."