Women fans and many business leaders such as Taiwan's Biogen and Google opened the "DEI&B" and "DEI" dialogues to share with us the charm of diversity and how to create a corporate culture based on inclusion.

Women fans invited Yingying Tian, general manager of Biogen Taiwan, and Wu Jiayi, director of Business in Taiwan and co-head of Women@ of Google, to discuss "diversified inclusion", share the importance of inclusion, talk about how to fully implement it in the enterprise, and show us more possible development of DE&I.

"DEI&B" in the eyes of BIOGEN Taiwan: Committed to making the DE&I concept a daily reality and creating an inclusive corporate culture

General Manager of Biogen Taiwan Tian Yingying. Image courtesy of | Taiwan Biogen 

Q: What do you think is important for businesses?

DE&I is fundamental to corporate culture.

Diverse, inclusive teams can be more cohesive, creative, and more receptive to their own voices. Regardless of the size of the industry or the size of the enterprise, we must embrace the culture of DE&I.

Q: How will companies implement the DEI&B inclusion concept in their organizations now or in the future?

The implementation of DE&I begins with the company's policies and everyone's self-examination. BIOGen Taiwan is committed to making the de&I philosophy a reality in everyone's daily life.

From every annual event and even the welfare system to DE&I centered.

  • Annual Events:
  1. 2020 Gay Parade (a team of only 10 people in Taiwan Baijian invited more than 100 friends and relatives from the industry to march with the Baijian team for gay equal rights)
  2. 2021 Women's Power Exhibition (Invite the relatives and friends of female colleagues and important women of male colleagues to make their own works for each of them, showing the power of women's slashing mallets: "Taiwan Baijian Women Power Slashing Mallet Women's Power Exhibition Documentary Film")
  3. 2021 LGBTQ+ Unconscious Bias Forum
  4. 2022 "Life Action" forum hosted by Founder and CEO of Women's Fans, Weixuan Zhang, to discuss the challenges faced by different ethnic groups in the face of fertility issues.
  • Artificial reproductive leave:

Artificial reproduction is a difficult and lonely journey for women, and it is a great burden on the body, mind and soul. For partners, companionship is the most important thing to give.

ByHG supports the important choices of our working partners on the road of life, we provide artificial reproductive leave for female employees who are single or married and have artificial reproductive needs, as well as artificial reproductive companionship leave regardless of gender of the employee, if the partner has artificial reproduction needs.

We believe that supporting our partners' life choices is the foundation that makes us more supportive of each other.

  • Holiday Arrangement:

Taiwan's Baijian holidays are never randomly selected, and every year, in addition to considering the peak time for colleagues to return home, we also celebrate and participate in important dates related to equal rights and diversity. We celebrate International Women's Day and showcase the power of women.

In addition, we also believe that on the road to parenting, we pay together regardless of gender, and also celebrate Father's Day, which is not a holiday for other businesses.

Q: What changes do you think industry partners can make at DEI&B together?

Taiwan Biogen calls on friends in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, which is also innovative and scientific, to break the framework, break the prejudice and create a corporate culture based on inclusion.

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"DEI&B" in google Taiwan's eyes: committed to integrating different points of view, sincere care, and building a sense of psychological security

Google Taiwan Business Director and Women@ Co-Head Wu Jiayi. Image courtesy of Google Taiwan |

Q: What do you think is important for businesses?

DEI is a commitment to integrating different perspectives and genuine care to build a sense of trust and psychological security.

Respect, listen, and tolerate diversity, and use differences to enhance the value of their uniqueness.

Q: How will companies implement the DEI&B inclusion concept in their organizations now or in the future?

At Google, both men and women are entitled to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave to implement gender equality through practical policies.

Google has always wanted to improve the lack of diversity in the enterprise, and even in Silicon Valley as a whole. And the changes they make are not limited to the company – eliminating the unconscious bias of employees and taking a longer-term view.

Google believes that in order to find diversified scientific and technological talents, it is necessary to go deep into the education end, so they actively cooperate with educational organizations and schools to carry out relevant diversified talent programs.

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2021 Women's Fans and Google's Multi-Talent Development Program #code for Gender, see: