As the leader of the content department of women's fans, he always stays ahead to check the quality of content for everyone! We saw her seemingly perfect, in fact, it was also caused by overcoming many setbacks, through this interview, exploring her gradual growth process, only to find that she gritted her teeth every time to survive the difficulties. Wan Yun said seriously, "If I can go back to the past, I will be willing to practice expression and practice making mistakes!"

On the day of the interview, there was a light rain outside, the cold wind blew, and the body could not help but shrink into a ball. Wan Yun came wearing a dark blue coat, and her short light brown hair at her ears, curled up a small handful of hair tails, looked more playful and cute. Fresh silhouette, tall figure, calm temperament, even in the noisy crowd, you can always quickly find WanYun.

I remembered that the first time I met Wanyun was at the unicorn program's morning reading club, and I didn't know that one day I would become her partner. She was also short-haired, tall, and demure sitting next to me.

That day Wanyun introduced herself, talked about her opening a bookstore Bedside Library, talked about bookstore promotion, she shared her previous experience of self-printed publications to the Tokyo Market Stalls, but the production process was typography, and at the last moment friends helped, only to have the opportunity to complete this Book and Market festival across the sea.

At that time, I seemed to have a deep yearning for the Japanese market, and I deeply admired her courage and perseverance.

This year, because of joining the women's fan collaboration, I had the opportunity to know her more, and found that many years ago, the two sides were connected by the reading club, and everything was like a drop on the chessboard of life, step by step together. I was able to see Wan Yun, who was too late to know at the book club, a person who was so full of light.

She's low-key and quiet, when you're curious about what she's seriously thinking about? She might laugh and throw out a cute declaration of "not thinking about anything."

There is also naughtiness, and there is sincerity. Open your mouth to chat with her, you will find that the original Wan Yun instruction manual, not only gentle, after turning the page, is a vast universe.

What if you could use the pronoun you like to describe her? I'd like to use the term "big devil", which is certainly not a derogatory term!

After all, she is like a magical sponge, absorbing full of inner knowledge, stretching and shrinking freely, any question, she always answers sincerely, and always feels her responsibility to the world. Instead of passively waiting for the world to change, she believes that what kind of vision we have in our eyes can create what kind of world.

(Woman fan partner: Interview with women fan Sales Head Kocezen: Every time I get a new task, I am very afraid, but it is because of fear that I go to action)

I was reading the law, an adventure of mistakenly hitting and stumbling, and coming to women to be gender editors

Wan Yun, who has perfect requirements for herself since childhood, is always not sloppy about her goals, and she laughs that the image of her student days in front of everyone seems to be often rendered in the posture of "learning to bully". The university was the first choice at the time, National Taiwan University Law, and did not intend to insert willow to minor in the Department of Sociology, but under the influence of sociology, there were more doubts and curiosities about the law.

She said that studying law now seems to be just enlightenment, from civil law she pays attention to the various gender issues in the law, how trivial entanglement of every woman, such as marriage, will distribution, whether the children are from the father's surname... etc., the law is mostly based on men's perspective, experience, and interests.

Studying the law and seeing that there is a gender problem in the rules of the social game.

Woman fans Content Lead Wanyun

After graduation, she flew to the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom to study, one foot at the Gender Institute and the other at the Media Research Institute. Most people have a longing for studying abroad, thinking that living abroad is particularly comfortable and happy, but Wanyun threw back a different reaction, she opened her eyes slightly, shook her head and said: "That is one of my hardest stages!" 」

Across three fields, different language challenges, this learning road she is full of setbacks, in the past to show the goal and victory and defeat in the posture of learning hegemony, after coming to a different place, it has become a huge test, she is no longer in the comfort zone. Language conversion is not as good as other native speakers, just how to express it takes time, like losing their tongue and voice, coupled with the teaching mode of Eastern and Western culture, which is very different, European and American classrooms, requiring students to speak and express their views, but in Taiwan's learning and education, pay attention to paper and cramming teaching.

In the face of expressing her opinion, she was too afraid of not getting a perfect score – raising her hand became a difficult thing.

Perfection does not exist: there is no right answer in life, and there is no so-called error

Being in a different place, she said, waking up every day is a frustration. For example, where the speed of speech is not fast enough, the English is not fluent enough, the discussion is treated as air, the original introverted, to integrate into the extroverted European and American research teaching environment, at first lonely and hard, her method at that time, is to think of herself as a director and screenwriter, day by day to draw up a problem script that may need to be recruited during class.

Talking about that time, she frowned slightly, smiled and exhaled, "Every day, I prepare the next day's seminar, and then think about what kind of problems everyone will throw in class?" What kind of answer can I give? I write down the ideas I want to share, the scripts I want to respond to, usually I don't go to bed until two or three o'clock in the evening, and then I get up at six or seven o'clock in the morning, and the average sleep of that year is only four to five hours a day."

As she describes her memories, she can fully feel the arduous process of breaking through. She laughed and said that she couldn't stand the collapse of identity and didn't want to continue to be frustrated.

Wan Yun knew that the purpose of this trip to London, England, was to take away more than just knowledge, practice adapting to the learning model different from Eastern education, absorbing and throwing out more ideas, so that imperfection can also become a kind of growth.

"Education in Taiwan does not encourage opinion expression, and people who raise their hands are often seen as troublemakers. It is not easy to see a person dare to express," Wan Yun said, "everyone is afraid of making a mistake and thinks that if you raise your hand, you have to give the right answer." But what if it's wrong?"

"If I had known earlier, I would have started doing this exercise from an early age, and my previous personality would have felt that everything had to be 100 points and performed perfectly. But it doesn't matter if you're wrong, it's wrong to be wrong, as a demonstration of courage. If you really say wrong, your expression can start to stimulate different thinking and sparks, which is also a good thing!" 」

Women fans are a company that encourages everyone to "raise their hands", at the beginning of the business, it was the founder Wei Xuan who dared to raise his hand in public, and women fans had the opportunity to be seen by more people. The culture of women's fans is therefore very encouraging for each partner to bravely raise their hands and speak their minds.

Eventually, you'll find that "throwing a point of view" is something that needs to be practiced over and over again!

When we are no longer afraid to face setbacks in our hearts, and the learning environment can also give enough security, we also have the opportunity to start practicing without fear of getting "wrong" feedback after raising our hands.

Life is out of school, out of the examination room, there is no so-called correct answer, there is no full score of this thing.

Woman fans Content Lead Wanyun

Even if you encounter setbacks, you must be able to find learning points in this setback.

Woman fans Content Lead Wanyun

The process of "dots, lines and surfaces" is very important, and when you connect them, you will find a sky full of stars

Always interested in the content industry, she returned to Taiwan from London and immediately joined the publishing house. Her love of books naturally became a priority for returning to Taiwan, and she described herself as an extremely wayward person who would act immediately if she wanted to do anything.

Joining the publishing industry, from the state of ignorance of everything, learning and groping step by step, and finally winning one of the three golds in the book industry "Golden Tripod Award" with the book "Echo of the Times", the willfulness she described seems to have gradually become her resilience to resist external pressures, and to do it is necessary to make achievements and leave something for herself.

After completing the stage of representative works, she seized the opportunity invited by friends to switch to the curatorial runway. I couldn't help but ask her, all of this, it sounds like there is no obstacle, or even if there is an obstacle, she always seems to move forward with confidence, without hesitation.

She laughed and said that the twentieth generation of herself has a lot of confusion, and sometimes wonders, "Is the direction you chose right?" I was so suspicious that I couldn't sleep." It's just that these memories are not so vivid now.

Wan Yun said: "When I was 20 years old, it felt like every one was a point, and then you couldn't see what the relationship between the points and the points was. Maybe 40 to 50 years old look back and you'll suddenly see the whole picture. The points are there before you can see the dots connected into a line, and the line finally forms a surface, and you find that your life is full of stars."

Wan Yun of the thirty generations, using the current perspective to recall the twenty generations of herself, gently, shallowly, sorted out the context, as if to verify her growth.

(Practice to put down: dazed because I dare not let go, interview with Liu Yiru, artistic director of the two halls: follow the tide is not shameful, do not struggle, bravely put down)

Obviously not a new person, just joined but like a roller coaster: head, good, dizzy

After walking through the publishing and curatorial industry, she immediately joined the women's fans, who were women's fans of "new media" at that time, and all the experiences were so new to her.

This feeling of challenge, like the process of just arriving in London, is very frustrating. I asked her if she felt a shock? She immediately nodded, indicating that when she first joined, everything was fine.

The most impressive event for her was sitting at the discussion table with the editorial team, opening the computer file, the task was to write down the idea in three minutes on the spot, from thinking to the process of clicking on the cursor to type words, it took a while, writing and stopping, and then looking at the colleagues next to her, I found that they typed the text row after row, and quickly filled the page.

She said it felt like sitting in a chair, but thunder and lightning kept falling from the sky on her body. She thought that she had been reading gender issues in London for a while, how could she not come up with more ideas? Where does this huge gap come from? Why is it still at the tail of the crane?

The story isn't over, wondering how she spent this time and became the leader of the content department?  

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